Doctor Dahesh (New York City, 1983)

and Became a Daheshist



Age the age of 17, young Salim was spending another hot Summer in Bethlehem, Palestine, with his aunt and uncle. A party of Assyrians (Iraqi Christians) had come to Bethlehem on pilgrimage. They wanted guides to take them to the Pools of Solomon (small reservoirs near Bethlehem) so they could cool off and have a picnic. Young Salim and his friends volunteered. Salim could speak Assyrian, as well as Arabic. As the Assyrians gathered around the pools, one of them said to the others: "If Jesus were here today, He would walk on this water!" Salim heard that and said: "Yes, yes, I can do that!" and proceeded to walk across the pool, and back. The Assyrians were dumbfounded, and checked his shoes, which were completely dry. Several of them jumped into the pool, searching for a wall that Salem walked upon. None were found. When the Assyrians realized this was a miracle they shouted "DAHESH! DAHESH!" which means "WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL!" in the Assyrian language. It is the same as an American shouting "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" From that day on, the friends of Salim called Him "DAHESH".

Dahesh had only three months of schooling as a child. He taught Himself to read and write. He would speak Assyrian and Arabic, but no other languages. While in a trance, He would speak English, Franch, Hindi, and other languages, perfectly, without accentt, as was attested by many people who spoke those languages. His disciples began to call Him "DUKTUR DAHESH". The term "DUKTUR" ("dook-toor") means "Teacher" or "Counselor". The title "DUKTUR DAHESH" means "Teacher of Wonder" or "Wonderful Counselor". In the 1930s he wrote many books. He was the first author, that I know of, who said that the Earth has been visited by "people form other planets" for many thousands of years. Even longer. Most of His books are simply long parables. Some are poems or prose. Others are social commentaries. He wrote five books of Revelations: The Gospel of Love, My Testament, Paradise, the Inferno, and The Book of the Divine Guide.

Dr. Dahesh was the "darling" of the Lebanese art community. Many of His followers were artists and sculptors, and poets. They would give Him works of art. He would trade it for other works of art. He eventually became the largest collector of 18th and 19th century European Academic paintings in the world. His collection is on display at the Dahesh Museum of Art, in New York City. He made His living from his 150 books, and also from selling and trading works of art. He performed, on average, one supernatural miracle a day. People would come from all over Lebanon, and Palestine, and Egypt, and Jordan, and sometimes from France or Germany, to "witness" His supernatural miracles. He never disappointed them.

In 1943 Dahesh founded His own religion, the Noble Spiritual Faith (also called "Daheshism"). The Noble Spiritual Faith accepted all the major Prophets (Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus, Muhammad), and all the Divine Guides (Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, etc.). All the major books of scripture (Torah, Bible, Qu'ran, etc.) were accepted as coming from the same God. Thousands of Lebanese began to join the Dahesh Mission: Christians, Druze, and Muslims. This ENRAGED the Maronite Catholic clergy of Lebanon, and the Sunni and Shi'ite Muslim clergyman as well. They went to the President of Lebanon and DEMANDED that "something be done about this Dahesh". They did not deny He worked miracles. Nobody could deny it...they all SAW it. They simply told everyone that He did miracles by the power of Satan. They said that He healed children, raised the dead, and cast out demons, by Satan's power. The scribes and Pharisees said the same thing about Jesus, 2,000 years ago.

In 1944, the President of Lebanon had Dahesh arrested for "Spiritism" (because Dahesh would materialize the dead relatives of Daheshists who would appear and speak to their loved broad daylight in the House of Dahesh). Spiritism (i.e. holding seances) was illegal in Lebanon at that time. Dr. Dahesh was thrown into a jail, then taken to the Syrian border and told "Walk...and don't come back or you will be killed!" He walked through Syria to Turkey, and then from Turkey into Iran. It tooks months to do. In Iran, He was arrested as a spy for the French (Lebanon was a French Protectorate at that time). He has no passport. He said "I am Salim Moosa Awshee, or Beirut, and I am called Dahesh, and I am not here to spy but to do the Will of my Father Who sent me." He was shot by firing squad in Iran. The Iranians sent photos of this back to Beirut. The photos were published in all the Lebanese newspapers in Beirut (Dahesh was famous by then). His followers gathered at the House of Dahesh in Beirut to mourn His death. Then, the front door opened and Dr. Dahesh walked in and said: "Why are you all sitting around so sad?" Many Daheshists reported that Dr. Dahesh had the ability to be in more than one place at the same time. They swore to in their testimonies (read The Testimony of Hilda Nassib in the links below).

In the early 1930s Salim Moosa Awshe (also spelled Salim Mousa Achi) was becoming famous in Lebanon as either a worker of supernatural miracles, or the greatest magician of all time. Thousands of people a year went to see Him, at the House of Dahesh in Beirut. He healed thousands, instantly. He cast out demons. He raised the dead (at least four times). He caused inanimate objects to become animated. He turned water into wine. He caused birds in paintings to become alive and fly around, right in front of numerous witnesses. He continued this until 1975, when He moved to New York City. The miracles continued. He died in April of 1984, due to a heart attack. In 1983, the year I had my "dream", He was alive, well, and living in New York City.


Not A 'Gag'

No, this is NOT a "gag". This is NOT a "con". This is NOT a 'joke'. I don't want your money. You keep it. I represent no "church" or "cult" that is going to ask you for your money and free labor. Daheshism is not a "church" nor a "cult". Daheshism is a set of beliefs. A set of beliefs cannot be a "cult"! No, this article is not a "sadistic joke" on the reader. Everything I wrote herein is the pure truth of what really happened to me. The "visitation" of the Invisible Man in heavy work boots in 2005 was not a dream, not an OBE. I was wide awake, in my room, reading a book, when I heard someone walking on my roof. It was in the afternoon, and my room was very light. There was a lightening storm outside. I was on no medication. I do not drink. Never tried an illegal drug. No head injuries.

I always had the belief, even as a young child, that Jesus was alive and working miracles and I was supposed to find him. Had this belief until I joined the Mormon Church. As a Mormon I still had this belief, but I attributed it to Satan. I believed that Satan was trying to keep me from being a True Believing Mormon. I realize now that belief was from God. My "urge" to go to the Los Angeles Zoo in January 1977, on a cloudy overcast day, with the fact that I didn't particularly fancy going to the Zoo ( loved libraries and bookstores) was NOT a mistake nor a coincidence. I was supposed to be there that day, the only day Dr. Dahesh ever came to Los Angeles. I never "heard" the name "Doctor Dahesh" until 2005. Our eyes met. He SHOUTED something to the Daheshists with Him, while He pointed at me. I have no idea what He shouted. But it scared me, so I walked away as fast as I could.

After my dream/OBE in 1983, where I fell into the Sun, and inside a being of light said "He is in New York City" I had an almost overpowering "urge" to go to New York City. But, I fought it. I was called to go on a mission for the Mormon Church. I had no money to go to New York City, so, I went on a mission for the LDS Church instead. My bishop paid for my mission. I believe now, that God would have provided the "means" for me to go to New York City in 1983. And, had I gone, would have somehow met Doctor Dahesh, who died in April, 1984, in New York City. He was calling me to go meet Him, but, unfortunately, I went on a mission to California instead.


The 21st Sinless Prophet

Salim Moosa Awshee (Dr. Dahesh) was Number 20 of the 24 Sinless Prophets. All of Them bare the Christ-Spirit. They are twenty incarnations of the very Same divine Soul; called the Logos, the Word, the Lamb of God. They are not in competition with each other. They are One. The Christ-Spirit entered the baby Salim when He was only one year old, at the Presbyterian Mission Hospital, on the Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem, in 1910; when the Earth was traveling through the tail of Haley's Comet. Every eye saw that comet. It was huge in the day and night sky.

In His book Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth, Dr. Dahesh says that Christ shall return to Nazareth "exactly twenty centuries" after He announced He was the Christ, in that village, 2,000 years ago. Scholars think that Jesus first announced He was the Messiah, inside the Nazareth synagogue, anywhere between 24 and 31 A.D. Somewhere in that time period. Exactly 20 centuries later, would put the date at 2024 to 2031 A.D. Within those years, the Christ-Spirit will return. Perhaps He will be born during those years, sometime. Perhaps He has already been born, and will announce Himself during those years. We don't know. Nazareth is a city in Israel, and consists of Arab-speaking Muslims and Druze. Perhaps He will be born elsewhere, and simply "announce" Himself in that city. Perhaps He will be born there. Perhaps He is now a child, a Druze child, learning Arabic, and Hebrew, and English, and working small miracles like the child Jesus did. We don't know. We don't know His name. We don't know His religion. All we that He will "appear" in Nazareth, sometime within those years. Look for Him! Find Him, take your cellphone camera, and record His miracles. See for yourself!

A Druze Elder teaching a young Druze boy to read Arabic (Nazareth, Israel)

Why did all this happen to me and not you? All the visions, the visitation in 2005? Read FALLING INTO THE SUN! and you'll understand "why".


I Don't Believe In Taking Snakes

Some have emailed me and said "Why haven't you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?" I did, in 1979, and Jesus literally came through the wall of my bedroom. I heard Him moan. I could see the crown of thorns, and blood running down His face. All the color white, the same as the wall. I go over this in my online book FALLING INTO THE SUN. Hallucination, or vision, THAT is what I saw.

As a Mormon I was told that Adam and Eve were two white people who dwelt in the Garden of Eden, in Jackson County, Missouri. There were no humans before them, and that dinosaur bones were the remnants of other planets broken up and used by God to create this planet. I was told the Earth was only 6,000 years old, that there was no death before Adam bit into a fig, given to him by Eve, given to her by Lucifer who appeared as a talking snake. I CANNOT BELIEVE I EVER BELIEVED THAT CRAP! How could any intelligent person, who is not retarded or a small child, believe in that? Well...I did. Not because I wanted to, but because I was told I had to believe it...because Prophet of God taught it. I did not know at that time, that Brigham Young and other early Church leaders taught that the Garden of Eden story was "a children's rhyme" and not to understood literally. Nobody ever told me that. I had to discover that by myself.

I don't believe in talking snakes. I don't believe that all languages came from the Tower of Babel. I don't believe that dinosaurs bones are from other planets, nor that all the dinosaurs drowned in the Flood of Noah. I can no longer believe in such ABSOLUTE _ABSURDITIES_! Evangelicals always told me to compare the Book of Mormon to science, and see if it would pass scientifically. It doesn't. But, when I compare Evangelicalism to science, it also FAILS the scientific tests! Evangelicals say: "Oh, No! You can compre Mormonism to science, but you CANNOT compare Christianity to science, because, in that case, science is not to be trusted! You can only trust science when examining Mormonism and all other non-Christian religions. But, science is NOT TO BE TRUSTED!" That's what I was told, many times, by "born again Christians", and the Evangelicals saw no contradiction whatsoever, in their words. I did. If "Mormonism" can be refuted by science (and it IS), then "Evangelicalism" must also be compared to science. I am compared it...and it is likewise clearly and absolutely REFUTED BY THE FACTS OF SCIENCE!

In my online booklet FALLING INTO THE SUN I donate an entire chapter to the "Reasons Why" I am not an Evangelical Christian. The reasons are sound. Evangelicals are like Mormons: they see only what they "want" to see, and are "willfully blind" to anything which goes against their own narrative. Muslims are the same. Catholics are the same. Atheists are the same. That is a part of human nature. Mormons think they are different and "special" and more intelligent than others. They believe that the Jaredites came from Asia to America, in wooden submarines, with elephants and honey bees, and traveled on the sea with these creatures for 344 days, and had magical "stones" that provided light in the barges. Science says: That could NOT have happened. Elephants need tons of vegetable matter to daily, and honey-bees need to eat honey, which they get from living blooming flowers. Mormons say "Well, God made the elephants and the honey bees able to live without food for 344 days as they crossed the Pacific ocean". ABSURD!!! Evangelicals do the same thing, when they "try" to explain how plants and whales were created before the Sun, Moon, and Stars (Genesis chapter 1), and how Joshua stopped the Sun from moving in the sky, or how lions and tigers in the Garden of Eden ate grass, when their bodies cannot digest grass or any plant! ABSURD!!! Ridiculous. Stupid!

I do in fact accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. He even visited me in 2005, during a lightening storm. He came through my wall, in 1979: the same color as the wall (pure white). Both events were as real to me as me typing this right now on my computer. I accept Jesus, and I believe there was an "Adam" and and "Eve". I just don't believe they were the first people on Earth. I don't believe that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri. I believe it was in Egypt. I don't believe in talking snakes! I don't believe a whale swallowed Jonah for three days. It would be impossible for any man to breath in the stomach of a whale. He would be killed just from the stomach acid. However, I "can" believe that the Story of Jonah was a parable. But I CANNOT believe it was literal. The same is true regarding Adam and Eve. I CANNOT believe in the Mormon or Evangelical version of that story. I CANNOT BELIEVE IN TALKING SNAKES. However, I can believe it is a parable, and a parable that was based upon real persons and events that occurred in Egypt about 1350 B.C. Watch the YouTube video below, and you'll find out what I believe about Adam and Eve, and the "talking snake".

Atheists say that the story of Adam and Eve is based upon "pure mythology". This is not true. The story of Adam and Eve is based upon two historical people: Pharaoh Aye and princess Khiyah, who lived in the 12th century B.C., and dwelt in a walled Garden, called the Garden of Maru-Aten, in what is now Amarna, Egypt. The Garden of Maru-Aten included a "Tree of Life" shrine (all Egyptian gardens had one), a large evaporation pond, fruit trees of all kinds, a "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" and a small zoo. Watch the video below, and you'll see what I mean. The Garden of Maru-Aten really existed. You can go to Amarna, Egypt, and see the foundation of the Garden. The foundation still exists to this day.

When I was a Mormon, large Evangelical "bullies" threatened me many times. They called my mother a "whore". They suggested I had sex with my mother. They would sometimes spit on me. They threatened to kill me numerous times. I would say: "Didn't Jesus say: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" Blood would rush to their face, and they would then RUSH me and SCREAM one inch from my face: "DON'T QUOTE THE BIBLE TO ME YOU F***KING MORMON! That verse only applies to fellow Christians, and YOU'RE NOT A CHRISTIAN!!!!" Some of them said: "We have a RIGHT TO KILL YOU, because you Mormons commit blasspheme!" I had such experiences many, many times, dealing with "born again" Christian men. The would use foul language, and threaten to "beat the shit" out of me or to even kill me. Dozens upon dozens of such experiences. Evangelicalism has a "problem" with violent fanatics, just like Fundamentalist Islam does. The only reason there is not a lot of Christian on Mormon murders and rapes (although these things have happened), is because the Christian men fear the Law, and fear going to prison. If they had no such fear, there would be thousands of such murders and rapes each year; all in the Name of Jesus.

I am NOT saying that all Evangelicals are bullies, or even fanatics, but a "percentage" of them are. I know this...because I SAW it. I'm saying that Evangelicals are very simple-minded people; just like Fundamentalist Muslims. If you try to have a reasonable respectful debate with a Muslim, they'll wind-up threatening violence. The same is true with Fundamentalist Christians. As long as they are winning the debate, that's fine, but the "minute" they begin to lose arguments, they revert to violence or at least the threat of violence. Happened to me perhaps 100 times when I was a Mormon, before, during, and after my mission. The large BULLIES who called themselves "Born Again Christians" would threaten to kill us, call our mothers whores, spit in our faces...all in the Name of Jesus, and thinking they were doing God a huge favor.

Evangelical Christianity is an Anti-scientific religion which is based not upon fact but upon "emotion" and "feeling". It preaches that Adam and Eve were the first humans, that Satan appeared as a talking snake, that the Fall of Adam came about because Adam and Eve bit into an apple (Mormons say a "fig'). All dinosaurs drowned in the Flood of Noah. All languages came from the Tower of Babel. All races came from the three sons of Noah and their wives. There was no death before Adam bit into an apple about 4,000 B.C. All of this ABSOLUTELY CONTRADICTS science, and the scientific ___FACTS___ thus far gathered. And if you disagree with an Evangelical Christian, they'll either condemn you to eternal Hell-fire (and smile as they do....because the thought of non-christians burning in Hell forever gives them intense pleasure), or they will threaten to kill you or threaten you with bodily harm: as large Evangelical men did to me many, many, many times, when I was a Mormon. Evangelical Christianity is a religion for the simple-minded just like Fundamentalist Islam. Those are religions for the ignorant and simple-minded; not for "thinking" men and women.

Mormonism is a religion for Morons Yes...I used to be on! Anyone who believes in talking snakes, and that nothing on Earth died before Adam bit into a a MORON! I used to be one! Evangelicalism is a religion for Idiots. You can "have" both. I don't want them. I don't want to be a moron or an idiot. These are not religions for "thinking" people. I've studied all the religions of the world, since I was 12 years old. I am now 56 (2016). Most people accept the religion of their parents, or their family, or their tribe. They are Sheep. Other people choose a religion they fancy, as if truth is subject to their wants and desires. Those are Shoppers. Other people worship only their own ego, and say "There is no God or gods" when in fact they worship their own Ego as their only God. We call them Atheists and Agnostics. Perhaps 1 in 10,000 people are Seekers of Truth. They study all religions, in their search for Truth. I am a Seeker of Truth, and, I found it.

Mormons based their "testimony" that the Church is true on "feelings". So do Evangelicals. So do Muslims. So do Catholics. Mormons point to their healthy well-behaved children, and to their house, and their status, and say: "Look, God has given me all these blessings because I'm in the One True Church!" Seventh-day Adventists say the exact same thing. So do Evangelicals. Hindus point to their beautiful wives, and their healthy well-behaved children, and to their nice homes and say: "Ganesh has given me all these blessings because I offered him flowers!" Ganesh is the Elephant-headed god of India. Mormons have the same "faith" in their Church as Hindus have in Ganesh, and the will offer you the very same "proofs".

When Jesus was on Earth, He offered His miracles as "proof" He was the send by God and the Messiah. His enemies did not deny He could work miracles, but ascribed them to Satan's power. When Dr. Dahesh was on Earth, He offered His miracles as "proof" He was sent by God. His enemies did not deny He would work miracles, but they ascribed them to Satan's power.

As a Mormon, I was told that the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri, and that there was no death anywhere on the planet, before the Fall of Adam. I was told that dinosaurs never lived on this planet, but their bones were remnants of other worlds, broken up so the Lord could make Earth. I was told that Adam and Eve were the first humans on this planet, and Cain killed Abel, so God turned Cain into the first Negro, and Cain married his white sister, and God turned her into the second Negro. I was taught that Lucifer appeared as a talking snake to Eve, and gave her a fig. Today, I cannot believe that I EVER BELIEVED THAT at one time. Yet, I did. I once believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy when I was a child. But when I got older, I put aside childish beliefs. I cannot believe in Mormonism, nor in Evangelicalism, nor in any religion that teaches that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, or that there were no humans before Adam and Eve, and that there was no death before Adam and Eve bit into an apple or fig offered to them by a talking snake. I don't believe in talking snakes, or talking whales, or that the dinosaurs died in the flood of Noah. I don't believe in such ABSURD RIDICULOUS DOCTRINES. At one time I could. As a young Mormon convert of 18 years, I was told by other Mormons (mostly older men) that I "had to believe" in all that because "Prophets of God taught it!" I no longer believe those Mormon men are Prophets. I believe they were false prophets. I do not believe in popes, or patriarchs, or pastors or mullahs or imams or ayatollahs. Anyone who tries to make me believe in talking snakes I don't believe, nor accept, nor follow, nor submit to nor give my money to; not matter how many times they threaten me with eternal Hell fire. I CANNOT BELIEVE IN SUCH RIDICULOUS THINGS!!!

I don't believe in talking snakes!!! Do you???

However, I DO believe that the story of Adam and Eve is a parable, a children's story, that is based upon real people, real events, and a real garden that existed in ancient Egypt. Watch the video below (16 minutes), and all that will be explained to you.

At the bottom of this page you'll find a video called Jesus Reincarnated in 1909. That video is about 20 minutes long. It will explain to you the following:

*How the story of Adam and Eve is based upon "real men" (and a real woman) who lived thousands of years ago.

*The reason "why" Jesus had to die on the Cross.

*What the "symbols" (forbidden fruit, Garden of Eden, talking snake, etc.) in the Story of Adam and Eve really means.

Is taking 20 minutes out of your life to "discover" these things really such a self-sacrifice?

About 90% of Mormons who lost faith in Mormonism become Atheists or Agnostics. They are "done" with religion. Not me. I've had too many paranormal experiences.

I have not become an Atheist, nor Agnostic, because of the many paranormal experiences I have had. You can read about them in FALLING INTO THE SUN. There are many of them, and they REALLY occurred. A link is at the bottom of this page. 100% of these experiences I really, truly, had. Were they all the result of hallucination? Read them, and judge that for yourself. Thousands of other Daheshists have had the same, or similar, or even more dramatic, supernatural experiences. Are we "all" having the exact "same" delusions?


The Raamz

Dr. Dahesh taught His followers a very special prayer called the "RAAMZ" (Arabic: "Remembrance" of God). One draws a star on a yellow piece of paper, with a pencil. Then one writes the name of five Prophets in the corners of the star (Star of Solomon--like on the Flag of Morocco). Then one writes the "name" of the person to be healed, and the date: all in Arabic. Then one recites a certain prayer, in Arabic. Then one folds the paper in a very precise and exact way. Then you burn the paper on a plate. Then you pour water or olive oil into the plate, and use the ashes on the person needing healing while you say: "In the Name of God, the 20th Spiritual Fluid, and the Beloved Guiding Prophet, Amen". Many instant healings have occurred from the correct use of the RAAMZ. Dr. Dahesh used it to raise the dead. Daheshists have used it to heal burns, scars, and diseases. It is very difficult to learn, and only those who are very dedicated and believing have taken the time and effort to learn it.

Dr. Dahesh emphasized, that the RAAMZ cannot replace medicine or surgery. It is there when medicine and surgery fails to heal. If you learn the RAAMZ (which is not easy), and use it properly, you may call upon Dr. Dahesh to visit you. But He does not reveal Himself to the lazy, or the merely "curious". You really must want it, and be sincere. It takes about forty hours for English speakers to learn the RAAMZ rite.


Dahesh: Another "Joseph Smith"?

Many ex-Mormons reading this email and say: "Dr. Dahesh was a fake, just like Joseph Smith: just like all so-called "Prophets" in all religions!" Without any study, they have concluded that "all religions are lies". Of course, this is an emotional reaction to discovering they'd been deceived all their lives. Nobody can "know" if all Prophets are false until, and unless, one has studied their teachings, prophecies, and claims, and "compared" such teachings, prophecies, and claims, with the KNOWN FACTS (i.e. "Reality"). I have done so with Joseph Smith, and Dr. Dahesh, and hundreds of others, over the last 37 years. I sacrificed marriage, children, and college, to do this. Some say I did so "foolishly". I agree, but it was something I HAD to do! Most men are driven by the desire for sex and wealth. Some men are driven by their lust for power over others. Some men are driven by their lust for drugs or alcohol or gambling, or fast cars or dangerous sports. I was/am driven by an absolutely overpowering LUST for TRUTH. You'll find out "why" I had to do so, in the online book FALLING INTO THE SUN! which is linked below.

Below is a brief comparison of Joseph Smith and Doctor Dahesh:

Joseph Smith: wrote three First vision accounts, all contradict each other.
Doctor Dahesh: would materialize dead relatives and also various prophets and "messengers from other planets" in the House of Dahesh, in daylight, before multiple witnesses.

Joseph Smith: told many women (some married) and young girls that an "angel with a flaming sword" would kill him, and maybe also them, if they did not become his "spiritual" wives.
Doctor Dahesh: never married, and no woman (or man) ever came forward to claim "He tried to seduce me".

Joseph Smith: translated gold plates into The Book of Mormon (accepted as history only by Mormon scholars) and Egyptian papyrus into The Book of Abraham (Egyptologists laugh at Joseph Smith's "translation")
Doctor Dahesh: Wrote 5 books of Revelation, spoke languages He never studied fluently, but only while in trance, and materialized ancient Prophets in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses.

Joseph Smith: apparently performed one miracle early on, healing a woman's withered arm, in 1831, but no known miracles after that.
Doctor Dahesh: performed on average one supernatural miracles a day, including rising the dead, healing scars, giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, animating inanimate objects, turning water into wine, walking on water, appearing in different places at the same time, materializing dead relatives and ancient Prophets (from this planet and other planets) in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses, etc.

Joseph Smith: practiced polygamy in secret, and denied he was a polygamist in public.
Doctor Dahesh: never married, and no known sexual partners.

Joseph Smith: Prophesied that the Son of Man would come in the year 1891.
Doctor Dahesh: Prophesied of the Kennedy Assassination four months before it occurred, and named "Lee Harvey Oswald" as the assassin (published in Lebanese newspapers before the event)

Joseph Smith: closest associates in the Church later left the Church and called him a "adulterer" and "fallen prophet" (David Whitmer, Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon, half of original Mormon Apostles, etc.)
Doctor Dahesh: none of His disciples ever spoke evil of Him, although some left the Dahesh Mission for various reasons.

Joseph Smith: Arrested twice for being a "juggler" (con-man), and used his peepstone to locate buried treasure, but he apparently never found any.
Doctor Dahesh: Arrested one time for "Spiritism" (communication with the dead), because He was materializing dead relatives in front of their living relatives, in broad daylight, at the House of Dahesh in Beirut.

Joseph Smith: When he "married" young teen girls and the wives of married men (and his own foster daughters), Joseph Smith instructed them to "LIE"; to not tell their families they were his "wives" and to deny it if asked.
Doctor Dahesh: No evidence He ever lied about anything; nor did Dr. Dahesh ever tell anyone to lie for any reason.

Joseph Smith: Assassinated by an Anti-Mormon mob in June of 1844. Apparently, not yet resurrected.
Doctor Dahesh: Assassinated by an Iranian firing-squad near Tabriz, Iran, in 1944, but was resurrected (as was Lazarus) and appeared back in Lebanon a few weeks later. Died of a heart attack in 1984, but visited the bedroom of Darrick Evenson, in Lakewood (near Tacoma), Washington State, USA, in 2005, and sat on the corner of his bed for what felt like the longest time.

Dr. Dahesh taught that Jesus was "raised from the dead" like Lazarus; who later died again and was buried. The physical body, made of dust, always returns to dust. Only the soul is immortal.

No, Joseph Smith was ___NOT___ the 19th Sinless Prophet! Joseph Smith was very sinful, and at times very dishonest. Somewhere on Earth, in the 19th century (1800s), there was a Man, a Prophet, Who did not sin. He also performed miracles. Find that Man, and you will know Who the 19th Sinless Prophet was. It was NOT Joseph Smith!

No, Doctor Dahesh is not "another Joseph Smith". He translated no ancient records. He did not have many wives. He had "zero" wives. No woman, or man, ever said: "He tired to seduce me". He lived a life of celibacy. His prophecies came to pass! Thousands of people witnessed his miracles, and hundreds of them are still alive today; with even MORE dramatic eye-witness accounts that my account. We are NOT making money on this! None of us are. We saw what we saw. Our "testimonies" are not based upon "feelings" but upon being "eye-witnesses" to absolutely supernatural miracles. Hundreds of us...still alive today.

Daheshists believe that the Christ-Spirit has incarnated (become a Man) on this planet many times, with many different names. He came in the 1st century as Jesus of Nazareth. He came in the 20th century as Salim Moosa Achi (Doctor Dahesh), and He will come again, born of a woman, in the 21st century, and appear in the city of Nazareth; working supernatural miracles as before. Perhaps He has already been born. I don't know. Look for Him about the year 2030.

Nazareth, Israel. The 21st Sinless Prophet will announce Himself (or be born here) around 2030 A.D.

No, "Darrick Evenson" is NOT the 21st Sinless Prophet! The 21st Sinless Prophet will probably be Arab-speaking (as His first language), and probably born in Nazareth, Israel. He will be born, or announce Himself, in Nazareth around the year 2030 A.D. He will never say "I am Christ" (Jesus never said that, and Dr. Dahesh never said that). Only false christs say "I am Christ". He will work miracles, and teach reincarnation. He will teach that we are judged by our actions (how we treat others), and not by our beliefs.


To Be A Daheshist

Dear Reader,

To be a Daheshist, you do not need to attend any Church on Sunday (or any other day). There is no tithing. There is no Bishop sitting behind a desk to ask you if you masturbate, or if you "follow the Brethren" or who asks you about your private sexual behavior. There are no requirements of hair, beard, or how many earrings you may have in your ear. There is no requirements on what goes into your mouth; only what comes out of your mouth. to be a Daheshist means you believe in the following:

*Keep the Golden Rule with all other beings: no exceptions whatsoever.
*Do no harm
*Give a portion of your income to help the widows, and orphans, and to those who cannot help themselves (such as the children of the poor)
*Reincarnation is true
*The Christ-Spirit will overshadow 24 Sinless Prophets, beginning with Jesus in the first century, and ending in the 24th century with the 24th Elder.
*The Law of Karma is operative upon all things (what goes around comes around)
*Negative actions draws karma to our souls, which attaches to our souls, and to rid ourselves of karma we must either suffer or practice "virtue".
*Jesus paid for the original sin of Adam (i.e. the sin of Pharaoh Ay son of Yuya in the Garden of Meru-Aten) on the Cross: granting to all Adamites "salvation" from soul-death.
*Only those who become Perfect shall be born above into the Kingdom of Heaven.
*Our Day of Judgment is our next mortal life, where we shall be rewarded, and punished, for our deeds in this life.
*We are judged by our "deeds": how we treat other beings, and not by our "beliefs" (what doctrines we accept or what religion or church we belong to)
*Doctor Dahesh (Salim Moosa Awshee) was Number 20 of the 24 Sinless Prophets.
*The 21st Sinless Prophet will announce Himself in the city of Nazareth, Israel, sometime in this century (approx. 2030 A.D.).
*The Kingdom of Heaven are planets, much more advanced that Earth: which is a planet in the Kingdom of Hell

That is all that is required to become a Daheshist. Nothing else is required. There are no required Sunday meetings. No tithing. No tithing settlement. No Bishops to appease. No "Brethren" to blindly obey. Everyone will have a copy of The Book of Daheshism, and that will be their Guide. Daheshists do not follow sinful men. No popes. No patriarchs. No priests. No pastors. No imaams. No ayatollahs. No gurus. Not satgurus. No shamans. No ministers. Only a BOOK will guide them.

Christians think that all they need is the Bible to guide them (interpreted by their ministers or priests). Muslims think the Qu'ran and Sunnah (books of sayings) is all they need (interpreted by their religious scholars and imaams). Daheshists believe that God has sent the Sinless Prophets to guide us back to the Heavenly Planets. While They are alive, we can listen to them, and observe their miracles as "proofs" they are Sent Ones. When they have died, we must be guided by their Books.

Daheshism is not something you "do" on Sunday. Religion is about "how" we treat others, because we are "judged" by no other criteria. Religion is not a "Sunday" thing, but a every-moment-of-every-day thing. Our "religion" is how we lead our lives day to day.

Dahesh Temples will be hospitals for poor children, and clinics to "heal" people from addictions, and homes for widows and orphans. No Masonic-like secret rites. No ridiculous temple robes. No useless "rites" for the living or the dead that have "zero" spiritual benefit for the living nor the dead.

His Five Holy Books explain in detail what "Heaven" and "Hell" is like (they are planets), who goes where, and why. They explain THE WAY to the Heavenly Planets, and how to walk it. These books are not yet published.


The Testimony of Hilda Nassib

Yes, this story is the truth, the pure truth, and nothing but the TRUTH! Hundreds of people have recounted similar things, and even much more dramatic events than my 2005 visitation, surrounding Dr. Dahesh. Hundreds who are still alive today. Just about all of these people are highly educated. Doctors. University professors. Attorneys. Judges. Artists. Poets. Business people. You can read some of their eye-witness accounts in "The Book of Testimonies About Dr. Dahesh". Email me, and I'll send you a link to it.

Hilda Nassib was a Palestinian woman living in Jerusalem in the late 1950s. Her husband died, so she moved to Saudi Arabia to find a job. There, she met someone who told her about "Duktur Dahesh" in Beirut, Lebanon, a Man of Miracles. She told others she was going to Beirut to meet Dahesh. Some said "He is a Black Magician, say away from him!" and others said: "He is a hypnotiest, and he will hypnotize you and make you think he works miracles!" She became very curious, so she went to Beirut to meet Him, and immediately observed some of His miracles. She decided to stay in Beirut, and she became his personal secretary for the next fifteen years. In 1975 she, along with many other Daheshists, moved to the U.S. to get away from the horrible Lebanese Civil War. She took a job with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C., and lived in Virginia. In 2015, she was still alive, and living in Alexandria Virginia.

You are invited to read Hilda Nassib's brief account (2 pages) of eleven miracles she witnessed performed by Dr.Dahesh. A link to her article is below.



The Noble Spiritual Faith is not an "organization". It is not a "church". It is a set of beliefs and principles. Meetings are not required. The Noble Spiritual Faith has no popes, no bishops, no tithing, no tithing settlement, no mandatory meetings. However, the UNITY organization (formerly called "The Unity School of Christianity") has invited Daheshists to join UNITY churches. The UNITY churches are NOT the "Unitarian-Universalist" churches! The two organizations have no connection to each other. UNITY is headquartered in Lee's Summit, Jackson County, Missouri. There is a UNITY church in most cities in the North America. Daheshists are allowed to join UNITY and even become Licensed Unity Teachers and UNITY ministers. A link to the UNITY website is below.

Joining UNITY is completely and utterly "optional" for Daheshists. Again, Daheshism is not a "church" but a set of beliefs by which we govern our own lives, and live our lives day to day; knowing that we shall not be "judged" by our beliefs, but by our "actions" (i.e. how we "treat" others), and by nothing else.


Jesus "versus" Dahesh

Jesus and Dahesh are not in competition against each other. Dahesh (Salim Moosa Awshee) WAS Jesus of Nazareth in a previous incarnation. This is why Dahesh wrote Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth in the first person. He IS Jesus of Nazareth! Christians think that Jesus is up in "Heaven" sitting upon a Great White Throne, with His "wounds" in His hands and feet not yet healed, still bleeding a little, waiting for the Day He will come back to Earth, sitting or standing upon a cloud, or suspended in a cloudy sky, spitting fire-balls upon the wicked. But...that isn't reality.

Like all souls, the Soul of Jesus has had a number of lives on this planet. He was Adapa, the first priest of the Sumerians. He was Melchizedek, king of Salem. He was an Egyptian Pharaoh, who dwelt in a walled Garden, in ancient Egypt, who committed a "sin" with an Egyptian princess, and was "cast out" of the Garden.

He was Jesus of Nazareth, born of a virgin, Who lived a sinless life, worked miracles, and died on the Cross, to "pay" for the Sin of Adam. God does not punish one Son, for the "sins" of a different Son. Adam is called "the Son of God" (Luke 3:38).

The Soul of Jesus has returned many times, one time per century, and will continue to do so, until He comes as King of kings and Lord of lords, in the 24th century.

Dahesh and Jesus are not in "competition" with each other. They are the Very Same Soul. "Salim Moosa" means "Peaceful Prince". "Duktur Dahesh" means "Wonderful Counselor". He was oppressed by the Lebanese goverrnment. Isaiah wrote:

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

Read FALLING INTO THE SUN! and you'll discover who "I" am, and why I was given the "knowledge" from birth that Jesus was alive and well and working miracles, somewhere on Earth, and "I" was supposed to find Him.

I always "knew" that Jesus was alive and on Earth, when I was growing up. Always knew it. After I became a Mormon, and I was told that Jesus had not yet returned, I attributed my "knowledge" to my own imagination. But, I always "knew" that Jesus had reincarnated, was somewhere on planet Earth, and that "I" was supposed to find Him. Read FALLING INTO THE SUN!. It takes about 90 minutes to 120 minutes to read. There are many accounts of the supernatural and paranormal therein. All true accounts.


Is Daheshism A "Cult"?

What is a "cult"? Catholics called Protestants "cultists". Protestants call Mormons "cultists". Mormons call Mormon polygamists "cultists". It means "We don't like you!"

Daheshism is not a "cult" because it has no "cult" practices such as:

*Giving your money to a charismatic leaders (Dahesh is dead and He never asked anyone for money).

*Blindly obeying a charismatic leader or leaders (Daheshism has no leaders).

*Shunning your friends and family (there is no shunning in Daheshism....Mormons "shun" people who leave the Church, and also they shun the poor, the fat, the unattractive, and the mentally ill).

Daheshism has no "cultic" practices. Naturally, Christians will consider it a "cult"; because some of its doctrines are diametrically opposed to those of Evangelicalism.

Dr. Dahesh KNEW more about God, Heaven, Hell, and Jesus than any Pope, Patriarch, Priest, or Pastor. He was Jesus in a previous incarnation. We don't judge Him...HE judges us!

Dr. Dahesh wrote The Gospel of Love. God does not desire to leave any souls in Hell-fire (reincarnation on the Hell-worlds like Earth). He wants to save us all, and that is why He sends Sinless Prophets, to show us THE WAY back to the Heavenly Planets.

THE WAY back to the Heavenly Planets is not easy. It can't be done merely by reciting the Sinner's Prayer, nor by eating bread and wine consecrated by a Catholic priest. No rite or ritual can cause us to be born again into the Kingdom of Heaven. No church or religion causes us to be "born again". THE WAY is only revealed to those whose hearts are pure, and who are ready to walk that Straight and Narrow Path.

The Evangelical "Christian" (?) men who threatened us, and spit upon us, and told us they "had the right to kill" us because we "blaphemied Jesus" when I was a Mormon missionary, thought they were "Born Again". They weren't. They are the children of Hell-fire. Self-deceived. Self-deluded. Enemies to God. They were no different from the "Muslims" of ISIS who rape little girls, and murder the innocent, all in the Name of God; thinking they are serving God thereby. They shall have their "reward".

I have no interest in worshipping the "Jesus" that is worshipped by Evangelical Christians. A being who creates billions of souls, with the foreknowledge that the great majority of those souls will burn in Hell, be tortured, for all eternity I have no interest in worshipping a "god" that tells me I can murder millions, rape my own daughters, lie, cheat, and do all manner of evil, and, "if" I say the Sinner's Prayer on my death bed, I'll go to eternal Heaven; while the man or woman who does good works all of their life, cheats no one, harms no one, lies to no one, does good toward all, will burn in eternal Hell-fire and be tortured forever just because they weren't a "Christian" or they didn't believe in the "Trinity" or the 66 books of the Protestant Bible. I cannot worship such a "being" as that. To me, such a being sounds like Satan! I cannot worship such a being. Not now. Not ever. Never!

Dr. Dahesh taught that Hell was a "symbol" of any mortal life on a Hell-world where the rays of the Sun "burn" and ages our skin, and where there are "demons" (sociopaths) who torment us, where there is war, famine, violence, injustice, sickness, disease, deformity, "bitter fruit" (negative consequences), "iron chains" (addictions), where we drink boiling hot water (birth water) and freezing cold water (cold water fills out lungs at death), separation of loved ones, and DEATH. We are literally "burning in Hell-fire" now! That is why our skin "melts". That is why our organs fail. That is why we DIE.

Hell-fire is reincarnation on the Hell-Worlds like Earth. And "Salvation" is being liberated from the this endless "return" to mortal lives where there is so much pain and sorrow.

In the Middle-Ages, Catholics tortured and killed thousands of Protestants, and Protestants killed thousands of "heretics". Christians killed Jews. Muslims kill Christians. In India, Muslims kill Hindus, and Hindus kill Muslims, and both Hindus and Muslims kill Christians. All thinking: "I am doing God a great service by ridding the Earth of these heretics and cultists!"

As a Mormon missionary, Evangelical men (large ones) would threaten to kill us, try to run our bikes off the road, call our mothers "whores", spit in our faces, slap us, chase us away with guns, and sometime physically assault us. I saw several of them crying, praying to God, saying: "God, why can't I KILL THEM NOW....ON THE SPOT? WHY???!!!!" They prayed to God to murder us. All in the Name of Jesus!

I would say: "Did not Jesus say, Do unto others as....." And the large "Born Again" men would get one inch from my face and SCREAM: "Don't quote the Bible to me your F***KING MORMON! That Verse applies to Christians only, and YOU'RE NOT A CHRISTIAN!!!"

Perhaps 100,000 former Mormon missionaries, still alive today, will tell you that a "Born Again" Christian man threatened them, or spit upon them, or called their mother a whore, or tried to run their bikes off the road, on their two year mission. Yet, a friend of mine, a prominent Evangelical (his name known by millions of Evangelicals), said: "Darrick, THAT NEVER HAPPENED.... no Christian would EVER DO the things you say they did to you!"

Again, I have 100,000 witnesses who are still alive today who will say: "YES...THEY DID DO THAT! They did that to us when we were Mormon missionaries!"

Again, for most Evangelicals, and for most Mormons, TRUTH is whatever they "want" to believe; as if TRUTH is determined by our "wants".

On the other hand, Dr. Dahesh taught that the Golden Rule applies to all Sentient Beings; all being that can feel joy and sorrow.

Daheshism teaches that we must keep the Golden Rule with all sentient beings. Not just all human beings, but all animals as well. All beings who can "feel" joy and sorrow. All of them have souls. All of them are precious. We are "judged" not by our church, or our religion, or what "rites" and rituals we have partaken of, nor if we accept the Trinity, or the Bible, or the Quran. We are judged according our works; means our "actions towards other sentient beings". We are judged by no other criteria.

A Daheshist loves everyone in the world: the Christian, the Jew, the Muslim, the Druze, the Buddhist, the Jain, the Sikh, the Taoist, the Cao Daiist, the Animist, the Pagan the Wiccan, the Agnostic, and the Atheist. The Atheist who does more good works than the Religionist, shall get a greater reward on their Day of Judgment: which is their next mortal life.

Daheshism is the Gospel of Love. We love our neighbor the Jew, the Muslim, the Christian, the Druze, the Buddhist, the Jain, the Sihk, the Animist, the Pagan, the Wiccan, the Agnostic, the Atheist. We love our neighbor as ourselves: no matter his race, or his creed, or his politics, or his nationality, or his church, or his religion, or his lack of religion. It matters not to the Daheshist.

Dr. Dahesh taught that the purpose of the Religion of God was not to "kill heretics" nor to learn long complicated theological dogmas, nor to say "My religion is true, but your religion is false, so I SPIT UPON YOU!" The purpose of the Religion of God is, as Jesus said it was, to do the Will of the Father on Earth, as it is done in the Kingdom of Heaven. To feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, care for the orphans and widows, to forgive and let God "repay". To be Peacemakers. And to prepare one's own soul for their Day of Judgment: which is their next mortal life.

To the Daheshist, we are all brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, of the same GOD, and we treat everyone, with no exceptions whatsoever, as we would treat our own mother, or father, or sister, or brother, or son or daughter. That is the Gospel of Love.

Dr. Dahesh is not "opposed" to Jesus! 2,000 years ago, His Name was "JESUS'.

Left: Jesus (based on the image on the Shroud of Turin) Right: Dr. Dahesh (c. 1950)

Did Anti-Daheshist literature exist in Lebanon while Dr. Dahesh was alive? Yes, it did. Christians and Muslim anti-Daheshists said: "He does miracles by means of Black Magick." Atheist and Agnostic anti-Daheshists said: "He hypnotizes people, and that is why they think He works miracles." That is why those who later reported seeing His miracles always said: "I never looked into his eyes before I saw the miracle happen, so He didn't hypnotize me."

The anti-Christians in Jesus' day said of Him:

"He casts out demons by the power of the Prince of Demons." (Matt. 12:21)

In the Jewish Talmud it says: "Yeshu practiced sorcery [Black Magick]." (Talmud, Sanhredrin 43a)

The spiritually blind will always oppose the Truth. They will also call the Truth a Lie, and a Lie the Truth. They will follow their Popes, and Patriarchs, and priests, and pastors, and imaams, and ayatollahs, or their sadgurus, or their own selfish iinflated egos (Atheists and Agnostics). That's fine, because the Truth is not for them. The Truth is only for Seekers of Truth.

Dr. Dahesh is now dead. Some have reported "visitations" (such as mine in 2005) after His death, but these episodes are rare. You can't see the miracles of Dr. Dahesh for yourself. However, Dr. Dahesh was the 20th Sinless Prophet. The 21st Sinless Prophet is coming soon.

He is coming again, to Nazareth, soon. Look for Him! He is coming down from heaven like He did the first time...via the womb. He will perform miracles, like before. They will say "He works miracles by the power of demons" as always. He will announce Himself in Nazareth. Perhaps sometime around 2030 A.D. Look for Him then.

"I was ordered by my Father to descend to this ungrateful world, and so I did. Not a single person is good--indeed, no one does good but God, Blessed be His Name! As for me, I have pledged myself to walk the Path of Truth, the Path of Divine Love, the Path of Divine Light. No matter what tribulations and calamities come my way, no matter how much I am persecuted, no matter how much I am tormented, no matter how much I suffer and weep, no matter what befalls me of afflictions and calamities, my right hand shall never yield the torch of Truth imparted to me by my Heavenly Father to bring light into the regions of this world of extreme darkness." (Dahesh--Memoirs 1:20-22)

Upper Right~Dr. Dahesh/New York City/1983



*Died of a fever, for a minute, at age 11, and had an OBE, the first of at least three in my life. Since that time, I've had prophetic dreams and psychic "flashes" that would come true. I give many examples of that in "Falling Into The Sun".

*Had an "urge" to go to the Zoo in January 1977, when I was 16, and while there saw this portly bald man at the L.A. Zoo on the only day that Dr. Dahesh he the Los Angeles area. We meet eyes, and He YELLED something to those me with Him, while pointing directly at me. This scared me, so I walked away fast. I had no idea who He was or what He was, other than a bald man pointing at me and yelling to the others he was with something in Arabic. I did not know Him. He somehow KNEW me!

*In 1983 I was preparing to go on a mission for the LDS Church, as most young Mormon men do. I was told in Sunday School by a teacher that Jesus was returning before the year 2000 (believed by many older Mormons in the 1980s). I wanted to know if this was true or not, so I fasted and prayed. I had a "dream" that I left my body and started flying toward the Moon, but was jerked away and headed for the Sun. I fell into the Sun, and met a "being of light". Was told in a dream or OBE that "He is in New York City" in 1983, and discovered in 2005 that man was living in New York City in 1983. Never knew the name of this Man until 2005.

*Served a Mormon mission in San Jose and San Francisco, California. Had this thought "He is in New York City" many times during my mission, remembering the dream I had in 1983. I just laughed/shrugged it off and kept knocking on doors. i describe my missionary experiences (supernatural and otherwise) in "Falling into the Sun!" (link below) in Chapter Three ("Mission IMPOSSIBLE"!).

*Because of many negative experiences and threats of violence from the more fanatical Evangelical "Christians" on my mission (most Evangelicals are not fanatics but some are, and the fanatics threatened us and spit upon us because we were Mormon missionaries), I decide to write a book answering "The God Makers" anti-Mormon film; because the Church, at that time, did not give the missionaries "one minute" of instruction on "how to handle" Anti-Mormon questions, and, in my mission, most missionaries lost investigators because of "The God Makers" film and anti-Mormon literature. So, I write "The Gainsayers" in 1985, but it is not published until 1989. The book becomes very popular with Mormon missionaries serving in the U.S., especially in the Bible Belt, in the 1990s.

*I had many paranormal experiences in my life, on my mission, and afterwards, and I discuss them all in FALLING INTO THE SUN! (90 minute read time).

*I spend years, and tens of thousands of hours, researching Anti-Mormon and Pro-Mormon (i.e. Mormon apologetical works) arguments, with the goal of writing a book (The Book of Answers to Anti-Mormon Questions) that would answer "all" anti-Mormon arguments and refute them, but, ultimately, to my dismay and horrible disappointment, I discover that MOST Anti-Mormon claims are TRUE.

*I go inactive in 1989 (the reasons I give in "Falling into the Sun!"). I try to get active again in the Church several times, but nothing sticks. I finally resign from the Church in 1996. I try to come back one more time n 2003, but I decide to stay out for good. I start to study all the world religions, in search of Truth. I was never excommunicated. I never violated the Word of Wisdom, nor the Law of Chastity.

*In 2005, in Lakewood (near Tacoma) Washington State, I first learn about Dr. Dahesh tin a book in a library (Melton's Encyclopedia of American Religions), from it I leaned His name, "Doctor Dahesh", and I learned he was living in New York City in 1983 ("He is in New York City"), that He worked miracles, and His followers believed He was Jesus reincarnated. I am STUNNED!!!

*In 2005, soon after I read a book about Dahesh, sent to me by his followers in New York City, I prayed to this Prophet Dahesh asking him to appear to me as Jesus did to Thomas. He didn't "appear" to me, but He visited me. He was invisible, sat on the corner of my bed, and did not speak at all. The corner went way down, about a foot, which almost flipped me over. I was lying on my right side, toward the wall, pretending to be asleep; hoping the intruder would leave. I was prepared to kick him and run. I look over, nobody there. Then I see the corner slowly rise up to level, then the heavy boots walk out of my bedroom, opening and closing the door gently, down my hallway, across my living room, out my front door. This was not a dream, but happened in daylight during a lightening storm. YES...this really happened!

*Many other of His disciples report similar or even more strange things; such as Dr. Farid Suleiman, who was Lebanon's chief dermatologist for many years. The events that happened to me are "nothing" compared to the events he witnessed and wrote about in his book "In The Company Of The Beloved Prophet".

*In 2015, ten years later, I learned for the first time that Doctor Dahesh was at the L.A. Zoo the same day I was, in January 1977. He was with a small entourage of fellow Lebanese men; all His followers. These were the men speaking Arabic. He was the bald man who shouted at the others while He pointed at me; which caused me to walk fast away (because it scared me). I don't know, today, what he shouted to them. I don't speak Arabic. At the time, he was just a bald man speaking Arabic. I didn't know who he was. He somehow KNEW who I was.

*The Soul of Dr. Dahesh will reincarnate, and appear in the city of Nazareth, in Israel, sometime between 2024 and 2031 A.D. He will work supernatural miracles, as before. He will teach reincarnation, and that God does not care what church or religion we belong to; God only cares how we 'treat" other sentient beings. The 21st Sinless Prophet will be opposed, as Jesus was, but He will gather many disciples. The final ("Omega") Sinless Prophet, the 24th Sinless Prophet, will appear sometime in the 2300s, and fulfill most Christian and Muslim prophecies and expectations concerning the Second Coming of Christ.

*Large "Born Again Christian" men spit upon us, threatened to kill us, did other horrible things to us, on my mission, in the Name of Jesus.

*The purpose of the Religion is God is NOT to kill, rape, spit upon, burn "heretics" and people of other religions, but to LOVE all people, of all religions, and no religion.

*Mormons believe only what they "want" to believe, and so do Evangelicals, and so do Ex-Mormons.

*I spend many years of my life, tens of thousands of hours, and many thousands of dollars, sacrifice college and marriage, to REFUTE Anti-Mormon Claims, but, after many years, I discover that MOST Anti-Mormon Claims are TRUE.

*I don't believe in talking snakes who tempt naked white women with apples or figs.

*I CANNOT believe there was "no death" anywhere on planet Earth before Adam bit into a forbidden fig.

*The Story of Adam and Eve is a "parable" based upon the true historical story of an Egyptian Pharaoh named Aye and an Egyptian princess named Khiyah who lived in the Garden of Meru-Aten about 1350 B.C. (the video below explains it).

*I cannot believe in or worship the "Evangelical Jesus" who creates billions of souls, knowing MOST will burn in eternal Hell-fire with no hope of mercy or reprieve.

*Daheshism teaches that Heaven and Hell are planets, and Earth is the highest type of Hell planet; where the Sun "burns" and ages our skin, and where "demons" (sociopaths) torment us.

*Dahehism is not a "cult" (has no "cultic" practices).

*Truth is not what we "want" to believe, but what "IS".

*Dahesh and Jesus are not in "competition" with each other, but are two incarnations of the very same Soul.

*Many are healed via the RAAMZ.

*Dr. Dahesh wrote 150 books, and 5 Books of Revelation.

*The Dahesh Mission is not yet organized.

*Dr. Dahesh is the Peaceful Prince, and the Wonderful Counselor.

*Dr. Dahesh was Number 20 of the 24 Sinless Prophets (Jesus was Number One).

*Daheshism is the Gospel of Love.



We invite you to watch the YouTube video below ("Jesus Reincarnated in 1909") and/or read the online book "Falling into the Sun!". It takes about 90 minutes to read the book. I promise won't be bored! There are many more accounts of the supernatural in the online book. You can read the free online book at the link below.

The YouTube video below is about 16 minutes long. It introduces Dr. Dahesh and explains what the Noble Spiritual Faith teaches about Adam and Eve and the Fall, and why Jesus had to atone for the Fall. No, we don't believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans on Earth! We accept evolution. The story of Adam and Eve is based upon a true historical story of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, and his queen, who lived in a walled garden in ancient Egypt. They really existed, in the 18th dynasty of Egypt (about 1350 B.C.). Watch the video below if you want to know more about that.

Vision of Ezekiel

Dr. Dahesh was the first author I know of, who wrote that Ezekiel had a vision of an interstellar space ship, and that "people from other planets" have been visiting this planet for many thousands of years. Dr. Dahesh wrote about that in the 1930s. He published about 150 books. Unfortunately, all but two of them are still only in Arabic. One day, they will all be published in English, Spanish, Russian, and most other major world languages.

Dahesh Museum

Dr. Dahesh not only wrote books (150 of them), but He also was an art dealer and collector. He was the world's greatest collector of 18th and 19th century European Academic Art. The Dahesh Museum in New York City displays His massive collection. The museum is on 6th Avenue in Soho, near the Holland Tunnel, in Manhattan. A tour of the museum is free (donations accepted). Just Google: "Dahesh Museum" for times and directions. The staff are not allowed to discuss Dahesh as a Prophet, nor the religion of Daheshism. The Dahesh Mission, which will promote Him and His religion, is not yet organized. Google: "Dahesh Museum" and "New York City".

Mormons Will Not Believe

Mormons will say "This is all lies" because they "want" to believe that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and that the Church is true. They've "invested" too much money, too much time, too much effort, for it NOT to be true! Even though I spent my adult life doing research to REFUTE Anti-Mormons claims, only to find that most Anti-Mormon Claims were TRUE, they'll call me a "liar". Why? Because they don't want to accept the TRUTH! As if "truth" is determined by our "wants". That's fine. As long as they lead a life filled with good works, they have nothing to fear on their Day of Judgment (their next life).

Mormons are just like most people on this planet; they "believe" ONLY what they "WANT" to believe; as if Truth (Reality) is somehow subject to our "wants" "desires" "fancies" and "whims".

Ex-Mormons Will Not Believe

About 90% of Mormons who lose faith in the Mormon Church and Joseph Smith "lose faith" in everything. They become Atheists, or at least Agnostics. They were told from birth "We have the Truth!" and then they discover they were lied to from birth. It is quite dramatic and traumatic. Once they lose Faith in Joseph Smith, they lose faith in God, Jesus, the Afterlife, everything! They decide "All Prophets are false...and all religions are myths!" without any study! On the other hand, I studied hundreds of "Prophets" and thousands of religions, and compared them to known facts. Ex-Mormons don't do that. They conclude "All Prophets are false and all religions are myths!" based upon the FACT that Mormonism is not true. They will NOT believe in Dr. Dahesh or Daheshism!

Ex-Mormons will say "Darrick is delusional" because they don't "want" to believe in God or the Afterlife. They say: "There are no miracles, so this Dahesh could not have worked any." They say: "Darrick is lying, or he was asleep, or on drugs, or simply out of his mind, and had an hallucination, because invisible men don't walk on rooftops, and they don't sit on the corners of beds, because they don't exist!" Me and thousands of others who "witnessed" the supernatural miracles of Dr. Dahesh are all "delusional" and all of us are having the exact same hallucinations. That's fine, because the Atheist who does more good works than the God-believer, will get a greater reward on their Day of Judgment. We are judged by our "works" (how we "treat" others), and NOT by our "beliefs" (or lack of belief).

Ex-Mormons will NOT believe, because they don't "want" to believe. Simple as that. As if "truth" is determined by our "wants".

Evangelicals Will Not Believe

The Evangelicals will say "Dahesh is of Satan and this fellow Darrick has been deceived by Satan!" and that's fine. They will have their reward, the same reward that the Scribes and Pharisees, who claimed Jesus worked miracles by the power of Be'elzeebub. They'll be in good company. As it says in the Holy Qur'an:

And whosoever is (spiritually) blind in this world shall be (literally) blind in the world to come, and he shall be even further astray from The Way. (17:72)

Evangelicals will continue to be the spiritually blind, who follow the spiritually blind. They will continue to give televangelists and ministers millions, so they can live in mansions, while children in Africa and India starve, and die from lack of medicine, and go without shoes or schooling. They will continue to look up at the sky, looking for Jesus to one day appear. When the Soul of Jesus appears to them, and heals the blind, and the deaf, and raises the dead, and preaches peace unto all, good will to men, they shall SCREAM "False Christ! False Prophet! He worketh miracles by the power of the Prince of Demons!" Just like they said about Jesus, 2,000 years ago.

Skeptics Will Not Believe

Anyone who does not "want" to believe in Dr. Dahesh, simply won't believe, as if Truth is dependent upon our "wants". No man can "know" that "there is no God" unless they visit every planet, and all 11 dimensions; which is impossible. It takes "faith" to say "There is no God". However, Daheshists have no "faith". We simply believe what we see and what we hear. We have SEEN things most people will never see. The Soul of Jesus "returns" every century, and is born of the womb. And the Souls that followed Jesus, in His life, also "return" and are given the right of "Signs". When you SEE supernatural miracles happen before your eyes, in broad daylight, then "faith" is no longer necessary.

Darrick is a Liar

I know there will be Mormons reading this and saying to themselves, "Darrick is a liar, a fornicator, homosexual, Anti-Mormon, and he is telling LIES against Joseph Smith!" Listen to me--you are WRONG! I wasted my __life__ trying to defend Joseph Smith and Mormonism! I spent tens of thousands of hours in research trying to REFUTE Anti-Mormon claims. The time I spent in this research, I could have gotten an M.D. or a Ph.D. Nobody done more research trying to find Pro-Mormon answers to Anti-Mormon questions. Nobody wanted the Church to be true more than me! Nobody wanted Joseph Smith to be a true Prophet of God more than me! But...I discovered the TRUTH. The TRUTH is not what we "want" to be true. The Truth is what "is" true. Open your eyes. Get the book CES Letter by Jeremy Runnells (another former Mormon missionary). Look at the evidence. It is absolutely overwhelming and totally conclusive beyond any shadow of a doubt: Joseph Smith was a FRAUD!

Darrick is Delusional

Are my stories of paranormal events "made up stories"? No. What I wrote I saw and heard, I really saw and heard. I am not making a "dime" for any of this. Instead, I'm spending money. WHY would I make up such stories? For what purpose? I am not the "head" of Daheshism, and I never will be. I don't make a "dime" from this, and never will make a "dime" for it. Some of you claim I am "delusional" and all these events are "hallucinations". Okay, what about the thousands of other Daheshists (lawyers, doctors, professors, nurses, business people) who have had the same "hallucinations" or even more dramatic ones. Are will ALL having the exact same hallucinations? What are the "odds" of that happening?

There are over 2,000 of us still alive today, who have seen and heard impossible things in connection with Doctor Dahesh; things no magician could ever perform. None of us gets a "dime" from our testimonies of what we saw and heard. Why are we doing this? We are doing this because we actually saw and heard impossible front of our eyes.

This is REAL! Dahesh really was a Man of Miracles! He really was "Jesus" in a previous life. He really was the 20th Sinless Prophet. He really did visit me in 2005, walking on my roof, through my house, and sat on the corner of my bed, in the afternoon in broad daylight.

What I have written here is the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH. So help me God! Most you reading this won't believe it...because you don't "want" to believe it. But the TRUTH is not what we "want" to believe. The Truth is what "IS".

The TRUTH about God, Jesus, the Afterlife, Heaven, Hell, the purpose of life, is all contained in the Five Holy Books of Dr. Dahesh of Lebanon. It's ___ALL____ there! He "proved" He was Sent by God by His thousands of supernatural miracles. He never did these miracles in a dark room. He never used "props". He performed His miracles in broad daylight, without hiding behind walls or via the use of props. Either He was a true Sinless Prophet in Whom the Christ-Spirit dwelt, or He was Satan himself. There is no "in-between". No magician, no matter how skilled, could perform the miracle He performed on a daily basis.

Joseph Smith said: "I've seen God and Jesus, and many angels, so trust me, I would never lie to you!" Yet, Joseph Smith lied many times. He lied about polygamy. He lied about his "money-digger" occupation. He lied.

Dr. Dahesh said: "Do you want to see a miracle of God that He will show you through Me? Watch, and see!" And then Dr. Dahesh performed the miracle in front of their eyes, in broad daylight, without props. Dr. Dahesh never lied about anything.

Testimonies of Dr. Dahesh NOT Based Upon "Feelings"

Dr. Dahesh did not use dark rooms like the Spiritualist Mediums do, nor did He use "props" like magicians do. He did everything in the open, in the light. He used no curtains or walls to conceal things.

The "testimony" of Mormons is based upon subjective "feelings". They believe that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, because their parents said so, and they "trust" their parents, and they also "trust" that Joseph Smith was not a liar. They have "faith" that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus in 1820, because he said he did, and they trust him: even though Mormons have NOT seen any visions nor seen any supernatural miracles themselves.

The "testimony" of Daheshist, on the other hand, is NOT based upon "feelings" or trusting what Dr. Dahesh said or claimed, but we put our trust in supernatural events we have seen with our own natural eyes and heard with our own natural ears. We have SEEN utterly impossible things with our own eyes; things that no magician could do. Our eye-witness accounts are FREE! We do not make a "dime" from them. Perhaps...WE ARE TELLING YOU THE TRUTH! won't believe the Truth...if the Truth contradicts what you "want" to believe or not believe.

I MUST Believe!

As for me, I must believe my own eyes and ears! You believe your own eyes and ears, and I believe mine. I have NO CHOICE. I MUST believe what I saw and heard with my own fully-awake eyes and ears. Everything I wrote here I SAW and HEARD in this article, I really SAW and really HEARD. What I wrote in this article is the PURE TRUTH; whether "you" want to accept that, or not. Truth is not want we "want". Truth is what "IS".

You are, Dear Reader, one of a very small group of people who have been told the Truth, that Sinless Prophet Number 21 is coming to Nazareth about 2030 A.D. If you hear of Him, go to see Him. See for yourself if He can work supernatural miracles.

Mormons who are "happy" in the LDS Church will not believe. They don't "want" to believe. Ex-Mormons who are "content" believing life has no meaning other than their own pursuit of "The Good Life" here and now, will not believe. They don't "want" to believe. Evangelicals who are happy jumping up and down on Sunday saying "Praise the Lord!", looking for to an eternity of singing hymns to God and the Lamb while they gaze upon the Damned screaming in Hell-fire for all eternity, while giving their pastor a comfortable living, will not believe. They don't "want" to believe. So....they won't.

About 1 in 1000 people are Seekers of Truth. They are the Pure-in-Heart. They are the "real" Elect of God. And "they" will believe! It is for them, that this article was written.

The Book of Testimonies

Thank you for these 20 minutes! I read all comments and answer all questions sent to me. If you want to read THE BOOK OF TESTIMONIES (eye-witness accounts of the miracles of Dr. Dahesh) just ask, and I'll send you the link. If you want to watch some of my Anti-Mormon YouTube videos, I'll list them below. Look for the next Sinless Prophet about the year 2030. He will announce Himself in Nazareth, Israel, working miracles as always. If you hear of Him, go meet Him. See for yourself if His miracles are real or not. Thank you for these last 20 minutes!


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