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The Testimony of Hilda Murad Nassib

The House of Dahesh (Beirut, Lebanon)

HILDA MURAD NASSIB was a Palestinian woman living in Jerusalem in the early 1960s. She was a widow. Her husband had died, and she was left to raise her daughter. She had heard about a "Man of Miracles" in Beirut called "Doctor Dahesh" but she never thought much of it. After the death of her husband, she moved to Saudi Arabia and got a job working for her cousin. One day, her cousin told her about "Doctor Dahesh of Lebanon" and the many miracles He was known to perform. At this, Hilda became more and curious. Finally, she wrote to some relatives in Beirut about Doctor Dahesh, and they wrote back to her, that Doctor Dahesh was an evil Black Magician, who could raise the dead, and turn water into wine, and nails into gold, and do all sorts of other miracles, but that He did so by means of Black Magick. Instead of being dissuaded from meeting Doctor Dahesh, Hilda became more curious. She wanted to "see" supernatural miracles for herself, with her own eyes; whether those miracles were from God or from the evil one. She wanted to "see" it happen. In her mind, a "miracle" would prove that God exists, the Afterlife is real, and she would see her beloved husband again. So, she quit her job, took what savings she had, took her young daughter, and moved to Beirut, Lebanon.

The 16 foot high parlor ceiling inside the House of Dahesh

She finally was given permission for a "Spiritual Session" with Doctor Dahesh. He performed a miracle in front of her; one no magician was capable of. This convinced Hilda that Doctor Dahesh truly was a Christian Prophet. She noticed in His home (the House of Dahesh) many works of art. She inquired about them, and learned that many Lebanese artists (most of them were Daheshists) had given pieces of artwork to Dr. Dahesh, who was a collector of fine art. Dr. Dahesh needed a secretary to help Him collect, sell, and trade, fine art. Hilda needed a job in Beirut. For the next fifteen years, Hilda Nassib became the personal secretary of Dr. Dahesh. She studied English, and eventually moved to Alexandria, Virginia, and worked for the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. Below is her "testimony" of some of the miracles she observed Dr. Dahesh performing. A few of these miracles can be duplicated by illusionists (i.e. "magicians"), but a few of them CANNOT BE duplicated by any illustionist, and must be viewed as supernatural miracles. In her own words, Hilda writes:

1. I saw several miracles soon after I was introduced to Dr. Dahesh. The one miracle that shocked me most took place as follows: He gave me a staff and told me to write my name on it and to draw the Daheshist insignia in different positions. After I wrote my name and drew the insignia, he asked me to throw the staff in the air and when it landed in his hand it had transformed, in a split-second, into a picture frame holding the picture of my late husband—a picture that I had never seen before. Dr. Dahesh, who lived in Beirut, never knew my husband, who lived in Jerusalem. Although my husband heard of Dr. Dahesh, he never met him. Dr. Dahesh told me: “Your husband had reincarnated as an adult on another material world and if you desire, I can have your husband re-materialize here on Earth, where you can talk to him face-to-face.” I refused his offer, because I knew I would lose my mind if he had talked to me from beyond the grave. Dr. Dahesh then said to me: “Keep the picture then.”

2. Once I got to know Dr. Dahesh, I wanted to visit him just about everyday and for the remainder of my stay in Beirut. Every time I entered his house, fellow Daheshists would lead me to a small but cozy room, near the entrance, then either Dr. Dahesh or a fellow Daheshist would lead me through a hallway to the grand living room. That room was so nicely decorated with art masterpieces, water fountains, oriental carpets, figurines, oil paintings, Egyptian curtains, etc.

The "Grand Living Room" (parlor) of the House of Dahesh in Beirut, Lebanon, with 15 foot high ceilings. The house was the former Russian consulate in Beirut, before the Communist revolution in Russia. This was the home of Dr. Dahesh, "the" meeting place for Daheshists in Beirut, a place where Seekers of Truth came to observe His miracles, and the place where Dr. Dahesh wrote books and where He kept His massive book and art collection.

One day, I was in the grand living room enjoying the décor when certain questions crossed my mind: “ Who cleans his home? Who hangs the paintings so high on the walls of this very high-ceiling room?” These and many other questions were running through my mind silently when suddenly I look around and the entire décor in that room had changed on me from floor to ceiling, with different paintings, carpets, wall colors…I mean everything…I was SO SCARED, so I started to run out of the room when the room décor changed completely again. I stopped at the exit door, trying to rationalize what is happening here, when the décor changed again. I tried to calm myself and to build my courage to see through this. After few more changes in the décor, I saw Dr. Dahesh coming from the adjacent room with a smile on his face. I cannot explain the extent of my happiness to see him. He welcomed me and then I told him what had just happened to me and he answered me saying: “There are many things that take place that I am not aware of their happening, unless I am told by the Holy Spirit, or by the person witnessing them" and that he is very happy that the Holy Spirit had answered my questions.

3. On another day, I visited Dr. Dahesh, who at the time of my arrival was eating in the kitchen. He told me that one of the six birds in the cage I brought had died and asked me to take it out of the cage and toss it out of the window overlooking the backyard. I said to him: “No way Doctor, I cannot do it!” But he asked me whether I wouldn’t prefer to see the bird alive. So, I opened the cage door with my trembling hands, picked up the stiff bird with a napkin, ran to the window in order to toss it out, but as soon as I opened my hand, it had returned to life and flew out of my hand and landed on a branch of a large tree. Dr. Dahesh had insisted that I do it so that I can witness such a heavenly miracle, where the dead is returned to life.

4. On another visit, I had my daughter Suzie with me, who at that time was about three years old. My daughter saw the paintings and art masterpieces of birds, butterflies, lions, leopards, etc… and wondered why he doesn’t have cats! Suddenly, Dr. Dahesh stretched his hand into the thin air and grabbed a tiny plastic yellow-colored cat that whistles when squeezed and gave it to Suzie while telling her: “Here, this cat is for you.”

5. On another occasion, Dr. Dahesh, Suzie, and myself were in the grand living room when Dr. Dahesh said that we should join the others who are seated in the big hallway, where it was set to accommodate many visitors. He was singing to Suzie while walking and she was very happy. Dr. Dahesh was even happier just to see her happy and told her: “Suzie, I want to bring you candy from another world!” So, he placed his two hands on the purple collar of the outfit that I was wearing and collected round-shaped pastel-colored candy, with chocolate filing and delicious flavor. His hands were so full that many pieces of candy dropped on the floor. Others, who were sitting in the hallway, jumped in and assisted in picking up the candy.

6. After I had left my job in Saudi Arabia, I lived in Beirut for a while and then moved to the United States. I then returned back to Beirut and assisted Dr. Dahesh in importing art objects, paintings, masterpieces, jewelry, and many other items to add to his collection. He was curious as to what is available in the world from the East, Far East, Europe, and the United States. We received catalogs from all over the world. One day after the mail had come, he was looking through the catalogs that he had just received from Germany, France, and Italy, while singing to Suzie. I heard him singing with words like “I love you so much, you are a special and pretty girl, and I want to get you something nice.” He then drew a star on a photo in one of the catalogs of a very expensive ring with diamonds and an amethyst stone and immediately the ring had materialized out of the German catalog leaving a hole in its place. I screamed in astonishment and touched it to examine it and to admire its beauty. I asked Dr. Dahesh if we could keep the ring, he looked at Suzie and said: “I cannot give you the ring now, however, I will give it to you in the distant future in another reincarnation.”

7. A similar miracle had happened to me once, but in a different period. While flipping through the pages of a Chinese catalog of beautiful butterflies, a butterfly came to life out of the catalog and then returned back to it. Dr. Dahesh wrote on the picture of the butterfly in Arabic “Hilda the butterfly” and gave it to me. I still have that beautiful butterfly picture with my name written on it with his handwriting.

8. During the period where I was assisting Dr. Dahesh, Ramzi, my son, who was at that time six or seven years old, came to me saying: “Mommy… Mommy,” with a trembling voice, fast heart beat, and scared, “I saw three Dr. Dahesh…I saw three Dr. Dahesh.” I found out later that he saw three of Dr. Dahesh’s Personalities, one next to the other wearing different clothing. This miracle had happened with me on more than one occasion. One day, while Dr. Dahesh, Zeina Haddad, and myself were sitting in the hallway talking, Dr. Dahesh asked Zeina if she had ice cream for me. While having ice cream, I almost choked when I saw five Personalities of Dr. Dahesh appear in a matter of seconds and spread throughout the hallway. I found out later that the one that was sitting next to me, who ordered the ice cream, was Personality #6. Another Personality next to the door leading to the bedrooms; one at the door leading to the kitchen, etc…they were all looking at me and smiling without saying a word—except for Personality #6. I was even more amazed to realize that Personality #6 was with me all the time, while Dr. Dahesh was sleeping in his bedroom and disappeared when he was awakened. Dr. Dahesh had a fever and was not feeling well. You can tell from his eyes and face that he was in a deep sleep. I showed him the spots where the Personalities were standing and was amazed by the place Personality #4 was standing, because It was in a very tight opening by the entrance door and the big refrigerator. After examining the area, it was impossible for anybody—not even a child—to stand were It was standing. It broke through the wall from one side and the refrigerator from the other. It was the One that looked at me from afar and would hide Its head for few seconds and then look at me and smile.

Hallway in the House of Dahesh (Beirut, Lebanon)

9. As I mentioned earlier, in the early 1970’s, I worked for a while in the United States for an embassy. On a very busy day, I heard a knock on the door of my office, so I said: “come in.” The door opened and Dr. Dahesh entered. I was very surprised to see him and we talked for about an hour. After that, Dr. Dahesh said to me that he had come to visit me and that I shouldn’t bother escorting him out, however, it felt odd that I would let him leave without escorting him out, so I ran after him down the stairs to the reception area, but I couldn’t see him anywhere, so I asked the receptionist if she had seen anyone coming down the stairs and she said no. I was very suspicious of his visit, in particular because no one could see any embassy official without being identified or having prior permission; so I picked up the phone and called the home of Dr. Dahesh in Beirut and to my surprise, Dr. Dahesh was there. I talked to him about what just happened to me and I learned from him that it was Personality #6 that visited me.

10. In 1975, at the beginning of the Lebanese civil war, I left Lebanon to the United States with my children and been here ever since. Between 1976 and 1984, Dr. Dahesh had visited us in Virginia several times and his visits sometimes would last several days. On June 17, 1977, he visited us accompanied by Zeina Hadad. During the late afternoon hours, Dr. Dahesh, Zeina, and I were sitting alone, when Dr. Dahesh said: “Do you wish to know how God’s wrath is administered on Earth?” Zeina answered him with a “yes.” He said, “I see the angel of the Lord descending from Heaven to administer His wrath and holding a sword of fire.” In a matter of seconds, the sunny skies had changed to dark skies, strong winds had gusted and we had a downpour of rain with hale. My apartment was on the 25th floor of a very nice luxury building with big windows and large balconies. Despite the tight structure of the building, the rain was so heavy that water started to seep into my apartment through the balcony door and through the windows in a very scary way. I started to mop the water and couldn’t keep up, so I gave up. The hail was like golf balls and was hitting the glass fiercely. Dr. Dahesh looked at me and said: “Neither heights nor water-tight windows and doors will help when God administers His wrath.” We prayed and pleaded with Dr. Dahesh to stop the storm and he did.

11. On another occasion, while Dr. Dahesh was visiting us for several days, he called a Daheshist sister in the State of Connecticut. During their conversation, he asked her to come down to Virginia, so she accepted his invitation and flew down. After she had arrived, Dr. Dahesh said to me: “I need to make a phone call.” I was surprised from his question, because he knows he is welcome to use anything in my home and it was common for him to pick up the phone whenever he needed to use it. I guess I didn’t understand his question, so I said to him: “Are you asking me to make the call for you.” He said: “No! I need to make a call from the lower lobby of the building by the elevators.” There was a pay phone there and I was puzzled, nonetheless, I said to him, fine, let’s go. So, we went down to the lower lobby, where we had a convenience store, a dental clinic, a hair salon, and other small shops. I asked him to give me the number he wishes to dial so that I’ll dial it for him, however, at that moment, I saw the side door open and a beautiful young blond woman accompanied by a tall and handsome blond gentleman come through. They were looking directly at Dr. Dahesh with a smile on their face and then I saw them nod, they turned left and started to walk towards the garage. I was surprised from their behavior, so I said to Dr. Dahesh: “They seem to know you!”

Dr. Dahesh replied: “Yes, they know me. They have descended from another world to see if I needed help.” I can see them walking through the long hallway, and as soon as I heard what Dr. Dahesh had said, I ran after them, but suddenly, they vanished into thin air in front of my eyes. After that, we went up to my apartment and informed the visiting Daheshist sister with what had happened. Later on, I understood that the purpose of the materialization was the refusal of a Daheshist to help Dr. Dahesh with something. Although the refusal was only in the thoughts of this individual, the materialization took place to show that individual that entities from other worlds can always descend to help him.

These were only a few of the miracles that I had witnessed myself during a period of 15 years with Dr. Dahesh. All I can say that he had a very positive influence on my life and I cannot repay him enough for all that he did for me. Can I repay Christ, my Redeemer?" (excerpt from Lights Upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism compiled by Dr. Ghazi Brax, Daheshist Publishing Company, New York City, 1986)

Dr. Dahesh claimed that He could perform no miracles, but all miracles were done by the Christ-Spirit Who dwelt "in" Him; like water in a glass. This same Christ-Spirit, called the "Word" and the "Logos" and the "Lamb" also dwelt in Jesus of Nazareth, and this Christ-Spirit will dwell "in" all the 24 Sinless Prophets on this planet.

How many illusionists (magicians) can take a widow, have that woman write their name on a piece of wood, then toss up that piece of wood into the air, in broad daylight, with many people looking on, then having the woman "catch" that piece of wood, but now the piece of wood is a picture frame, and the photo in the frame is that of the woman's dead husband, a photo she NEVER saw before, and the illusionist (magician) never met the dead husband, and the woman's "name" that she wrote on the piece of wood, is now hand-written on the photo of her dead husband, a photo she has never even seen before! How many illusionists can do that? Dr. Dahesh did that or something like that every single day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year, for over fifty years.

There are many hundreds of people, not all of them Daheshists, who wrote books or were interviewed for Lebanese newspaper articles, who report the same sorts of miracles, and even much more dramatic ones, than these 11 reported by Hilda Murad Nassib; who, in 2015, still lived in Alexandria, Virginia.

A Daheshist "testimony" is NOT based upon "warm feelings" or any "burning in the bosom". It is based upon being first-hand eye-witnesses to absolute supernatural miracles which appear to defy the laws of nature, and, many of which, no illusionist could perform.


I Discover Dr. Dahesh

Since I was 12 years old, I have studied religions. Why? I don't know. I always had a "thought" in my head: Jesus has reincarnated, and He is somewhere on the planet, working miracles, and "I" knew Him in a previous life, and "I" am supposed to find Him. So, I studied all the religions of the world, in great detail. Looking back, I should have studied computers, or medicine, or some other "practical" thing. But, I studied religions. I did that because the "URGE" to do that was overpowering.

I never owned a computer until 2008. I got on the Internet in 1993, when the Internet consisted of about 2,000 websites, and the websites all consisted of a few paragraphs: yellow letters on a green screen. No color or photos or pictures at all. I would go to the libraries (public ones, college ones, university ones), and I'd read all the books I could about all the religions I could find, and then I'd go on the "Internet".

In 2005, I went to the Lakewood Public Library, in Lakewood (near Tacoma) Washington State. I could use the Internet for free, for one hour a day. The computers were in use, so I had to wait. So, I picked up a copy of Melton's Encyclopedia of American Religions. I'd read it before, all sections, except the last section: "Unclassified Religion". So, I started reading that section, and found something called "Dahesh Heritage". Dahesh Heritage was a bookstore operated by the Daheshist Publishing Company of New York City. I read, in that section, how Dr. Dahesh worked many supernatural miracles, and how Daheshists, His follower, believed He was the reincarnation of Jesus. [Right: Dr. Dahesh in His study, House of Dahesh, Beirut, Lebanon, c. 1970]

When I read the section "Dahesh Heritage" in The Encyclopedia of American Religions I felt extreme excitement and I had another, very brief, out-of-body-experience (OBE). For as long as I could remember, I had a "thought" in my head that I knew Jesus in a previous life, and that He was alive and well and living under another name, somewhere on Earth, working miracles like before. And "I" was supposed to find Him. That is why I spent so much time in libraries, reading books on religion. I was looking for Him. And, NOW, in 2005, I finally found Him! My lifelong "quest" was over! The section "Dahesh Heritage" was very brief, only four paragraphs, and there were no photos. But the section contained contact information. As soon as I got on the computer, I emailed "Dahesh Heritage".

In 2005, I came across information about this Prophet from Lebanon in book in a library (Melton's Encyclopedia of American Religions), and I contacted his disciples, and was sent a book about 200 pages. And I saw photos of him, and he was the man I saw at the Los Angeles Zoo in January of 1977, the bald man who shouted and pointed at me to the other men, which scared me and caused me to walk away fast. I discoverd that He was alive and well, and living in New York City in 1983, when I had the dream of falling into the Sun, meeting the being of light who said: "He is in New York City!" I discovered that Dr. Dahesh died in New York City in 1984. His followers believe he is the reincarnation of Jesus. He was born in Jerusalem in 1909, and he died in New York City in 1984. He was alive in New York City in 1983, the year I had my dream/OBE.


My Visitation in 2005

I had been "fooled" into believing that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God. I didn't want to be "fooled" again. This time...I would ask for a "SIGN".

A few days after finishing reading the book sent to me by the Daheshist Publishing Company (Lights Upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism by Dr. Ghazi Brax), I prayed to the Prophet saying: "Appear to me as Jesus appeared to Thomas and THEN I will believe in you!" I didn't want to be "fooled" again.

About a week or so went by, and nothing happened. One day, in the afternoon, I was reading on my bed. I was NOT asleep. I often read on my bed. I was fully clothed. I had gotten plenty of sleep the night before. I had been up and awake since about 8am. It was now about 2:30pm. There was a lightening storm outside. I heard someone in heavy boots walk on my roof. I lived in a duplex, so I assumed the woman next door, who owned the building, was having someone fix the roof. I thought "This guy is gonna get electrocuted" because of the heavy lightening storm. So, I got up to tell him to get off the roof, but then I didn't hear the heavy footsteps. So, I laid back down on the bed, to read again, figuring the guy got down. I then heard my front door open, and the sound of what seemed like a 400 pound man walking in heavy boots across my living room, down my hallway. My dad weighed 160 pounds wet, so I knew it was not him. I thought "burglar" and I thought about holding my door, but I thought if he has a gun he may shoot through the door. My room door was then opening, no time to "think" of a plan. So, I rolled over and pretended to be asleep; thinking the intruder would notice me there, and quickly leave. Not enough time to consider a "Plan B". Long story short: the intruder sat on the corner of my bed, and the corner went down a long way, almost rolled me back over. I waited for what seemed like a LONG time, then looked over. Nobody. I was SO relieved. Then I looked down at the corner where the intruder sat, and noticed that the corner was still in the DOWN position about 11 inches. Impossible! Because...nobody was sitting there. I then saw with my own "natural" eyes, the corner of the bed slowly go up into its normal level position, and I heard the heavy boots walk to my door, open it, and close it gently. I got dizzy, like I was going to faint, but I didn't. The heavy boots walked down my hallway, across my living room, and I heard my front door open and close, again, gently. I was fully awake. On no medications. Plenty of sleep the night before. I had not drank any alcohol since I was 14 years old. I was 44 when this happened. It was about 2:30pm or so in the afternoon. My room was very light. My drapes were open. It was a cloudy day, with lightening, but my room was very light.

Dr. Dahesh (c. 1980)

NO, I am NOT lying to you! YES...this thing really happened. I really saw it. An invisible man who seemed to weigh 400 pounds, in what sounded like heavy work boots, walked on my roof, through my house, opened and closed doors gently, and sat on the lower-left corner of my bed which went down about a foot! I was not asleep. Not on any medications. No head injuries. This is no "joke". No "gag". No "scam". This is what I saw while I was fully awake.

Was I hallucinating? All I know is this: I was NOT asleep, and that is what I saw and heard. Hundreds of other people, still alive today, most of whom knew Doctor Dahesh personally, have testified of very similar events happening to them, or supernatural miracles they witnessed with their own eyes. Even much more dramatic events than what happened to me. None of them are making any "money" from this. Many of them lost jobs, careers, or were shunned by family and friends, in Lebanon, because of their eye-witness accounts, which were published in Lebanese newspapers. In Lebanon, the Maronite Catholic clergy, and the Sunni and Shi'ite imaams and sheikhs, DO NOT DENY that Dahesh performed miracles, because many of them "saw" those miracles themselves, as eye-witnesses. They simply ascribe the miracles to Satan! When Jesus worked miracles, and the Pharisees and Sadduccees SAW it with their own eyes, they said: "He works miracles from the power of the prince of demons!"

One last time: YES...what I just wrote here is the absolutely truth. I was not asleep. I was not on drugs (never used illegal drugs) nor medications of any kind. I do not drink alcohol. I got lots of sleep the night before. This visitation happened in the afternoon, when I was wide awake, during a lightening storm (which are quite uncommon in Tacoma, Washington State). It...really...happened. Hundreds of Daheshists have had similar, or even more dramatic, experiences.


Many Similar Stories

I later read stories of similar things happening to other followers of this Prophet, and things much, much more incredible than this. The people of reported these things were all educated people, and some of them are still alive today. What I saw is "nothing" to what Dr. Furid Suleiman saw over the course of 20 years. He knew Doctor Dahesh personally. Dr. Suleiman was the most famous dermatologist in all of Lebanon in his day. He attended medical school in Paris. Before he met Dr. Dahesh he was a skeptic and denied the possibility of the supernatural. He wrote a book titled In the Company of the Beloved Prophet, and was an eye-witness to literally hundreds of supernatural miracles he personally witnessed. Before meeting Dahesh, Dr. Suleiman was a skeptic and agnostic. Hundreds of others have similar eye-witness accounts. One of them is Hilda Nassib, who was the personal secretary of Doctor Dahesh for 15 years. You can read her brief account of "11 miracles" she witnessed in this website.

Doctor Dahesh (center) with Dr. Khabsa (left) and Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman (right) at the House of Dahesh in Beirut, Lebanon
(c. 1965)

Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman wrote a book titled In the Company of the Beloved Prophet in which he relates perhaps a HUNDRED supernatural miracles he witnessed, during the time he knew Dr. Dahesh. Dr. Suleiman was the most prominent dermatologist in all of Lebanon (if not the entire Arabic-speaking world) during most of his adult life. He was trained in Paris. He was an Atheist after living in Paris for many years. After seeing the miracles of Dr. Dahesh, he became a Daheshist and remained so until his death. He lost many patients because of his testimony of the miracles he SAW Dr. Dahesh perform. He didn't care. His book is available via Dahesh Heritage. It is in Arabic only. Some day it will translated into English and other major world languages.

Hllda Murad Nassib was the secretary of Doctor Dahesh for 15 years, in Beirut, Lebanon. She describes, in her own writing, eleven miracles she personally witnessed. Read her eye-witness accounts, and ask yourself: "Are these the deeds of a magician?" A link to her account is below. Hilda wrote her account long after Dr. Dahesh had died. She did not receive a "dime" in writing her account. None of us do. We simply write what we saw and heard. Hundreds of us who still alive today. Hilda later worked for the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington D.C. At the time of this writing (2016) she is still alive and living in Virginia.


Haleem Dammous

Haleem Dammous (1888~1957) was a very well-known and prominent poet in Lebanon. He was as famous in Lebanon in the first half of the 20th century, as "John Lennon" was famous in the U.K. and the U.S. during the second half of the 20th century. In the first half of the 20th century, there were no Lebanese "singers". There were only poets, who recited beautiful, sometimes humorous, poetry in Arabic. Haleem Dammous was, by far, the most famous among the Lebanese poets. In 1941 he heard of Doctor Dahesh, that He was a worker of miracles. Curious, he went to the House of Dahesh and observed supernatural miracles performed by the Man of Miracles. So, Haleem Dammous became the second Disciple of Doctor Dahesh, and began to record the miracles that he personally witnessed, in a series of books called The Daheshist Chronicles. That is a series of 30 books, in Arabic, all about 300 pages each. They contain nothing but accounts of the miracles of Doctor Dahesh, that Haleem (and others) were eye-witnesses to. One such miracle, was the Materialization of Adam, which occurred in 1942.

Daheshists accept evolution, that human evolved over time from a one-celled creature. But we also accept that the man"Adam" really existed. He was not the first human, but the first human with a God-Breathed Soul ("Conscience"). All Adamites have a "conscience". Anthropologists who study isolated primitive tribes, notice how primitives (Pre-Adamites) can kill other humans without the slightest remorse. This is because they do not have a God-Breathed Soul ("conscience"). The man we call "Adam" was not the first human being on Earth, but the first human being with a God-Breathed Soul ("conscience"). His children inherited a "conscience" from Him. I would guess that of all human beings on Earth today, are descendants of "Adam" Who lived 6,000 years ago in Sumeria.

The man we call "Adam" actually was a living man, named Ah-dah-pah. He was the first priest of Enki, in the city of Eridu. He lived about 6,000 years ago. He was not a white man, but had red skin; like the Kurds and the Marsh Arabs today. The name Ah-dah-pah is mentioned in the Sumerian texts, as the priest of Enki, in Eridu, during the reign of Ah-loo-lim, the first king of Eridu, the first city of the Sumerians. Ah-dah-pah was a real living man. He was the first man with a God-breathed Soul. His children, the Ah-dah-moo ("those who appear red") inherited a "copy" of that God-breathed Sou. Almost everyone on Earth today, is a descendant of Ah-dah-pah. The Akkadians changed the name of Ah-dah-pah (Sumerian: "Wise Man") to Ah-dah-mah (Akkadian: "Red Soil").

In 1942, Dr. Dahesh "materialized" Ah-dah-pah, in the home of Haleem Dammous, who wrote the following:

August 1, 1942 – The First Miracle : The Appearance of the Extra-Terrestrial — A Discussion
"We were three at my home in Ras-Beirut: Doctor Dahesh, Brother Yussef El Hajj, and me. It was ten o'clock at night when Doctor Dahesh rose and approached the window ... and here, he gazed at the moon. That's when we heard a subtle murmur reaching our ears. And, lo and behold, a light mist materialized before us and began to shrink, to compress, and to diminish until it revealed a man whose face was red and whose form was amazing and whose face sparkled as if it were the surface of a mirror. His size was similar to ours. He approached us and began to speak to us at a mind-boggling speed, but in a tongue completely foreign to what we were familiar with. And in our turn, we asked him to express himself in Arabic — we asked if he could do so, because we were unable to understand a single word of what he was saying. That's when Doctor Dahesh approached him, put his hand on his mouth ... he immediately began to express himself in Arabic and in a very clear fashion. And he said,

"I am the inhabitant of one of these Worlds that are inaccessible to your human eyes. Once, I was an inhabitant of your planet — and that was thousands of years ago. And — what you refer to as — 'Death' befell me … but in reality, death is none other than a passage from one World to another, from one condition into another. For as soon as I permanently closed my eyes in your planet, leaving behind my body as food for earthworms, I found myself in a world of sublime beauty. If you ask the question, 'How come we, the living and the inhabitants of this planet are not capable of seeing you — you, who have abandoned your material body and now wear a transparent Spiritual body?' My answer would be that the explanation would require many volumes and that I would have to remain with you for many long hours — which is not possible because, and already, the hour to leave you is almost upon us. Nevertheless, I will explain a fact and supply you with proof. And here is, then, the explanation: Each human being possesses two bodies: One material and the other Spiritual. As for your Material World, it possesses vibrating waves, similarly to the Spiritual World which also possesses vibrating waves that are unique to it. But the difference — from the point of view of the speed of vibration — between the vibrating waves of the Material World and that of the Spiritual World is huge. The speed of the vibrating waves in your Material World is far lesser than the speed of the vibrating waves in the Spiritual Worlds. When (what is commonly referred to as) death occurs in your world, the spiritual body — which represents the second portion of your personal entity— separates from the material body and rises until it reaches the World whose vibrating waves are identical to its own. That is why it is impossible for you to perceive this spiritual body because the organ of sight is under the influence of your material world whose vibrating waves are too slow by comparison to the Spiritual World — and to the speed of the vibrating waves in this spiritual body, thus the impossibility to see anything whatsoever. As for the proof, and in order to simplify the problem, and so that you are in a position to better understand it, I will give you this following example: Imagine you are standing upright, on any street ... and that a car passes right before you, rolling at great speed. It will pass you without your being able to identify the passengers that were inside the car ... and that is due to its staggering speed. But, if it is given to you to climb inside another car, and follow it until you are able to catch up with it — at which point you would be riding side by side, regardless of speed — you would be able to perceive those who are inside the other car ... just as they would be able to see you — since both your speeds are now identical. Likewise, the same can be said about our ethereal world. You will not be in a position to perceive it with your eyes that remain subject to the laws of matter and with these vibrations that are far slower than the waves of our Spiritual World."

We asked him a few questions and received — for each question — an adequate answer. He took leave of us and began to dissipate little by little before us until he disappeared completely. His vanishing was as extraordinary as his appearance had been incredible." (Haleem Dammous,The Daheshist Chronicles, Volume One)

The Daheshist Chronicles are still in Arabic, and only brief excerpts have been translated into English. One day, the entire series of 30 volumes will be translated into England and other major world languages.

Dr. Dahesh did not used darkened rooms, nor props, nor curtains, when He materialized Adam, in the home of Haleem Dammous, in Beirut, in 1942. Dr. Dahesh performed His supernatural miracles in the light, without any props, or curtains, or darkened rooms. Why? Because He was Sinless Prophet Number 20 among the 24 Sinless Prophets.

The British musician John Lennon (co-founder of "The Beatles") once saw a UFO, hovering between two tall buildings, in New York City, about a hundred feet away from him. It was a classic "flying saucer". It hovered between two buildings for a few minutes, and then darted up into the sky: faster than any jet could fly. When he was asked about it, he always confirmed he saw what he saw: a flying saucer. He did not make money with his eyewitness account. He saw what he saw. Dr. Dahesh was the first author I know of, who wrote that "people from other planets" have been visiting planet Earth for millions of years. He wrote about that first in the 1920s. He describes the planets of such visitors, their animals, their government, their technology, their races, their purposes, in detail, in several of His books.

Haleem Dammous was the "John Lenon" of Lebanon. He did not make money with his eye-witness accounts of the miracles of Dr. Dahesh. His lost many thousands of adoring fans. He lost many poetry-recital "concerts" after 1942, because the Martonite Catholic priests and the Sunni and Shi'ite Imaams said to their people: "Stay away from Dammous, and do not buy his books...he is under the spell of that Black Magician Dahesh!" And most of the people--like good sheep-- obeyed their religious leaders. Haleem Dammous did not become a Daheshist to "make money". He made nothing being a Daheshist. He lost what would be today the equivalent of millions of dollars, because he became a Daheshist. Like John Lennon, he saw what he saw. He knew it. God knew it. And he could not deny it.

The Popes cannot perform miracles. They only say "words". Mormon "prophets" cannot perform miracles. They only say "words". The Patriarchs of Moscow, have no miracles to show you. Nor does the Pope of the Egyptian Coptic Church, nor the Pope of the Syrian Orthodox Church. Nor does the Patriarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church. Nor does the Archbishop of Canterbury. Nor does the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. Nor does your pastor, or your priest, or your imaam, or your ayatollah, or your rabbi, or your guru, or your satguru. No man or woman in the 20th century could perform supernatural miracles, except for Doctor Dahesh of Lebanon.

Where are the miracles (or the prophecies, or the visions) of Thomas S. Monson (the current Mormon "Living Prophet")? Where can they be found? What exactly has he prophesied of? What does he offer except inspiring "stories" and "words" twice a year? What can he tell you about the Kingdom of Heaven, and its government, and its cities, and its species? What can he tell you about the Spirit-World? The miracles and prophecies and visions of Dr. Dahesh are published. He describes the Kingdom of Heaven in minute detail, as well as the lower Hell-worlds. He describes what the Spirit-World is like. He describes, in detail, THE WAY to the Heavenly Planets.

Dr. Dahesh (House of Dahesh, Beirut, Lebanon, 1969)

Your Pastor studied the Bible in Hebrew and Greek for three years in seminary. Does he know "more" about God, the Cosmos, the Kingdom of Heaven, the nature of Hell-fire, and about "Salvation" than the 24 Sinless Prophets (Rev. 5:5)? Does he know "more" than Jesus of Nazareth (Sinless Prophet Number One), or Dr. Dahesh (Sinless Prophet Number Twenty)? Can he cause the blind to see, the deaf to hear, cure leprosy instantly, and raise the dead? Dr. Dahesh did that, hundreds of times. Is your Pastor GREATER than Dr. Dahesh? Is he closer to God? Does he know "more" about God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, and Salvation than does Dr. Dahesh? If your Pope or Pastor or Imaam or Rabbi or Guru or "Mormon Prophet" can raise the dead, cause the blind to see, and the deaf to hear, and if he/she can "materialize" dead loved ones or ancient Prophet "at will" then follow them! Dr. Dahesh did all that, thousands of times, in front of many witnesses, and that is why I follow Him

Only Joseph Smith "saw" God the Father and Jesus, standing in the air, in a grove of trees near Palmyra, New York, on a beautiful Spring day in 1820. He was the only "witness" to that event. But thousands "saw" Dr. Dahesh "materialize" their dead loved ones, or Prophets, in front of their eyes, in daylight, or in lightened rooms, without props, nor curtains, nor darkened rooms. Multiple witnesses at the same time, for each miracle. He was the 20th Sinless Prophet among the Four and Twenty Elders (Rev. 5:5). He was the Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6). He was the Man of Miracles. And in 1983, He was alive and well and living in New York City.


Dr. Ghazi Brax

Dr. Ghazi Brax was a Professor of Literature and Psychology at the University of Beirut, in the late 1960s. He was born and raised as Maronite Cathollic (like most Lebanese Christians), but, by the time he got his Ph.D., he was pretty much Agnostic. A friend told him about Dr. Dahesh, and Dr. Brax replied: "Unless I see him perform a miracle with my own eyes--I won't believe it!" So, Dr. Brax went to the House of Dahesh in Beirut, a former Russian Consulate with a 15 foot high parlor ceiling. Dr. Brax writes in his book, THE BOOK OF DAHESHISM, that he sat waiting for Dr. Dahesh to come into the parlor. He looked up, and saw a GIANT walking into the room; about nine feet high. Dr. Brax was in shock, and stood up to run, but froze. They shook hands, and the hand of Dahesh was twice the size of his own hand. The two men sat down, and as soon as Dr. Dahesh at down, He appeared as a "normal" man (Dr. Dahesh was 5 feet 10 inches). Dr. Brax said he knew from that moment on, that God was real, and Dr. Dahesh was a true Prophet. He quit the University of Beirut, and spent the rest of his life editing books by Dr. Dahesh.

Prof. Ghazi Brax in the parlor, House of Dahesh, Beirut, Lebanon, 1967

In 1975 Dr. Brax came to New York City, and ran the Daheshist Publishing Company and the Dahesh Heritage Bookstore, until his death in 2014. THE BOOK OF DAHESHISM is not yet published. In this book, Dr. Brax relates about a hundred more miracles that he saw Dr. Dahesh perform over the years that he knew Him.

The "Invisible Man" who walked on my roof, and through my house, and into my room, and sat on my bed, in 2005, "sounded" like a man who weighed about 400 pounds, wearing heavy work boots. I suppose a "9 foot man" would weigh about 400 pounds. I saw no man at all. I saw nobody, but I heard the giant footsteps. My entire house shook when He walked. The corner of my bed went down about a foot.. I saw it slowly raise up, as if a person decided to get up and stand, and immediately after that I heard the heavy boot steps, like a 400 pound man in heavy work boots, walk beside my bed. I saw my bedroom door open wide, then heard the heavy feet walk out, and I saw my bedroom door gently close. I heard the footsteps down my short hallway, then across my living room, and out my door: closing the door gently.

I sat on that same corner later that day, and it went down maybe 5 inches. I weighed at the time about 240 pounds. The unseen "being" did not say a word to me. But I saw the corner of my bed s-l-o-w-l-y rise to level, then I heard the heavy boots inside my room, with the door opening and closely by itself: gently. I heard the heavy boots walk out of my house. Daylight. Afternoon. Wide awake. Daheshists who knew Dr. Dahesh, saw much MUCH more dramatic supernatural miracles; right in front of their eyes.

Hundreds of people still alive today, doctors, lawyers, university professors (one teaches at Columbia University in New York City), business men, artists, poets, scientists, all TESTIFY that they "saw" with their own eyes, Dr. Dahesh perform supernatural miracles, that no magician could perform. None of us make money on our eye-witness accounts. WHY are you doing this? Are we "all" having the very same "hallucinations"?

A full account of the miracles of Dr. Dahesh are contained in The Daheshist Chronicles: 30 volumes, about 300 pages each, in the Arabic language. One day, they will be published in English and other major world languages.

Mormons are taught that the man Adam was a white Anglo-Saxon who lived in Missouri 6,000 years ago, and that he was the first man to ever exist on this planet, and that Eve was made from one of his literal ribs in his chest. Christians believe something similar. White Christians believe that Adam was a white European looking man. African Christians believe that Adam was a black African. Chinese Christians believe that Adam was, of course, Chinese. And so on....

Atheists believe that "Adam" is just a myth, and that he never existed, but the story of Adam was first recorded by some Jewish priest long ago, based upon a much older "oral myth" invented by some Shaman/story-teller who lived thousands of years before "writing" was invented.

In fact, the man called today "Adam" was Adapa of Eridu, a Sumerian. He is listed in the Sumerian Kings List as the first Priest of Enki, in Eridu, the first city of the Sumerians. He looked like other Sumerians. His skin was red; like the natives of southern Iraq (Sumeria). He was not the first man, but the first man with a God-Breathed Soul (i.e. "Conscience"). Almost every man and women on Earth today can claim "Adam" as an ancestor.

Adapa of Eridu was not the first "man" (human being) on this planet. He was the first "Adamite": the first Man with a God-Breathed Soul (Conscience). Our souls are a "copy" of His Soul. Whatever happens to His Soul, also happens to our souls.

Halim Dammous was the "John Lennon" of Lebanon from the early 1900s to the 1940s. He sacrificed his fame, and his fortune, when he saw the supernatural miracles of Dr. Dahesh. He wrote that he saw Adam (with red skin) "manifest" from fog in his own home in 1942, by Dr. Dahesh. WHY would this man sacrifice everything for a "lie"? Because he saw what he saw!

Haleem Dammous was not lying, when he wrote how Dr. Dahesh manifested "Adam" before their eyes, in 1942. Dr. Brax is not lying, when he wrote that a man "nine feet tall" walked up to him, shook his hand, which was twice the size of a normal man, and when He sat down on a sofa He became normal size. Dr. Abu Suleiman is not lying when he wrote of the over 100 supernatural miracles He personally witnessed Dr. Dahesh perform, in his book In the Company of the Beloved Prophet. I am NOT lying when I tell you that I was fully awake, when an Invisible Man, Who seemed to weigh 400 pounds, walked on my roof, through my house, and sat on the corner of my bed, in the afternoon, in broad daylight, during a lightening storm, in the year 2005. That visitation was NOT a dream!

I did indeed have a "dream" in 1983, in which I fell into the Sun, and there saw a being of light who said "He's in New York City!" I did indeed get an irresistible "URGE" to go to the Los Angeles Zoo in January, 1977, during a cold overcast day, taking three buses to get there, where a saw a bald man shouting at those who were with Him, in Arabic, while He pointed directly at me. All of these things, really happened. This trip to the Los Angeles Zoo was NOT a dream! That bald man yelling something in Arabic was Dr. Dahesh, on the only day He was ever in Los Angeles. "He" brought me there that day. I would not realize that until the year 2015: when I first discovered He visited the L.A. Zoo on that cool overcast day in January, 1977: the only day that Dr. Dahesh ever came to Los Angeles. I would not discover His name until the year 2005.

*Hilda Murad Nassib moves to Beirut to meet Dr. Dahesh, and observes miracles; a few of which no illusionist (magician) could reproduce.

*Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman: witnessed hundreds of miracles performed by Dr. Dahesh over a 30 year period.

*Haleem Damous: sees "Adam" materialize in front of him from whirling fog, in his own home, in Beirut, in 1942.

*Professor Ghazi Brax: sees a 9-foot tall Dahesh come into the room, shakes his massive hand, but Dahesh becomes nomal size as He sits down on a sofa, in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1965.

*Darrick Evenson: has an massive "urge" to go to the L.A. Zoo on a cold overcast day in January, 1977, sees a bald Arabic-speaking man shouting at a group of Arabic-speaking men, and pointing at him, then sees a being of light in the Sun saying "He is in New York City" in a dream (?) in 1983, and is visited by a 400 pound Invisible Man in Lakewood, Washington, in 2005, while he is wide awake and reading a book, during a lightening storm.

Many hundreds of Daheshists, still alive today, have seen similar or even more dramatic supernatural events, performed by Dr. Dahesh, with their own natural eyes. All of these things really happened, and we have not told you 1/1000th of the supernatural miracles performed by Doctor Dahesh-the miracle-working Prophet of Lebanon.

Continued in Part III (Sections 16~30)