Continued from Part III

Iranian Secret Service photograph of Dr. Dahesh executed
(Azerbaijan Province, Iran, 1944)





*Died of a fever, for a minute, at age 11, and had an OBE, the first of at least three in my life. Since that time, I've had prophetic dreams and psychic "flashes" that would come true. I give many examples of that in "Falling Into The Sun".

*Had an "urge" to go to the Zoo in January 1977, when I was 16, and while there saw this portly bald man at the L.A. Zoo on the only day that Dr. Dahesh he the Los Angeles area. We meet eyes, and He YELLED something to those me with Him, while pointing directly at me. This scared me, so I walked away fast. I had no idea who He was or what He was, other than a bald man pointing at me and yelling to the others he was with something in Arabic. I did not know Him. He somehow KNEW me!

*In 1983 I was preparing to go on a mission for the LDS Church, as most young Mormon men do. I was told in Sunday School by a teacher that Jesus was returning before the year 2000 (believed by many older Mormons in the 1980s). I wanted to know if this was true or not, so I fasted and prayed. I had a "dream" that I left my body and started flying toward the Moon, but was jerked away and headed for the Sun. I fell into the Sun, and met a "being of light". Was told in a dream or OBE that "He is in New York City" in 1983, and discovered in 2005 that man was living in New York City in 1983. Never knew the name of this Man until 2005.

*Served a Mormon mission in San Jose and San Francisco, California. Had this thought "He is in New York City" many times during my mission, remembering the dream I had in 1983. I just laughed/shrugged it off and kept knocking on doors. i describe my missionary experiences (supernatural and otherwise) in "Falling into the Sun!" (link below) in Part IV. ("Mission IMPOSSIBLE"!).

*Because of many negative experiences and threats of violence from the more fanatical Evangelical "Christians" on my mission (most Evangelicals are not fanatics but some are, and the fanatics threatened us and spit upon us because we were Mormon missionaries), I decide to write a book answering "The God Makers" anti-Mormon film; because the Church, at that time, did not give the missionaries "one minute" of instruction on "how to handle" Anti-Mormon questions, and, in my mission, most missionaries lost investigators because of "The God Makers" film and anti-Mormon literature. So, I write "The Gainsayers" in 1985, but it is not published until 1989. The book becomes very popular with Mormon missionaries serving in the U.S., especially in the Bible Belt, in the 1990s.

*I had many paranormal experiences in my life, on my mission, and afterwards, and I discuss them all in FALLING INTO THE SUN! (90 minute read time).

*I spend years, and tens of thousands of hours, researching Anti-Mormon and Pro-Mormon (i.e. Mormon apologetical works) arguments, with the goal of writing a book (The Book of Answers to Anti-Mormon Questions) that would answer "all" anti-Mormon arguments and refute them, but, ultimately, to my dismay and horrible disappointment, I discover that MOST Anti-Mormon claims are TRUE.

*I go inactive in 1989 (the reasons I give in "Falling into the Sun!"). I try to get active again in the Church several times, but nothing sticks. I finally resign from the Church in 1996. I try to come back one more time n 2003, but I decide to stay out for good. I start to study all the world religions, in search of Truth. I was never excommunicated. I never violated the Word of Wisdom, nor the Law of Chastity.

*In 1990, I have a dramatic supernatural experience at my girlfriend's birthday party in Lacey, Washington State. My girlfriend witnesses it, and she runs back into the house laughing hysterically and hides under a bed. The experience has to do with a red star in the sky. I explain what happened in FALLING INTO THE SUN! I do not marry the woman. She is active/committed LDS, a returned missionary, and I know I can never be active in the LDS Church again because I no longer believed it and I can't "go through the motions". I never marry.

*I spend a few years studying various religions, and refer to myself during this time as a "Seeker of Truth" and "Independent Christian" and I even "ghost write" several books for Evangelical Christians (one on gay Nazis and the other on the New Age Movement).

*I become a Baha'i for several years (1994-1998) but I resign from the Baha'i Faith because Baha'is reject the resurrection of Christ, and deny that He was raised from the dead or appeared to anyone after His death on the Cross.

*I eventually "give up" on organized religion, and I dismiss my childhood "thought" (i.e. I knew Jesus, Jesus had reincarnated, was living somewhere on Earth working miracles, and I was supposed to find Him) as a childish "fantasy".

*In 2005, in Lakewood (near Tacoma) Washington State, I first learn about Dr. Dahesh tin a book in a library (Melton's Encyclopedia of American Religions), from it I leaned His name, "Doctor Dahesh", and I learned he was living in New York City in 1983 ("He is in New York City"), that He worked miracles, and His followers believed He was Jesus reincarnated. I am STUNNED!!!

*In 2005, soon after I read a book about Dahesh, sent to me by his followers in New York City, I prayed to this Prophet Dahesh asking him to appear to me as Jesus did to Thomas. He didn't "appear" to me, but He visited me. He was invisible, sat on the corner of my bed, and did not speak at all. The corner went way down, about a foot, which almost flipped me over. I was lying on my right side, toward the wall, pretending to be asleep; hoping the intruder would leave. I was prepared to kick him and run. I look over, nobody there. Then I see the corner slowly rise up to level, then the heavy boots walk out of my bedroom, opening and closing the door gently, down my hallway, across my living room, out my front door. This was not a dream, but happened in daylight during a lightening storm. YES...this really happened!

*Many other of His disciples report similar or even more strange things; such as Dr. Farid Suleiman, who was Lebanon's chief dermatologist for many years. The events that happened to me are "nothing" compared to the events he witnessed and wrote about in his book "In The Company Of The Beloved Prophet".

*In 2006 I discover that the artwork, books, and manuscripts of Dr. Dahesh are legally held by a Saudi-American family who live near New York City. They support the Dahesh Museum of Art, but have elected NOT to publish most of His books including His Five Holy Books. I write them and email them a number of times asking them questions "Why have you not published the Holy Books?" and "Why have you not organized the Dahesh Mission?" but I never got any reply whatsoever.

*I continue to have paranormal experiences: some quite dramatic ones I review in FALLING INTO THE SUN!

*In 2013 I produce my first "Anti-Mormon" YouTube video (with help of a friend) because I knew that the LDS Church was hiding and rewriting its history, and I felt that was wrong, and I felt that Seekers of Truth and Mormons had a "right to know" the FACTS as I now did, before they committed their lives Their Sundays, two years of their lives on unpaid missions, their hearts, and 10% of their income for life, to the Mormon Church.

*In 2015, ten years later, I learned for the first time that Doctor Dahesh was at the L.A. Zoo the same day I was, in January 1977. He was with a small entourage of fellow Lebanese men; all His followers. These were the men speaking Arabic. He was the bald man who shouted at the others while He pointed at me; which caused me to walk fast away (because it scared me). I don't know, today, what he shouted to them. I don't speak Arabic. At the time, he was just a bald man speaking Arabic. I didn't know who he was. He somehow KNEW who I was.

*The Soul of Dr. Dahesh will reincarnate, and appear in the city of Nazareth, in Israel, sometime between 2024 and 2031 A.D. He will work supernatural miracles, as before. He will teach reincarnation, and that God does not care what church or religion we belong to; God only cares how we 'treat" other sentient beings. The 21st Sinless Prophet will be opposed, as Jesus was, but He will gather many disciples. The final ("Omega") Sinless Prophet, the 24th Sinless Prophet, will appear sometime in the 2300s, and fulfill most Christian and Muslim prophecies and expectations concerning the Second Coming of Christ.

*Large "Born Again Christian" men spit upon us, threatened to kill us, did other horrible things to us, on my mission, in the Name of Jesus.

*The purpose of the Religion is God is NOT to kill, rape, spit upon, burn "heretics" and people of other religions, but to LOVE all people, of all religions, and no religion.

*Mormons believe only what they "want" to believe, and so do Evangelicals, and so Atheists, and so do Ex-Mormons. Only about 1 in 1000 people on this planet are Seekers of Truth.

*I spend many years of my life, tens of thousands of hours, and many thousands of dollars, sacrifice college and marriage, to REFUTE Anti-Mormon Claims, but, after many years, I discover that MOST Anti-Mormon Claims are TRUE.

*I don't believe in talking snakes who tempt naked white women with apples or figs.

*I CANNOT believe there was "no death" anywhere on planet Earth before Adam bit into a forbidden fig.

*The Story of Adam and Eve is a "parable" based upon the true historical story of an Egyptian Pharaoh named Aye and an Egyptian princess named Khiyah who lived in the Garden of Meru-Aten about 1350 B.C. (the video below explains it).

*I cannot believe in or worship the "Evangelical Jesus" who creates billions of souls, knowing MOST will burn in eternal Hell-fire with no hope of mercy or reprieve.

*Daheshism teaches that Heaven and Hell are planets, and Earth is the highest type of Hell planet; where the Sun "burns" and ages our skin, and where "demons" (sociopaths) torment us.

*Dahehism is not a "cult" (has no "cultic" practices).

*Truth is not what we "want" to believe, but what "IS".

*Dahesh and Jesus are not in "competition" with each other, but are two incarnations of the very same Soul.

*Many are healed via the RAAMZ.

*Dr. Dahesh wrote 150 books, including 5 Books of Revelation.

*The Dahesh Mission is not yet organized.

*Dr. Dahesh is the Peaceful Prince, and the Wonderful Counselor.

*Dr. Dahesh was Number 20 of the 24 Sinless Prophets (Jesus was Number One).

*Daheshism is the Gospel of Love.



We invite you to watch the YouTube video below ("Jesus Reincarnated in 1909") and/or read the online book "Falling into the Sun!". It takes about 90 minutes to read the book. I promise won't be bored! There are many more accounts of the supernatural in the online book. You can read the free online book at the link below.

The YouTube video below is about 16 minutes long. It introduces Dr. Dahesh and explains what the Noble Spiritual Faith teaches about Adam and Eve and the Fall, and why Jesus had to atone for the Fall. No, we don't believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans on Earth! We accept evolution. The story of Adam and Eve is based upon a true historical story of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, and his queen, who lived in a walled garden in ancient Egypt. They really existed, in the 18th dynasty of Egypt (about 1350 B.C.). Watch the video below if you want to know more about that.

Vision of Ezekiel

Dr. Dahesh was the first author I know of, who wrote that Ezekiel had a vision of an interstellar space ship, and that "people from other planets" have been visiting this planet for many thousands of years. Dr. Dahesh wrote about that in the 1930s. He published about 150 books. Unfortunately, all but two of them are still only in Arabic. One day, they will all be published in English, Spanish, Russian, and most other major world languages.

Dahesh Museum

Dr. Dahesh not only wrote books (150 of them), but He also was an art dealer and collector. He was the world's greatest collector of 18th and 19th century European Academic Art. The Dahesh Museum in New York City displays His massive collection. The museum is on 6th Avenue in Soho, near the Holland Tunnel, in Manhattan. A tour of the museum is free (donations accepted). Just Google: "Dahesh Museum" for times and directions. The staff are not allowed to discuss Dahesh as a Prophet, nor the religion of Daheshism. The Dahesh Mission, which will promote Him and His religion, is not yet organized. Google: "Dahesh Museum" and "New York City".

Mormons Will Not Believe

Mormons will say "This is all lies" because they "want" to believe that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and that the Church is true. They've "invested" too much money, too much time, too much effort, for it NOT to be true! Even though I spent my adult life doing research to REFUTE Anti-Mormons claims, only to find that most Anti-Mormon Claims were TRUE, they'll call me a "liar". Why? Because they don't want to accept the TRUTH! As if "truth" is determined by our "wants". That's fine. As long as they lead a life filled with good works, they have nothing to fear on their Day of Judgment (their next life).

Mormons are just like most people on this planet; they "believe" ONLY what they "WANT" to believe; as if Truth (Reality) is somehow subject to our "wants" "desires" "fancies" and "whims".

Ex-Mormons Will Not Believe

About 90% of Mormons who lose faith in the Mormon Church and Joseph Smith "lose faith" in everything. They become Atheists, or at least Agnostics. They were told from birth "We have the Truth!" and then they discover they were lied to from birth. It is quite dramatic and traumatic. Once they lose Faith in Joseph Smith, they lose faith in God, Jesus, the Afterlife, everything! They decide "All Prophets are false...and all religions are myths!" without any study! On the other hand, I studied hundreds of "Prophets" and thousands of religions, and compared them to known facts. Ex-Mormons don't do that. They conclude "All Prophets are false and all religions are myths!" based upon the FACT that Mormonism is not true. They will NOT believe in Dr. Dahesh or Daheshism!

Ex-Mormons will say "Darrick is delusional" because they don't "want" to believe in God or the Afterlife. They say: "There are no miracles, so this Dahesh could not have worked any." They say: "Darrick is lying, or he was asleep, or on drugs, or simply out of his mind, and had an hallucination, because invisible men don't walk on rooftops, and they don't sit on the corners of beds, because they don't exist!" Me and thousands of others who "witnessed" the supernatural miracles of Dr. Dahesh are all "delusional" and all of us are having the exact same hallucinations. That's fine, because the Atheist who does more good works than the God-believer, will get a greater reward on their Day of Judgment. We are judged by our "works" (how we "treat" others), and NOT by our "beliefs" (or lack of belief).

Ex-Mormons will NOT believe, because they don't "want" to believe. Simple as that. As if "truth" is determined by our "wants".

Evangelicals Will Not Believe

The Evangelicals will say "Dahesh is of Satan and this fellow Darrick has been deceived by Satan!" and that's fine. They will have their reward, the same reward that the Scribes and Pharisees, who claimed Jesus worked miracles by the power of Be'elzeebub. They'll be in good company. As it says in the Holy Qur'an:

And whosoever is (spiritually) blind in this world shall be (literally) blind in the world to come, and he shall be even further astray from The Way. (17:72)

Evangelicals will continue to be the spiritually blind, who follow the spiritually blind. They will continue to give televangelists and ministers millions, so they can live in mansions, while children in Africa and India starve, and die from lack of medicine, and go without shoes or schooling. They will continue to look up at the sky, looking for Jesus to one day appear. When the Soul of Jesus appears to them, and heals the blind, and the deaf, and raises the dead, and preaches peace unto all, good will to men, they shall SCREAM "False Christ! False Prophet! He worketh miracles by the power of the Prince of Demons!" Just like they said about Jesus, 2,000 years ago.

Skeptics Will Not Believe

Anyone who does not "want" to believe in Dr. Dahesh, simply won't believe, as if Truth is dependent upon our "wants". No man can "know" that "there is no God" unless they visit every planet, and all 11 dimensions; which is impossible. It takes "faith" to say "There is no God". However, Daheshists have no "faith". We simply believe what we see and what we hear. We have SEEN things most people will never see. The Soul of Jesus "returns" every century, and is born of the womb. And the Souls that followed Jesus, in His life, also "return" and are given the right of "Signs". When you SEE supernatural miracles happen before your eyes, in broad daylight, then "faith" is no longer necessary.

Darrick is a Liar

I know there will be Mormons reading this and saying to themselves, "Darrick is a liar, a fornicator, homosexual, Anti-Mormon, and he is telling LIES against Joseph Smith!" Listen to me--you are WRONG! I wasted my __life__ trying to defend Joseph Smith and Mormonism! I spent tens of thousands of hours in research trying to REFUTE Anti-Mormon claims. The time I spent in this research, I could have gotten an M.D. or a Ph.D. Nobody done more research trying to find Pro-Mormon answers to Anti-Mormon questions. Nobody wanted the Church to be true more than me! Nobody wanted Joseph Smith to be a true Prophet of God more than me! But...I discovered the TRUTH. The TRUTH is not what we "want" to be true. The Truth is what "is" true. Open your eyes. Get the book CES Letter by Jeremy Runnells (another former Mormon missionary). Examine the evidence if you want to know the TRUTH. If you are happy in the LDS Church, and you don't "care" to see the evidence, then stay in the Church, and lead a life filled with good works, and your Day of Judgment (your next mortal life) will be a good one.

Darrick is Delusional

Are my stories of paranormal events "made up stories"? No. What I wrote I saw and heard, I really saw and heard. I am not making a "dime" for any of this. Instead, I'm spending money. WHY would I make up such stories? For what purpose? I am not the "head" of Daheshism, and I never will be. I don't make a "dime" from this, and never will make a "dime" for it. Some of you claim I am "delusional" and all these events are "hallucinations". Okay, what about the thousands of other Daheshists (lawyers, doctors, professors, nurses, business people) who have had the same "hallucinations" or even more dramatic ones. Are will ALL having the exact same hallucinations? What are the "odds" of that happening?

There are over 2,000 of us still alive today, who have seen and heard impossible things in connection with Doctor Dahesh; things no magician could ever perform. None of us gets a "dime" from our testimonies of what we saw and heard. Why are we doing this? We are doing this because we actually saw and heard impossible front of our eyes.

This is REAL! Dahesh really was a Man of Miracles! He really was "Jesus" in a previous life. He really was the 20th Sinless Prophet. He really did visit me in 2005, walking on my roof, through my house, and sat on the corner of my bed, in the afternoon in broad daylight.

What I have written here is the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH. So help me God! Most you reading this won't believe it...because you don't "want" to believe it. But the TRUTH is not what we "want" to believe. The Truth is what "IS".

The TRUTH about God, Jesus, the Afterlife, Heaven, Hell, the purpose of life, is all contained in the Five Holy Books of Dr. Dahesh of Lebanon. It's ___ALL____ there! He "proved" He was Sent by God by His thousands of supernatural miracles. He never did these miracles in a dark room. He never used "props". He performed His miracles in broad daylight, without hiding behind walls or via the use of props. Either He was a true Sinless Prophet in Whom the Christ-Spirit dwelt, or He was Satan himself. There is no "in-between". No magician, no matter how skilled, could perform the miracle He performed on a daily basis.

Joseph Smith said: "I've seen God and Jesus, and many angels, so trust me, I would never lie to you!" Yet, Joseph Smith lied many times. He lied about polygamy. He lied about his "money-digger" occupation. He lied.

Dr. Dahesh said: "Do you want to see a miracle of God that He will show you through Me? Watch, and see!" And then Dr. Dahesh performed the miracle in front of their eyes, in broad daylight, without props. Dr. Dahesh never lied about anything.

Yes, of course, "Darrick Evenson" may be lying to you, or he may be "delusional" but are thousands of other people (doctors, lawyers, university professors, successful business people, etc.) also "delusional" and are we "all" having the exact same delusions? Our "testimony" is NOT based upon "feelings" but based upon what we have seen with our eyes, and heard with our ears!

Testimonies of Dr. Dahesh NOT Based Upon "Feelings"

Dr. Dahesh did not use dark rooms like the Spiritualist Mediums do, nor did He use "props" like magicians do. He did everything in the open, in the light. He used no curtains or walls to conceal things.

The "testimony" of Mormons is based upon subjective "feelings". They believe that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, because their parents said so, and they "trust" their parents, and they also "trust" that Joseph Smith was not a liar. They have "faith" that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus in 1820, because he said he did, and they trust him: even though Mormons have NOT seen any visions nor seen any supernatural miracles themselves.

The "testimony" of Daheshist, on the other hand, is NOT based upon "feelings" or trusting what Dr. Dahesh said or claimed, but we put our trust in supernatural events we have seen with our own natural eyes and heard with our own natural ears. We have SEEN utterly impossible things with our own eyes; things that no magician could do. Our eye-witness accounts are FREE! We do not make a "dime" from them. Perhaps...WE ARE TELLING YOU THE TRUTH! won't believe the Truth...if the Truth contradicts what you "want" to believe or not believe.

I MUST Believe!

As for me, I must believe my own eyes and ears! You believe your own eyes and ears, and I believe mine. I have NO CHOICE. I MUST believe what I saw and heard with my own fully-awake eyes and ears. Everything I wrote here I SAW and HEARD in this article, I really SAW and really HEARD. What I wrote in this article is the PURE TRUTH; whether "you" want to accept that, or not. Truth is not want we "want". Truth is what "IS".

You are, Dear Reader, one of a very small group of people who have been told the Truth, that Sinless Prophet Number 21 is coming to Nazareth about 2030 A.D. If you hear of Him, go to see Him. See for yourself if He can work supernatural miracles.

of wh Mormons who are "happy" in the LDS Church will not believe. They don't "want" to believe. Ex-Mormons who are "content" believing life has no meaning other than their own pursuit of "The Good Life" here and now, will not believe. They don't "want" to believe. Evangelicals who are happy jumping up and down on Sunday saying "Praise the Lord!", looking for to an eternity of singing hymns to God and the Lamb while they gaze upon the Damned screaming in Hell-fire for all eternity, while giving their pastor a comfortable living, will not believe. They don't "want" to believe. So....they won't.

About 1 in 1000 people are Seekers of Truth. They are the Pure-in-Heart. They are the "real" Elect of God. And "they" will believe! It is for them, that this article was written.

The Dahesh Mission

The Daheshist Faith is NOT a "Church". Dr. Dahesh wanted the "order" of Daheshists to be called the DAHESH MISSION. The Dahesh Mission is not yet organized. The 5 Holy Books of Dr. Dahesh are not yet translated into English. Dahesh Heritage Fine Books still sells many Daheshist books, but not the Five Holy Books. Why? Because the Trustees of the books by Dahesh haven't published them yet, and they refuse to answer questions such as "When are you going to publish them?"

Many hundreds of people, some of whom never become Daheshists, have written of the supernatural miracles they .observed Dr. Dahesh performing. Some of these miracles no "magician" could replicate! You can read many of these accounts in the book Lights Upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism by Dr. Ghazi Brax. You can order that book from Dahesh Heritage Bookstore in New York City. It is not expensive (less than ten dollars). A link to Dahesh Heritage Bookstore is in the links at the bottom of this page.

I do not know what Dr. Dahesh said when He pointed at me and "yelled" at the Los Angeles Zoo in 1977. Maybe I will never know. But...somehow... HE KNEW ME! When we met eyes, He recognized me, but I did not recognize Him. He was just a stocky bald guy speaking Arabic and pointing at me. I "hope" what He was saying was not "bad". I don't understand Arabic, and I don't remember the words He used, but He was yelling loud and pointing at me. Not yelling at me, but yelling at the Lebanese men He was with, and pointing directly at me. He "knew" me, but HOW? I never saw Him before. I had no idea Who He was.

Dr. Dahesh wanted the Dahesh Mission organized, with a Supreme Council of seven elected members, and a Council of 10 Advisers who are appointed by the Supreme Council. The Supreme Council "rules" the Mission for life; until they die, resign, or are replaced. The Dahesh Mission will have Priests, but most Daheshists will not be Priests. The Mission will have Temples, but no rites for the dead or secret rites will take place in them. The exact nature of the Daheshist priesthood has not yet been published.

Daheshism versus Mormonism

Daheshism is NOT like Mormonism: where ever male over the age of 12 holds the "Priesthood" and one pays 10% of their income and attends many meetings a week. Only about 1 in 1000 Daheshists will be Priests (both male and female). There is no tithing in Daheshism, and no "Tithing Settlement". There will be no Bishops, and no "worthiness interviews" with Bishops asking you if you masturbate. There are no required Sunday meetings in Daheshism. Religion is not a "Sunday" thing, but an every moment of every day thing. Religion is about how we lead our lives, in public and private, every day.

Daheshists will be asked to try to meet monthly for Spiritual Session; which is a feast and fellowship meeting. But even these meetings are not "required". Daheshism has no "required" meetings you must attend, except baptism, marriage, divorce, memorial (funeral), and healing. Daheshist Priests will primarily be healers, using the RAAMZ and other methods (Reiki, hypnotherapy, etc.).

In Daheshism, we don't become Gods and Goddesses, and we don't create planets. However, if we follow The Way to the Heavenly Planets, then we can be "born" on a heavenly planet, which is much more advanced than Earth, by thousands, or millions, or billions of years; where there is no hunger, no crime, no disease, no deformity, no violence, no heavy labor, and, on the some of those worlds, no death.

Anywhere children are born, there is "sex". I know how important sex is to Mormon males. Sex exists on all worlds. Sex is absent in the Spirit-World between death and our next life. Sex is not a "reward" for being a good Mormon. Sex exists on all worlds in some form, wherever children exist. Children exist i the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Kingdom of Hell.

All human beings are "sealed" by the Karmic bounds of love, in this life. All of us we see our loved ones again in the Spirit-World; not just those who are "sealed" in Mormon Temples. All of us will. In our future lives, those "bonds" continue. Our souls are tied together like quantum particles, via the Karmic Bonds of Love.

The TRUTH About Mormonism

If you want to know the TRUTH about Mormonism, then read Letter to a CES Director by Jeremy Runnells. You can also watch my YouTube videos which are listed below. Again, if Daheshism is true, Joseph Smith being a true Prophet, or a false Prophet, or a fallen Prophet, is completely and utterly irrelevant. We are "judged" by our "actions" (karma), how we "treat" other beings, and NOT by our church or religion or what rites or rituals we have partaken of.

If you are happy in the Mormon Church, and lead a good life as Mormon, then stay in the Mormon Church, and do good.

The Trustees

Before His death, Dr. Dahesh gave His art works, His books, and His manuscripts to a Saudi-American family who live near New York City. They are referred to as "The Trustees". They are not the heads of Daheshism. They simply are caretakers of the books, artwork, and manuscripts of Dr. Dahesh. Only the Trustees know when the Dahesh Mission will be organized. Many have asked them "When?" but they have chosen to remain silent.

The Trustees fund the Dahesh Museum of Art in New York City, and Dahesh Heritage Bookstore.


Until the Dahesh Mission is organized, Daheshists are encouraged to join a UNITY Church near them. UNITY has no connection with the UU Churches. UNITY is headquartered in Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA (Jackson County). Daheshists are not required to join a UNITY church. But, if Daheshists want a place to fellowship, UNITY has invited us to do so. There is a UNITY church in most larger cities (and many smaller ones) in North America. UNITY is not affiliated with the "UU" (Unitarian-Universalist) churches.

Dahesh Museum of Art

If you live in or near New York City, please visit the Dahesh Museum of Art, which holds His vast art collection. Tours are free. Just Google "Dahesh Museum of Art" for further information.

The 21st Sinless Prophet

The 21st Sinless Prophet is due about 2030 A.D. We don't know if He will be "born" that year, or announce Himself, as a grown an, in that year. He will appear in Nazareth, Israel, and work miracles. We do not know Who He is, but He will eventually become famous as a worker of supernatural miracles. That is all we know.

The 21st Sinless Prophet will NEVER say "I am Christ". Jesus never did. Dahesh never did. Only a false christ will say "I am Christ" or "I am the Messiah".

Look for the 21st Sinless Prophet in the year 2030, in Nazareth, Israel. He will not descend from a cloud. He will be (or has already been) born of a woman. He will work supernatural miracles that no magician con duplicate. One of His disciples will be martyred, and buried, in Nazareth. Look for Him then.

Falling into the Sun!

I've had many, many more paranormal experiences in my life, and if you wish to read about them, then read the online book FALLING INTO THE SUN! which is linked below. It takes about 90 minutes to 120 minutes to read. I reveal most my paranormal experiences, Mormon missionary experiences, I "rant" against the Mormon Church and Mormon culture throughout. Read it. You won't be bored.

Jesus Reincarnated in 1909

The Christ-Spirit (WORD of God) will overshadow twenty-four Sinless Prophet and speak and act through Them, in order to teach humanity THE WAY to the Heavenly Planets.

Please watch the 16 minute film JESUS REINCARNATED IN 1909 below. That short film will explain "Why" Jesus had to die on the Cross. Believe me, you can't even "guess". Watch the short video, and you'll find out the reason.

God and the Afterlife Exists

To the Atheists and Agnostics and Skeptics---YES, God exists, and many god-like beings exist, and the Afterlife exists. Everything I've wrote in this article is the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth: whether you "want" to believe that or not.

If Joseph Smith was a fraud--it does NOT "follow" that God, Jesus, and the Afterlife are also frauds. God and Jesus are NOT "dependent" upon the Mormon Church being true.

Thousands of Lebanese people reported on the miracles they witnessed Dr. Dahesh performing, in Lebanese newspapers. Most of these people never became Daheshists (leaving your religion in Arabic countries means you are shunned by your family and friends, and may lose your job, your freedom, or even your life). Many books have been written, such as In the Company of the Beloved Prophet by Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman; where he relates over 100 supernatural miracles he personally witnessed in the 20 years he knew Dr. Dahesh. Hopefully, these books will be translated and published in the near future.

Many of the miracles by Dr. Dahesh cannot be replicated by any illusionist (magician).

GOD is not an Exalted White Man, but the Universal Intelligence of the Cosmos. He is the Universal Mind.

The Afterlife does exist. "Heaven" consists of planets. "Hell" consists of planets were the rays of the Sun "burns" and ages our skin, and where there is suffering and injustice and death. Dr. Dahesh taught us how to be "Liberated" from the Wheel of Rebirth on the Hell-worlds like Earth.

The Thief on the Cross

After I became a Daheshist in 2005, I learned, to my great disappointment, that just about all of the books by Dr. Dahesh (He wrote 150 books), including the Five Holy Books, were not yet translated into English and published. I was horribly disappointed. I asked the Trustees "Why?" and got no reply, only silence. Then, I decided to try some Automatic Writing. I fasted and prayed, and put a pen in my hand, and held it to some paper, and began asking questions, and, eventually, my hand started to write on its own. One of my questions was "Did I know Jesus when He was alive?" and the answer I received "Yes". I then asked "Who am I then?" The answer I received back "The thief on the cross": the one who called Jesus "Lord". That is what I received. I do not know if that was from God, or simply my own sub-conscious. But, that would explain the Cross of Light that my mother saw when she brought me home from the hospital.

Perhaps this is what Dahesh was yelling in Arabic to His entourage, as He was pointing right at me, on that cold January day in 1977.

I learned many things during those automatic writing sessions: including the true story of Adam and Eve, Noah's flood, the origin of life on this planet, the Lords of the Solar System, the Lords of the galaxies, the origin of the Moon, the history of Venus when that planet had life, the future of humanity, the nature of the Spirit-World, the purpose of Jesus' death on the Cross, and many other things.

I have had MANY paranormal experiences in my life; some of them quite dramatic. You can read about just about all of them in FALLING INTO THE SUN! which is linked below. It takes several hours to read that online book. You won't be bored, I can assure you.

To the Mormons

You've been told since birth that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God, and that the current President of the Church is the "Living Prophet" and speaks to Jesus often in the Temple. You were told wrong.

If you can lead a good moral life in the LDS Church, doing many good works there, then stay with it. But attending meetings, paying tithing, going through secret Masonic-like rituals in ridiculous temple robes will NOT be accounted to you for good works! Rather, do as Jesus said: take care of the orphans and widows, keep the golden rule, be the Good Samaritan, and you shall have an excellent Day of Judgment (i.e. your next mortal life).

To the Catholics

You've been told from birth that Peter was the first Bishop of Rome. You were told wrong. The oldest Vatican lists of bishops of Rome do not mention the name of Simon Peter or any combination thereof, and they oldest Vatican library lists list "Linus" as the first Bishop of Rome. Peter was never the Bishop of Rome. He was an Apostle, never a bishop. He appointed bishops. You were told wrong.

The Bishops of Rome had "one vote" in the early Catholic Councils. One equal vote to every other bishop. The Vicars of Christ are the 24 Sinless Prophets: NOT the bishops of Rome! You were told wrong!

To the Evangelicals

You've been told that your guides are the Holy Spirit and the (Protestant) Bible, and all you need to go to the Kingdom of Heaven is to recite the Sinner's Prayer and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord. You were told wrong! The demons also believe that Jesus is Lord, and they tremble! The Soul of Jesus has returned to Guide His sheep at least 19 times, and soon will come again, like He did the first time, through the womb.

Look for Him, in Nazareth, around the year 2030. He will NEVER say "I am Christ" but He will work miracles just like He did 2,000 years ago. Take your cameras.

To the Muslims

You have been told from birth that Muhammad (pbuh) is the final and last and "Seal" of the Prophets. Yet, you'lve also been told that the Prophet Isa (Jesus) will return long after Muhammad (pbuh) has died. Dr. Dahesh is the return of the Soul of Isa (Jesus).

The Holy Qur'an teaches reincarnation:

"And when their skins have been worn out by hell-fire We shall give them new skins in order that they may continue to feel the punishment." [Qu'ran 4:56]

By "new skins" this means new bodies, born of new mothers. The "Fire" (Hell) is not some other place, but refers to the Kingdom of Hell: the planets upon which our bodies "burn" from the rays of the Sun, and our skin "melts" with age; until we finally die. The "demons" of Hell are the Sociopaths which torment us. The "iron collars" are addictions to drugs, gambling, sex, power, etc.

Muhammad (pbuh) was not a Sinless Prophet. He admitted many times he was a sinner. It is purported that Muhammad (pbuh) said this prayer:

"Oh God, I acknowledge and confess before You, all my sins, please forgive them, as no one can forgive sins except You. Forgive my mistakes, those done intentionally, or out of my ignorance, with or without seriousness. Oh God, forgive my sins and my ignorance, forgive my sins of the past and of the future, which I did openly or secretly. Forgive the wrong I have done, jokingly or seriously. I seek Your protection from all the evil I have done. Wash away my sins, and cleanse my heart, from all the sins as a white garment is cleansed from the filth, and let there be long distance between me and my sins, as You made the East and West far from each other." (Sahih Bukhari Volume 8: #s 335, 379, 407, and 408

Muhammad (pbuh) was not one of the 23 Sinless Prophets. The Sinless Prophet in the time of Muhammad (pbuh) was Salman al-Farsi: otherwise known by his name "Jibril".

The 24 Sinless Prophets

Jesus told His disciples that He would "always" be with them. He meant that literally. The Popes are not the Vicars of Christ. Peter was never the Bishop of Rome. The oldest Vatican Lists, from the Vatican Archives, list "Linus" as the first bishop of Rome. Simon Peter is not on the oldest Vatican lists of the Bishops of Rome (Popes)! Catholic historians know this. Rank-and-File Catholics do not.

The true Vicars (Deputies) of the Christ-Spirit are the 24 Sinless Prophets. Jesus was Number One. Dahesh was Number 20. Number 21 is coming soon, and may already be here as a child or a teenager. They all work supernatural miracles. They all prophesy. They all teach the same thing. They all share One Divine Soul: the WORD of God. Look for the next Sinless Prophet, in Nazareth, Israel, around the year 2030. He will NEVER say "I am Christ" but He will work supernatural miracles. Go see for yourself.

Thomas S. Monson is NOT a "Prophet" of God. He does not prophesy. He does not see supernatural visions. He does not receive Revelation. He does not work supernatural miracles. He is just an ordinary man; a sinner is need of salvation.

Not only does the Soul of Jesus "return" one time per century, but also the souls of His disciples and apostles. Dr. Ghazi Brax (d. 2014), the author of The Book of Daheshism, was told he was the reincarnation of Paul the Apostle.

E-mail List/Yahoo Group

If you believe in Dr. Dahesh, or you just want more information, then please join our Daheshism & Reincarnation Yahoo Group (link at bottom of page). Daheshists meet there to discuss things. Our beliefs are called "The Daheshist Faith" or "The Noble Spiritual Faith" or just "Daheshism". Our organization is called "The Dahesh Mission". The Dahesh Mission is not yet organized. We don't know when it will be. Perhaps the 21st Sinless Prophet will organize it. Perhaps not. We don't know. All we "know" is what we have "seen" with our own eyes: supernatural miracles and events that no "magician" could possibly perform.

Why did Jesus die on the Cross? Watch the YouTube video linked below, and you'll discover the answer. It was NOT for the reasons you've been told before by your Sunday School teacher or Pastor or Priest!

If you want to read an online book about my story, including many more true accounts of the paranormal, then click on the link FALLING INTO THE SUN! in the links below. The online book takes about two hours to read: about the same time to watch a film at the cinema. You won't be bored!

Thank you for your time. If you want to be on our "Dahesh Seeker of Truth E-Mail List" we'll send you updates about every six months. No missionaries will come to your home (we don't have any---yet). If you have any questions of comments, email me. I already ready my email. Thank you for your time.

Darrick Evenson


Sundar Singh Meets Salim Moosa Awshee

Sundar Singh (1876-1929) was the most famous Christian Evangelists in all of India. His name is known today by all Christians in India. In the 1920s, he was famous among all Christians worldwide, as a Man of God and Witness for Christ. He was the most famous Christian Evangelist of the 1920s outside of North America. Unlike American Evangelical preachers, Sundar refused to take money in exchange for his preaching. He accepted food (if it was already prepared), and travel expenses (ship or train or a car ride), but he refused money. He slept mostly under trees. If a Christian offered him money, he told that Christian to give that offering instead to the poor, or to a widow or orphanage. He wore a saffron robe (like a Hindu "Sadhu" or "Holy Man"), and a saffron turban. He never married.

He traveled throughout India, Tibet, the Middle-East, western Europe, and Australia, proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Sundar Singh was born in Punjab, India to Sikh parents. The Sikh religion was founded by Guru Nanak in the 1500s, in India. It has about 20 million Believers worldwide. It believes in reincarnation, and 11 "Planes" or dimensions. In 1890, Sundar's mother suddenly died of an illness. Sundar was devastated, and went to the the train tracks to wait for a train to run him over. He did not want to live anymore. However, on his way there, he heard his name called, and had a vision of Jesus; who told him that he would see his mother again, but to spend his life proclaiming Him (Jesus) as Lord and Savior. At that moment, Sundar became a Christian, and traveled the world proclaiming Christ. He wrote a number of books, which became quite popular among Christians in the 1920s and 1930s. Christians in India consider him the greatest Christian to ever live: the modern-day Paul. He is sometimes called "The Apostle of India".

Sundar claimed to visit Paradise (the Third Heaven) often, as Paul did, and to have heard and seen things there; as Paul had. He reveals what he saw in some of his books; which are still the most popular books among Christians in India. There are English versions of the books of Sundar Singh online. In one vision Sundar was promised to see Jesus "in the flesh" before he died. He traveled to many countries. In 1922, Sunday traveled to Palestine, then controlled by the British. He went to Jerusalem, and saw Calvary (Gothgotha), the place of the crucifixion, and other sights. He wanted to see the Church of the Nativity, built over the spot were Jesus was born. That was in Bethlehem. Being a famous Christian Evangelist, known to millions of Christians at that time (via his books), the British Governor of Palestine loaned him his car and driver for the day, so Sundar could visit the Church of the Nativity: built over the "cave" where Jesus was born. So, he was driven to Bethlehem, at that time (1922) a small Palestinian village; where nobody spoke English. The driver did not known were the Church of the Nativity was, so Sunday told him to stop. Sundar got out of the car (loaned to him by the British governor of Palestine), at a market, and many of the people circled the car, wanting to see the strange man in the saffron robes and turban. Sundar spoke a dozen Indian languages, and English, but he did not speak Arabic. He said in English:

"Does anywhere here know the way to the Church of Nativity?"

The people of Bethlehem just looked at each other. They didn't understand a word of English. A few could speak some Turkish, but at that time (1922) very, very few Palestinians knew any English; especially not the poor people of Bethlehem. Then, a young lad of 12 years came out of the crowd, and approached Sundar, and spoke in a strange language, words the Palestinians could not understand, and pointed down the way toward the direction of the Church of the Nativity. Sundar smiled and said to the lad: "Thank you!" and he got back into the car and left.

Young Salim Mousa Achi (pronounced "Slim Moosa Awshee") was 12 years old at the time, living with his aunt and uncle in Bethlehem. His father had died, and His mother was working in Beirut full time and could not care for Him; so she sent Him to live with her sister and her husband in Bethlehem; who spoke Assyrian in their home. Salim's native tongue was Assyrian, the language of His parents and His aunt and uncle, but by that time He also spoke Arabic, which He learned NOT in school (he only went to 3 months of school), but from His playmates in Bethlehem, Palestine, and Beirut, Lebanon. By age 12 He spoke a rough combination of Assyrian and Arabic, and did not study even one day of English or any other language.

The Palestinians crowded around the young boy, who spoke "a strange language" to the strange turbaned man from India, and said:

"Young Salim, you can barely speak Arabic correctly, so how did you speak to that strange man? Where did you learn his strange language? And, how did YOU know the way he was seeking?"

Young Salim looked at the perplexed faces of the Palestinians around Him, smiled, and said:

"I AM the Way, and I AM the Guide!"

(from Lights Upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism, p. 11)

The promise that Sundar received in vision, while in India, that He would live to see Jesus in the flesh, was fulfilled.



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