The Miracle-Working Prophet of Lebanon

by Darrick T. Evenson
"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." (Isaiah 9:6)

Dear Seeker of Truth,

WE ARE THE DAHESHISTS (da'hesh-ists), the followers of Doctor Dahesh (1909-1984), the miracle-working Prophet of Lebanon. He was born in Jerusalem in 1909, and died in New York City in 1984. He spent most of His life in Beirut, Lebanon. He was the most prolific of miracle-workers of all time. He performed thousands of supernatural miracles, witnessed by thousands. Many of these people are still alive today. In 1943, He founded The Noble Spiritual Faith, commonly called "Daheshism", in Beirut. There are about 2,000 Daheshists in the world today, mostly in Beirut and in and around New York City. A film is being planned about His life and miracles. Once that film is made and shown to millions, the faith that He founded, the Noble Spiritual Faith, will become a world religion.

Doctor Dahesh (born Salim Mousa Achi pronounced "Salim Moosa Awshee") was a worker of supernatural miracles. He raised the dead, caused the blind to see, the deaf to hear, and he also cast out demons. Many people today think "demons" are simply people with mental diseases. In fact, yes, these are people with mental and neurological diseases, but evil spirits "use" these people; because they are not able to mentally withstand demons. In other words, demons "use" the mentally unstable, and those impaired by alcohol and drugs, by possessing their bodies. Having a mental disease, or being drunk or high, is like having a dirty kitchen. A dirty kitchen attracts rodents (mice and rats) and insects. A mental disease, or a mind on drugs or alcohol, attracts evil spirits.

Doctor Dahesh performed many supernatural miracles no "magician" could perform. The supernatural miracles of Doctor Dahesh are in the thousands. Hundreds of them have been recorded by eye-witness accounts in newspapers and in books. Most of these books are still only in Arabic, but excepts from these books have been published in English, French, and German.

Doctor Dahesh also "prophesied" hundreds of times, and many of these prophecies were recorded in Lebanon newspapers from the early 1940s until 1975; when Doctor Dahesh moved to New York City. Many people have testified of the personal prophecies they were given by Doctor Dahesh, and how these detailed prophecies concerning them were fulfilled in the minutest detail. Some of these people have written books; most of which are still only in Arabic.

Doctor Dahesh was not a medical doctor. He had no earned degrees of any kind. He had only three months of formal education. He taught himself to read and write Arabic. His native tongue was Assyrian (language of the Christians of Northern Iraq). While he was overshadowed by the Spirit, he would speak any language. His real name was Salim Moosa Awshee (Arabic: "Peaceful Moses Cook"). We shall explain how he got the name "Doctor Dahesh".

The Noble Spiritual Faith

In 1943, at the age of 33, Doctor Dahesh formed the "NOBLE SPIRITUAL FAITH": otherwise known as "The Daheshist Faith" or simply as "Daheshism". The Five Holy Books of Daheshism, written by Dr. Dahesh, include:

*The Gospel of Love


*The Inferno

*My Testament

*The Book of the Divine Guide.

These books are still in Arabic, and have not yet been published in English.

Daheshism accepts all the "truths" found in Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Islam, Baha'i, Spiritism and Spiritualism. All Divine Truth in all religions is contained in Daheshism; without the man-made doctrines. Dr. Dahesh did not come as a founder of a "Church" but referred to the Daheshist Organization as "THE DAHESH MISSION". The Mission has not yet been organized.

Doctor Dahesh (left) with Yousef el-Hajj, the "First Daheshist" (photo: 1943)

The Dahesh Mission has not yet been organized. There are about 2,000 or so Daheshists in the world: mostly in Beirut, Lebanon, and the greater New York City area; with some scattered about the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Egypt, and Liberia West Africa.

The Five-Fold Mission of Doctor Dahesh

The Divine Mission of Doctor Dahesh was as follows:

*To prove that God was real by working supernatural miracles over the course of 70 years, with thousands of eye-witnesses. This is called THE PROOFS.

**To reveal "the way" that souls may escape the Hell worlds (like Earth) and return to the Heavenly Planets, and to describe the Heavenly planets and the Hell worlds in detail, by means of five holy books he wrote. This is called THE WAY.

***To correct the incorrect ideas and notions that mankind had about God and religion by teaching true doctrine. This is called TRUE DOCTRINE.

****To teach his followers how to "heal" others of all manner of diseases, to cancel-out addictions, and cast out their demons, via the Raamz ("rawmzz") rite. This is called THE RAAMZ.

*****To establish a Dahesh Mission in every country where there is freedom of religion, to gather disciples, to publish and promote his books, and to teach others how to "heal" via the Raamz. This is called THE MISSION.

*The Proofs (proving the existence of God via supernatural miracles eye-witnessed by thousands)

*The Way (a "how to" to free the soul from the Wheel of Rebirth on the Hell worlds and return it to the Heavenly planets)

*True Doctrine (correcting the false religious beliefs of men and women)

*The Raamz (how to supernaturally "heal" people of disease, demonic possession, and addictions)

*The Mission (calling disciples to teach them to learn to heal others and to promote the Dahesh Message internationally)

The Noble Spiritual Faith (Daheshism) is not a "new" religion but simply an amalgamation of the true Revelations of God now found upon the Earth. It is combination of all the "truth" found in all the religions that were founded by the true Prophets and the true Guides. Not all men and women who claimed to be Prophet were true prophets. Many were false. Many "gurus" in India are false, and not of God. Yet, Daheshism is the "amalgamation" of the teachings and doctrines of the true Prophets and the true Guides.

Daheshism and the Ancient Nazarenes

In Palestine in the first four centuries there was a group of Believers in Jesus who called themselves the "Nazarenes". They did not believe that Jesus was God, but that He was a sinless Prophet that God chose to place His Spirit (the Christ-Spirit). In other words, they believed that "Jesus" was a Man, a sinless Man, in Whom the Christ-Spirit "dwelt" for a period of time. The Christ-Spirit entered Jesus at His baptism in the Jordan River, by John the Baptist.

The Nazarenes were Jews. They were considered "heretics" (false believers) by the greater "Catholic" (Latin: "universal") Church; which excommunicated them. The very family of Jesus, the descendants of Jesus' brothers (James and Jude), belonged to the Nazarenes, and they were excommunicated by the Catholic Church in the 3rd century.

Jesus Himself was called a "Nazarene". Paul was called by his enemies "a ringleader in the sect of the Nazarenes" (Acts chapter 23). Please note that these ancient Nazarenes have no connection whatsoever with the modern "Church of the Nazarene" which is a Protestant church.

The beliefs of the ancient Nazarenes agrees with Daheshism: the doctrines of Doctor Dahesh, the miracle-working Prophet of Lebanon. Daheshism does not view Jesus as the Christ-Spirit, but as a Sinless Prophet "in Whom" the Christ-Spirit dwelt. Jesus is like a glass, and the Christ-Spirit was like water. Water can "dwell in" a glass, but the glass cannot say "I am the water". Nor can the water say "I am the glass".

During the Dark Ages some Christian groups believed in the same doctrines as Daheshism: that Jesus was a sinless Prophet in Whom the Christ-Spirit dwelt (Adoptionism), and in reincarnation. One such group in southern France was called the Cathars ("Pure Ones"). They were horribly persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church. A Pope sent an army to destroy them. The army invaded a city where the Cathars dwelt. The army commander told the Papal Legate (representative of the Pope) that the city contained "heretics" (Cathars) and Catholics alike, and asked what he should do. The Papal Legate said: "Kill them all, let God sort them out!" The entire population of the city was killed, Catholics and Cathars both, including small children. Many of the women and girls were raped before being killed. The men who did this...believed they were doing this for the glory of God and Christ!

Cathars being burned alive on order of the Papal Legate

For those of you reading this thinking "Doctor Dahesh is a heretic (cultist) and Daheshism is heresy (cultic) please know that "Jesus" was considered a "heretic" (cultist) and Nazarenism was also considered "heresy" (cultic). The enemies of Jesus called Him "That Deceiver" and they ascribed His miracles to "The Prince of Devils". The men who "judged" Jesus to be a "heretic" (false teacher) would not able to perform any supernatural miracles. Jesus could perform supernatural miracles! Of course, the men who called Jesus a "heretic" ascribed His miracles to Satan. Those who call Doctor Dahesh a "heretic" also ascribe his supernatural miracles (healing the blind, deaf, raising the dead, casting out demons) to Satan!

Maybe it was the Catholic Church who were the "heretics" and the Cathars were the true Christians! Could that "possibly" be the truth?

The Catholics considered the Protestants to be "heretics". The Protestants considered Catholics to be "heretics". The Orthodox Christians (Eastern Orthodox churches) consider both Catholics and Protestants to be "heretics". All of them would certain consider the Cathars to be "heretics". the Cathars considered the Catholics and Protestants and Orthodox to be "heretics". During the Middle Ages, who were the TRUE Disciples of Christ:

a) Catholics
b) Orthodox
c) Protestants
d) Cathars

All claimed to be the "true" Christians, yet all of them believed in different things, and considered the other to be "heretics". We believe that the Cathars were the True Christians, and they believed that Jesus was a Sinless Prophet in Whom the Christ-Spirit dwelt. And they also believed in reincarnation.

Jesus Was Considered By Most To Be A Cultist and Heretic!

You must understand, that most Jews rejected Jesus. He was called "that deceiver" and he was accused of sorcery, and of working miracles by the power of Satan! He was considered a liar, a deceiver, in league with the Devil, and a "mineem" (Hebrew: "cultist"). His YEHAD (Hebrew: order, congregation, church, movement) was considered a "min" (Hebrew: "cult"). The Sanhedrin, the Jewish High Court, found Jesus guilty of "blasphemy"; by claiming to be the Son of God, and the Messiah! Jesus was sent to the Romans to be scourged and crucified because He "falsely claimed" to be Christ!

Jesus was considered to be a false teaching, who taught false doctrines, was "in league" with the Devil, worked miracles by the power of Satan, and "falsely" claimed to be the Son of God. That's why they scourged and crucified him. The men who did this to Him believed God was on their side, and they were "fighting heresy" (cultism) and giving a "false Christ" His "just reward" for leading people astray.

These facts we know:

*The "orthodox" priests and ministers (Sadducees and Pharisees) could not work miracles, but Jesus could.

*The other claimants to being the Messiah (Christ) could not work miracles, but Jesus could.

*The other claimants to being the Messiah (Christ) all said "I am the Messiah" or "I am Christ", but Jesus never did.

If "Satan" was the source of Jesus' miracles, why didn't Satan also give this "satanic power" to the other claimants to Christhood? Why only Jesus? Perhaps Jesus' "power" was not from Satan (as the anti-cultists claimed), but of God?

To the Scribes and Pharisees Jesus was just one "cultist" and "false prophet" and "false Christ" among many! But the followers of Jesus "saw" His miracles with their own eyes! They said to the Scribes and Pharisee "We have seen Him perform miracles with our own eyes!" The Scribes and Pharisees said to them: "Ah...yes...but he does these miracles by the power of the Prince of Devils!"

The enemies of Doctor Dahesh....say the exact same thing again Him and Daheshism!

Who "Judges" What Is A Cult?

"Who decides" who is a "heretic" or "cultist"? The fact is: Jesus decides! Sinful men or women cannot make a decision "who" is a heretic (false believer) and who is not. Only Jesus decides that.

*"You" do not decide who is a heretic/cultist.
*Your pastor does not decide.
*The Pope does not decide.
*The Patriarch of Moscow does not decide.
*The Governing Body of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society does not decide.
*Bible scholars do no decide.
*"I" do not decide.
*Jesus DOES decide!

Please do not usurp the "Judgment" of Jesus, but follow Him, and do what He told "you" to do: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Another ancient group of Christians in Armenia and Asia Minor (what is now Turkey) were called the "Paulicians". They called themselves "Christians" and referred to Catholics as "Romans". They believed in reincarnation. They believed that Jesus was a sinless Prophet "in Whom the Christ-Spirit" dwelt. They kept the Golden Rule, and lived peacefully with everyone. They were persecuted by the "Christian" Roman Emperors, who murdered over 100,000 Paulicians (Christians) in Asia Minor alone. Why? Because they were "heretics"; what we would today call "cultists".

Yet...who were the true "heretics"? The Paulicians or the Catholics? Was God "behind" the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent men and women, who harmed nobody, because they had "heretical beliefs" about Christ and the Afterlife? Or...were the Cathars and Paulicians the "True Believers" who were martyred for Christ?

*Catholics believe they are divinely-guided by the Popes, but, according to Catholic historians, Peter was never the Bishop of Rome! The oldest Vatican "lists" of the bishops of Rome list "Linus" as the first bishop of Rome. Peter is not listed on these ancient Vatican lists!

*Protestants (including Evangelicals) believe they are guided by the Bible alone (Sola Scriptora) as interpreted by uninspired men (and sometimes women).

*Jehovah's Witnesses believe they are guided by the Bible alone "as interpreted by" the Governing Body of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (i.e. uninspired men).

*Mormons believe they are guided by "Prophets, Seers, Revelators" who do not prophesy, do not see, and do not revelate, and perform __no__ supernatural miracles (but the Apostles of Jesus did perform supernatural miracles).

*Orthodox Christians believe they are guided by the Patriarchs.

*Daheshists believe we are guided by the Sinless Prophets in Whom the Christ-Spirit dwells. Jesus of Nazareth was Number One, the Firstborn of many Brethren. Doctor Dahesh was Number 20 of these 24 Sinless Prophets in Whom the Christ-Spirit has or will dwell.

Either Doctor Dahesh was a true sinless Prophet in Whom the Christ-Spirit "dwelt" or he was the greatest magician of all time who only pretended to be a Prophet, or he was a Messenger of Satan who worked thousands of supernatural miracles (healing, casting out demons, etc.) by the power of Satan. Before you decide which of these three he was, please read the rest of this article first.

Some of you have emailed me saying: "This Dahesh is a false prophet and Daheshism a cult and you're going to eternal Hell Fire!" In response to that, let me say the following......I have no more "fear" of going to Hell because "you" tell me so, than if some ISIS or al-Qaeda member told me I was going to Hell because I didn't accept "his" version of Islam!

"YOU" don't decide who goes to Hell or not. Jesus does. Don't put yourself in His Judgment Seat!

Keep reading.

We Believe in Jesus Christ

We are also believers in Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus was the Son of God, the Savior of our souls, the WORD in the flesh, born of a literal virgin, worked supernatural miracles, was crucified, arose from the dead, and ascended into heaven. We believe that His shed blood on the Cross "atoned" for the Original Sin of Adam.

We do not believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans on this planet. But, we believe that a man now known as "Adam" and a woman now known as "Eve" were real historical people. They really lived, and we're going to reveal to you their real names.

The name "Adam" does not refer to any "one" man, but rather a group of men, or, we should say a group of incarnations of One Soul. "Adam" is called "the Son of God" in Luke 3:38. The Soul of Adam first incarnated on this planet as a man named Ah..Da..Pa (Adapa): the first priest of Enki ("Earth Lord"), in the ancient Sumerian city of Eridu. The name Adapa means "Wise Man" in Sumerian. Later, the Akkadians conquered Eridu, and renamed Adapa to A..Da..Ma (Adama); which in Akkadian means "red soil". The name "Adapa" means nothing in Akkadian, so, the Akkadians changed the name of Adapa to Adama! The ancient Greeks did the same thing. They changed the name of Zarathustra (Old Persian: "Camel Agitator") to "Zoroaster" which means "Shining" (Zoro) "Aster" (Star) in Greek. The Wise Man ("Adapa") of the Sumerians, became known as "Red Soil" ("Adama") to the Akkadians and other Semites. And, in truth, the Sumerians had "red" skin, which one can still see today among their direct descendants: the Marsh Arabs living in southern Iraq. Adama was the first "red soil" man who sired the "red soil" people.

A Marsh Arab man with his family

If reincarnation is true, and we believe it is, then it should not be surprising that "Adam" refers to more than one man, but a "series" of incarnations of One Soul. This One Soul came from the Kingdom of Heaven, which is a literal kingdom of planets. Those planets are far more advanced than Earth. On those planets, humans live from hundreds to millions of years (depending on the planet). The ancient Christian literature (Clementine Recognitions) refers to these advanced beings as Aeons, Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Cherubim, Sheraphim, Archangels, and Angels. From one of these planets in the Kingdom of Heaven, came an advanced Soul, Who became known as Adapa (or Adama) of Eridu. Adapa was not the first "man" but the first "Adamite"; the first man on this planet with a God-Breathed Soul.

Adamites and Pre-Adamites

Ancient Hebrew has five words translated as "man" in English Bibles:

*Adom (Adamite/descendant of Adam)
*Eh-nosh (weak man/pre-Adamite)
*EEsh (male)
*Gib-bohr (warrior/strong man)
*Qedosh (homosexual man)

Only the Adom (Adamites) were the descendants of Adam, not the Eh-nosh; who were often called "beasts of the field". In the Book of Jonah, the Eh-nosh are called "beasts of the field" who had "hands" and repented of their sins by wearing sackcloth and throwing ashes upon themselves (Jonah 3:7-8). The "Ass" (beast of burden) that the fallen prophet Balaam "smote" but spoke back to him, was not a mule or a donkey, but an Eh-nosh (Isaiah 43:20). The pre-Adamites had "animal" souls. There are very few, if any, pre-Adamites today.

The Soul that became known as Adapa, and later as Adama, was born of new mothers: in Africa, and in Europe, and in China, and in Japan, and in North America, and in South America, and in India, and in Australia, and even on the isles of the sea. And those men "begot" children with Earth women, and those children inherited a "copy" of the God-Breathed Soul of that "Man". We have the Names of some of these Men. Krishna was one. Rama was another. Yima was another. Most of the Names of these Men we don't know, because they were never recorded. But the Soul of Adam was spread across this planet via these Divine Men, via their offspring. All of them were incarnations of the Soul of Adam.

The Soul of Adam became an Egyptian, in the 18th Dynasty (about 1400 b.c.e.) and grew up in the Royal House of Egypt. He was known as Ay son of Yahyu. He would later become Pharaoh. And it was during this incarnation that the Soul of Adam "sinned" a horrible sin, called the Original Sin; which caused His Soul, and the souls of all Adamites, to "fall" (die in the Spirit-World). This "Original Sin" was not the first "sin" done by a human being (Adamite), but the first "sin" done by Adam, which caused His Divine Soul to "die" in the Spirit-World. And our souls "died" too, in the Spirit-World, because our souls are mere "copies of His.

This is why the Old Testament teaches "soul-sleep: that the "dead" in Shoel "have no thoughts" and they have no plans. Between the Original Sin of Adam, as He lived as Ay son of Yahyu, in ancient Egypt (about 1350 b.c.e.) to the Atonement of Jesus Christ on the Cross, about 33 c.e., the souls of the Adamites were "dead" (totally unconscious) in the Spirit-World.

Powerful Beings

There are about 200 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Half of them have planets. Is it too hard to believe that humanoids on another planet, a planet that is FAR more advanced than the Earth by millions or billions of years, are not Powerful Beings that have abilities far beyond us? Is it unreasonable to believe that these Beings might have had something to do with "our" evolution on this planet? Could it be possible that one of these Beings was sent to this planet, to share His "DNA" by having children with a Earth woman? Why could this "not" be possible? How many stars are there? How many planets around those stars? How many of those planets had intelligent life long before this planet? We say...it happened!

Adapa married an Earth woman, and they had children. The children became the Adamites: a new race of men and women. The Adamites were more intelligent than the earthlings around them. They wrote. They did mathematics. They practiced medicine. They intermarried with the Earthlings, and produced more Adamites. They slowly spread across the face of the planet. They spoke the language of Adam, Proto-Sumerian, which is unlike any Earth language. Adam and His wife and children dwelt in Eridu, in a place called in Sumerian E-din (fertile land useful for raising crops and grazing animals).

The Bible says that Adam lived for over 900 years. This is not true. Adam (Adapa) lived for over 900 "Moons" (about 72 lunar years).

Copies of the Soul of Adam

Adapa (Adama) eventually died, and was buried. His physical body turned to dust, as all physical bodies do. But His Soul continued to survive. He "returned" via the womb of new mothers, a number of times. That One Soul became new "man" in different places, all around the planet. Each time He married and had children, each of His children inherited a "copy" of His God-Breathed Soul; which was unlike the souls of pre-Adamite Earthlings. The Adamites had "special" souls. Whatever "happens" to the Soul of Adam, also happens to the souls of all Adamites; because every Adamite had a "copy" of the Soul of Adam. That One Soul of Adam was making "copies" that the Adamites inherited, and "Adam" was showing up all over the Earth, born of different mothers, and He always had a "new" name. But, His Soul was always the same.

All souls of the Adamites are "bound" to the Soul of Adam through a cosmic entanglement. Therefore, if the Soul of Adam "dies" (falls) then the souls of all Adamites also "die" (fall). If the Soul of Adam is "resurrected" then the souls of all Adamites are "resurrected".

The Soul of Adam has lived many lifetimes all over the ancient world, producing children with copies of the Soul of Adam. These Adamites intermarry with pre-Adamites, and their children receive "copies" and their children receive "copies" and so on, until the entire planet is filled with Adamites; each man and woman having a "copy" of the Soul of Adam.

Why Jesus Had To Die

Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and died on the Cross for our sins, and that we have sins because Adam and Eve ate an apple or a fig from a forbidden tree that God planted in the Garden (doh!). Fundamentalist Christians (and Muslims) believe that God made Adam out of "mud" or clay, and Eve was made from one of Adam's literal ribs, and that a talking snake tempted Eve with an apple or fig. We don't believe that! All of these things are "symbols" and not literal. We will explain what the symbols really mean in detail later. But, in short....

*Adam (Pharaoh Ay)
*Eve (Queen Khiyah)
*Talking Snake (serpent crown which the kings and queens of Egypt wore/symbol of the "Wisdom of the Gods")
*Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (sex/which can be used for good or for evil)
*Forbidden fruit (forbidden sex/incest)
*Eve made from one of Adam's "ribs" (in ancient Hebrew the name for a man's penis was "rib")
*Eden in the East ("E-din": the original home of Adapa on this planet)
*Adam made from clay (a play on the word "Adama" which means "red clay" not to be taken literally)
*Garden (a literal walled garden with fruit trees of all kinds and a small zoo, built in ancient Egypt to house the Royal family)

We believe that the Soul of Adam reincarnated numerous times, and, Adam once incarnated as an ancient Egyptian name "Ay" (or Aye), who became Pharaoh of Egypt, after King Tutenkamun; about 1350 B.C. He lived in a walled Garden built by Pharaoh Akhenaten, just south of the City of Aten, along the Nile river, in what is known Amarna, Egypt. He lived in that walled Garden with his Queen, called Queen Khiyah ("Eve"); a real flesh and blood woman. It was in this literal walled Garden that the "Fall" occurred. The "sin" of Adam (as Pharaoh Ay) caused His God-Breathed Soul to "fall" (die in the Spirit-World). Our souls are "copies" of the Soul of Adam, so when the Soul of Adam "fell" (died in the Spirit-World) our souls also "died" in the Spirit-World. This soul-death (also called "soul-sleep") would have been eternal, if not for the atonement of Jesus on the Cross.

The reason why the Old Testament teaches "soul-sleep" (that the dead have no thoughts or plans) is because in the time between the Fall of Adam (as Ay) in 1350 B.C., to the Atonement of Jesus on the Cross in about 33 A.D., the souls of the Adamites were "dead" in the Spirit-World. That is not true today, because the atonement of Jesus on the Cross "reversed" the effects of the Fall of Adam.

The Atonement of Jesus on the Cross

Christians believe that Jesus was the God the Son, and sent by God the Father to "atone" for the sins of all men and women, and that men and women "sin" because they inherit Original Sin from Adam and Eve; because Adam and Eve gave in to the talking snake (Satan) and ate an apple or a fig from a forbidden tree that God, for some reason, planted in the middle of a Garden. All men and women, because they inherit the Original Sin or "Sin Nature" of Adam and Eve, will burn in Hell fire for all eternity unless they are "saved". Christians "debate" on "How to be Saved" and that answer varies according to what type of Christian you ask.

Many people today believe that Adam and Eve never existed, but it is simply a "myth"; like that of Apollo and the gods of Olympus. However, the truth is, the Man called "Adam" did in fact exist. He was known as Adapa of Eridu, and was the first priest of Eridu, when King Alulim was king of Eridu (about 6,000 b.c.e.); which was the first city of the Sumerians. He was called ADAPA (Wise Man) by the Sumerians, and ADAMA (Red Man) by the Akkadians. He reincarnated later as an Egyptian: Ay son of Yuya: a real "historical" person. The Sumerians called their land E-din (fertile earth).

Adam and Eve truly existed, and they are based upon an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, and his queen. The Garden of Eden also existed, and is based upon the walled garden of Meriaten, which was built by the Pharaoh Ankhenaten, about 1350 B.C. The garden had fruit trees of all kinds, an evaporation pond, a small zoo (many animals), and a Thorn-Apple Tree (tree of the knowledge of good and evil). The Soul of Adam "incarnated" as Ay son of Yuya, who eventually became Pharaoh, after the death of his grandson Tut-Ankh-Amun. Ay ("eye") was the reincarnation of Adapa of Eridu; who was also called "Adama". Adama was not the first human male, but the first "Man" with a God-Breathed Soul. His children inherited a copy of his soul, so if the Soul of Adam "falls" then so do all the souls of his descendants (the Adamites). Because Ay (Adama) "sinned" with Khiyah (Eve) in the Garden of Meriaten (Eden), his soul "fell" (died in the Spirit-World), and ours did to. This eternal death of the soul in the Spirit-World had to be reversed by suffering; so the Soul of Adam had to return and suffer for the "original sin" and thus reversing the effects of the Fall of Adam and bringing "eternal life" to the souls of the dead in the Spirit-World.

How one is "saved" from eternal Hell fire is a matter of debate among Christians. Catholics and Orthodox say one is saved via the Sacraments. Evangelicals say one is saved by reciting a mouth confession that one is a sinner and acceptance as Jesus as their Lord and Savior, called "The Sinner's Prayer", and heart-felt belief. For example, if a man who rapes and murders hundreds of innocent children says, before he dies, "The Sinner's Prayer" (verbally confesses he is a sinner and accept Jesus as His Lord and Savior) and is sincere in his heart, he will go to eternal Heaven at death, but the man who does good all his life, and does not harm to anyone, who does not recite "The Sinner's Prayer" and does not receive Jesus into his heart as his Lord and Savior, will scream and cry and burn in eternal Hell-fire; with no chance of escape. Does this sound like a "Heaven" you wish to spend eternity in?

Judged by Our Works, Not By Our Beliefs

Doctor Dahesh taught the opposite: that we are judged by "how we treat others" and not by our religion, our church, our doctrines, our beliefs, our caste, our race, our knowledge of the Bible, or the Qu'ran, or any other criteria other than "how we treat other sentient beings". The Atheist who does more good works than the Christian or Muslim, will get a better reward than they will on his "Day of Judgment" (next mortal life).

The reason why the Roman Catholics Church tortured and burned "heretics" is because they changed the teachings of Jesus from a Religion that emphasized "doing good unto others" into a Church which emphasized "doctrine"; that we are "saved" and "judged" by our "beliefs" and not our "actions". This is why the Catholic soldiers who tortured, raped, and burned the heretical Cathars (who believed in reincarnation and were vegitarians and harmed nobody...not even animals) believed they were going to Heaven because they "believed" in the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Those soldiers believed they would be judged by "beliefs" and not by their "actions". The harmless Cathars, on the other hand, believed they would be judged by their "actions" and not their "beliefs"; which is why they would not even harm an animal.

The Eternal Heavenly Choir

Christians are taught that "Heaven" is an Eternal Heavenly Choir of genderless angels who stand around a throne, and on the throne is a Slain Lamb with a seven eyes and seven horns a cut throat. These genderless angels will sings songs of praise to God and the Lamb for all eternity; only occasionally looking down to view the Damned screaming and crying in eternal Hell-fire, but the unending horrible suffering of the Damned will "bring joy the hearts" of the Saved (the genderless eternal-singing angels). Fundamentalist Christians believe only "they" will go to Heaven: everyone else burning in eternal Hell fire with no hope of escape. Fundamentalist Muslims believe only "they" will go to Heaven: everyone else burning in eternal Hell fire with no hope of escape.

Fundamentalist Christians "think" very much the same as Fundamentalist Muslims.

Do YOU want to spend eternity in the Christian "Heaven"; singing sons and watching the Damned being tortured? Does that sound like a "Heaven" you wish to spend eternity in? Singing songs and watching the Damned being tortured (crying, screaming) forever? Or...is this "Heaven" just a man-made "heaven" born in the minds of spiritually-blind men?

The Kingdom of Heavenly Planets

For Daheshists, "Heaven" is quite different. For us "heaven" is a literal Kingdom of Heaven of planets who are "more advanced" than the Earth; some by centuries, some by thousands of years, some by tens of thousands of years, some by hundreds of thousands of years, and some by millions of years. "Heaven" would be like having a time-machine and traveling to this Earth hundreds, or thousands, or millions of years into the future. "Hell" is like taking that same time-machine and going back into the Earth's past by hundreds, or thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, or millions of years. "Heaven" and "Hell" are literal planets, just like Earth, but "heaven" are planets more advanced than Earth, and "hell" are planets less advanced as Earth. On these planets are humanoids who more or less look like us, and there are (on the advanced planets) cities and all the things one finds on Earth. On the most advanced heavenly planets "mind" controls matter, and the Humanoids on these planets may do as they wish with via the use of "mind" and not technology.

Atonement Reverses the Fall

If we are saved from the Wheel of Rebirth on the Hell-worlds (Liberation) by "how we treat others" (according to Daheshism) then "why" did Jesus die on the Cross?

The death of Jesus on the Cross does not "save" us from the Wheel of Rebirth on the Hell worlds, but His shed blood on the Cross "saves" all men and women from eternal soul death in the Spirit-World.

Christians believe that Adam "sinned" but Jesus had to "pay" for that sin, and all our sins.

In the Gospel of Luke, Adam is called "the Son of God" (Luke 3:38). Christians believe that God sent Jesus, a Son of God, to "pay" for the "original sin" of Adam: a different "Son of God". Why God would sent one Son to "atone" for the Original Sin of a different Son is never explained in Christian theology. Why God would create billions of human beings, with the foreknowledge that most of them would burn in Hell for all eternity, because they never got to hear the name "Jesus" must less recite the Sinner's Prayer, or to receive the Sacraments of the Holy Church, is again never explained. Christians are told to have "faith" in their popes, priests, patriarchs, and pastors, and not ask questions.

We don't believe that God created billions of men and women only to send most of them to eternal Hell-Fire. We believe "Hell-Fire" refers to any life on a Hell world, like Earth, where the Ultraviolet rays of the Sun "burn" and age our skin and organs. Any world where there is suffering, and injustice, and murder, and rape, and hunger, and violence, and disease, where the Sun "burns" and ages us, is "Hell". And we seek to "escape" the Hell worlds and return to the Heavenly planets. This "escape" from the endless rebirth on the Hell worlds is called "Liberation".

Liberation Vs. Salvation

Almost all people today on this planet are Adamites, and thus we have the "right of return" to the Kingdom of Heaven, because we are partially the descendants of a Heavenly Citizen of that Kingdom of Planets (the Soul of Adam). We can continue to reincarnate on this and other Hell worlds, and experience pain, and injustice, and disease, and deformity, and hard labor, and war, and famine, and "demons" (psychopaths and sociopaths), and ageing, and death, or we can "claim our heavenly citizenship" and seek to be "Liberated" from the Hell worlds, and be "born above" on a Heavenly planet where life is much longer and much more pleasant.

In Catholicism "salvation" is achieved by eating bread and drinking wine, which is "transmutted" into the literal body and blood of Christ, by a Roman Catholic priest. That is all that is needed. You repent and "do penance" in order to avoid Purgatory (temporary Hell), but, if you are Catholic, and accept the Pope in Rome, you can murder millions, and rape babies, impregnate your own daughters, and still, after Purgatory (temporary Hell), go to an eternal Heaven. But, if you do good all your life, and are honest, noble, fair, righteous, but you don't accept the Pope in Rome, you'll burn in Hell-fire for all eternity.

For Protestants, especially Evangelicals, getting to Heaven is very easy: you simply confess with your mouth that you are a sinner and you confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior (The Sinner's Prayer), and if you "believe in your heart" that He died for your sins, then the "righteousness" (not sinlessness but the "righteousness") of Jesus is "transferred" to you automatically. You still "sin" but Jesus' blood "covers" all your sins. And, at death, you go to Heaven (the Eternal Heavenly Choir of Genderless Angels). Some Evangelicals believe you can commit "all manner of sin" after you are saved, and still be saved. Others do not. Some believe a "saved" person would never commit "mortal sins" after salvation, and "venial" (minor) sins are forgiven by Jesus' blood. Others disagree, and say that even if a Christian murders, or rapes, or lies, or steals, the "Blood of the Lamb" still covers those sins, and even if you commit the most horrible of sins, if you were "Saved" (The Sinner's Prayer) then you will go to Heaven at death.

The Eastern religions (Buddhism, Jainism, Cao Dai, etc.) teach differently. They teach that one is Liberated from the Wheel of Rebirth only when the "karma" that is attached to one's soul is burned away by means of "suffering" and "merit". Negative actions attract "karma" to your soul. This karma "weighs" the soul down, preventing it from ascending to the Heavenly planets at death. Therefore, this "karma" must be washed away or "burned away" off the soul by means of "suffering" and "merit"; with "merit" being defined as "seva" (selfless actions to others to alleviate their suffering), but also meditation and other spiritual practices.

Salvation and Liberation are not the same thing. "Salvation" refers to "saving" the soul from soul-death in the Spirit-World. This was accomplished already by the atonement of Jesus on the Cross. Liberation means "liberating" the soul from the Wheel of Rebirth on the Hell-worlds, which allows the soul to ascend to the Kingdom of Heaven and be "born above" on a Heavenly planet. When Jesus spoke of being "born again" He really said "BORN ABOVE". The translation "born AGAIN" is a mistranslation. Any soul still living on Earth has not yet been Born Above.

Liberation from the wheel of rebirth and Salvation are different:

***Liberation (Moksha): the soul escapes from the Wheel of Rebirth on the Hell worlds and flies to the Kingdom of Heaven, to be "born above" on one of the Heavenly planets. If you are reading this, and you live on Earth, this has not yet happened to you. We are """NOT""" Liberated by reciting "The Sinners' Prayer", nor by partaking of the Holy Sacraments or the Catholic or Orthodox churches. We are Liberated once we "free" our souls from karma, and we "burn away" karma by our own suffering, and by "merit" (alleviating the suffering of other sentient beings), and by certain spiritual practices that the Prophets and Guides have revealed to us. These spiritual practices are called "THE WAY". In The Book of the Divine Guide Doctor Dahesh tells us which spiritual practices are legit, and which are not.

***Salvation: the dead soul is "resurrected" from eternal death in the Spirit-World. Your "soul" died there because of Adam's "sin" in the Garden of Aten. Your soul is a copy of His Soul. This "resurrection" has already happened to your own soul! The blood of Jesus saves "all" men and women from soul-death in the Spirit-World, not just Christians. Salvation is a "free gift" to all men and women who are the descendants of any incarnation of Adam (and there were many) on this planet.

Salvation from eternal soul-death (the Second Death) in the Spirit-World is a "free gift" of God via the shed blood (atonement) of Jesus on the Cross, and reverses the effects of the Fall of Adam (soul-death). By Adam (His Original Sin in the Garden of Aten) all die (in the Spirit-World). By Christ (His shed blood on the Cross) all become alive again (in the Spirit-World).

Liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth on the Hell worlds is """""""NOT"""""" a Free Gift, but comes from walking the Straight and Narrow Path ("The Way") that leads to Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. How does one "walk" this Path? How does one follow "The Way". That will be revealed to you in this article.

The blood shed by Jesus on the Cross "revered" soul-death upon the Soul of Adam, and the souls of all Adamites: since our souls are just "copies of the Soul of Adam. Therefore, when an Adamite dies, his or her soul is "alive" (conscious/thinking) in the Spirit-World, because Jesus' suffering and death "reversed" the "effect" of the Original Sin of Adam; which was committed in the Garden of Aten, about 1350 b.c., in ancient Egypt. The foundation of the Garden still exists to this day, and you can go to Amarna, Egypt, and "walk" on the very stones that Adam (Ay) and Khiyah (Eve) walked upon!

Men Are Appointed To Die One Time

Many Christians reading this will think "Ah, but the Bible teaches against reincarnation in the Book of Hebrews!" In Hebrews chapter 9, verse 27, the author wrote: "It is appointed for men to die one time, and then the judgment". Christians use this verse to repudiate reincarnation.

But, they are misguided. Jesus taught reincarnation when He said that John the Baptist was the "return" of the spirit of the Prophet Elijah. The disciples of Jesus asked Him if a man born blind had "sinned" or was it his parents who had sinned. Their question makes no sense, unless they believed that the man born blind sinned before he was born blind. In certain Apocryphal books, like Pistis Sophia and The Secret Book of John Jesus teaches reincarnation. But these books were declared "heretical" by the same Church that later tortured and killed thousands of Cathars and Paulicians (men, women, and children) for being "heretics". The Cathars and Paulicians called themselves "Christians" and claimed to be the true followers of Christ.

Bible scholars know that The Book of Hebrews in the New Testament was not written by the Apostle Paul, but probably by a man named Hermas; the brother of a bishop of Rome who lived about 150 A.D. The earliest New Testament did not have such a book! Even with that said, Hebrews 9:27 does not repudiate reincarnation. The author was saying that men die "one time" and are then "judged". Daheshism agrees with that! We live a moral life, and then we are "judged". Our Day of Judgment is our next mortal life. Then we are judged again! We are "judged" after each mortal life. Our next mortal life is our "Day of Judgment" for our "actions" (not beliefs) in our previous mortal life.

We are "not" judged according to our "beliefs" but according to "how we treat other sentient beings". All living things are "sentient" except for plants, insects, and fish. Whales and dolphins are sentient mammals, and not fish. We shall not be judged according to our religion, or how well we know the Bible, or if we accept or reject the Trinity or any other belief or doctrine. We are judged by our "works"! We are "saved" from soul-death by Jesus' shed blood on the Cross, but we are "judged" by our own "actions" toward other sentient beings, and by absolutely nothing else!

Adam Paid for the Sin of Adam

We don't believe that God would send one Son (Jesus) to "pay" for the Original Sin of a different Son (Adam). That would be unjust, and God is Just.

The Soul of Adam first came to this world about 6,000 B.C., and He was known as ADAPA (Wise Man). The Akkadians changed His name to ADAMA (Red Soil). His children inherited a copy of His Soul. Whatever "happens" to His Soul, happens to the souls of all Adamites; because our souls are copies of His Soul. If the Soul of Adam "falls" (dies in the Spirit-World) then our souls also "falls" (die) in the Spirit-World. The result is Eternal Soul Death; which means eternal separation from the Spiritual Dimension, which is a dream of the Universal Cosmic Mind ("GOD").

Souls that come from the Kingdom of Heaven have the power of reincarnation. Pre-Adamites do not. But every descendant of Adam, in any of His many incarnations on this planet, has the power of reincarnation; because the soul of an Adamite is a "copy" of the Soul of Adam.

The Soul of Adam has incarnated (become flesh) many times on this planet. One such incarnation was a Ay Son of Yahyu, an ancient Egyptian who become a Pharaoh about 1350 B.C. at the age of 70 years. His wife was dead. As Pharaoh he wore the Cobra-crown; symbol of the "Wisdom of the Gods". His grand-daughter Khiyah (the Hebrew name for "Eve" is "Khivah") was "tempted" by the Cobra-crown: meaning she was "tempted" to wear it, meaning she desired to become Queen of Egypt and wear the Cobra-crown, but to do that, she had to married to Ay. Such incestuous marriages were common in Ancient Egypt, especially among the Royal House. It was thought that such marriage preserved the Royal bloodline.

The Cobra-crown worn by the Kings and Queens of Egypt. A symbol of the "Wisdom of the Gods".

The ancient Hebrews (and Egyptians) believed that men had 12 ribs, and women had 12 ribs. The 13th "rib" of a man was his penis. The dark saying that Eve was made from one of Adam's "ribs" means she came from his 13th "rib" (i.e. she was one of his descendants).

The dark saying that Eve was tempted by a talking snake with "The Wisdom of the Gods" means that Khiyah was "tempted" to wear the Cobra-crown (symbol of the Wisdom of the Gods), and to wear it she had to become Queen.

The dark saying that Eve tempted Adam with "forbidden fruit" does not mean that she tempted him with an apple or a fig, but Khiyah tempted Ay with her "fruit" which is "forbidden". This "fruit" hangs from the human tree.

When Ay (the Soul of Adam) "sinned" with Khiyah (a forbidden sexual act) this caused the Soul of Ay (Adam) to "fall" or "die" in the Spirit-World. The souls of all Adamites also "fell" (died) in the Spirit-World, because our souls are mere copies of the Soul of Adam. Therefore, the Soul of Adam had to return to "atone" for this Original Sin, in order to bring life (consciousness) again to the souls of the Adamites in the Spirit-World.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that His shed blood on the Cross "reversed" the effects of the Fall of Adam; which took place in Egypt, about 1350 B.C., in a place called "The Garden of Aten". We'll explain that in detail later.

Things Daheshists Don't Believe

We do believe that "Adam" and "Eve" existed. However, we do NOT believe in the following doctrines:

*Adam and Eve were the first humans
*There was no death before the Original Sin
*Eve was made out of one of Adam's literal ribs
*Eve was tempted by a talking snake
*The forbidden fruit was an apple or fig
*The Flood killed all life on Earth except for Noah and those on the Ark
*Dinosaurs all died because Noah couldn't fit them on the Ark
*God created billions of men and women only to send most of them to an unending tourture in Hell-fire because they were never Evangelical Christians.

Things Daheshists Do Believe

We don't believe in any of that. This is what we believe....

*Adam was not the first man, but the first Adamite: a Man with a God-Breathed Soul
*Adam and Eve did exist, as a Pharaoh and His queen in ancient Egypt.
*Only a God-breathed Soul can "sin" and the first sin of Adam occurred in Egypt
*Eve was Adam's grand-daughter, and thus came from His "tsela" (Hebrew: "rib" or "penis")
*Eve was tempted by the Cobra-crown, symbol of the Wisdom of the Gods, she wanted to become Queen.
*The Forbidden fruit was not a literal apple or fig but the "fruit" which hangs from the human tree.
*The Flood of Noah occurred in the Valley of the Aras River, in 3200 B.C.E. when a comet hit the Indian ocean and sent trillions of tons of water-vapor into the high atmosphere which came down as rain and snow all over the planet.
*The dinosaurs were not killed in the flood of Noah, but lived 60 millions years ago and we killed in the conflict between the Devas and the Asuras (War in Heaven).

Adam did exist, and He lived in Sumeria 6,000 years ago. He was known as Adapa, which in Sumerian means Wise Man. He was not the first man, but the first man with a God-Breathed Soul. Adam appeared on this planet as Adapa, the Wise Man, in Eridu, in Sumeria, about 6,000 years ago. His God-Breathed Soul returned as Melchizedek, king of Salam, and later as the Egyptian Pharoah Aye, father of Nefertiti. Eve also existed. Her name was Khiyah, the daughter of Nefertiti and AnkhenAten. The Garden of Eden also existed, next to the Nile, in ancient Egypt, in what is now called Tel Amarna. Here is what the Garden of Eden looked like:

Gan Eden (Hebrew: "Walled Garden")

The Flood of Noah Was Local

The Flood of Noah did happen, when a comet hit the Indian Ocean in 3200 B.C. the impact sent billions of tons of water-vapor into the high atmosphere, that later came down as rain and snow. And, yes, there is massive evidence of this impact. There was flooding all over the planet, but the entire planet was not flooded. Millions died, but millions survived. The Tomb of Noah can be seen today, in the city of Naxchesvan, in the the country of Azerbaijan. Remnants of the Ark of Noah can still be found, including the stone anchors, and the iron rivets, on the lower slopes of Mount Cudi, in Turkey, not far from the city of Naxchesvan. Fundamentalist Christian beliefs that the Flood covered the entire Earth by five miles (to cover Mount Everest) and that the dinosaurs were killed in the Flood, are wrong. Atheist and Agnostic believes that Noah never existed, there was no Ark, but the story is "pure myth" are also wrong.

Left The Tomb of Noah (Naxchesvan) right Anchor Stones on the slopes of Mount Cudi near the Aras Valley

If you would like to read TRUE DOCTRINE about the Story of Adam and Eve, and the Flood of Noah, then read the links at the bottom of this page.

Doctor Dahesh and The Noble Spiritual Faith

The Christ-Spirit, also known as the WORD of God, has incarnated, become flesh, many times on this planet. He came first as Jesus of Nazareth. The Christ-Spirit has returned, one time per century, from the first century to the Twentieth Century. The Christ-Spirit will come four more times, in the twenty-first, twenty-second, twenty-third, and twenty-fourth centuries. The twenty-four incarnations of the Christ-Spirit are also known as the Twenty-Four Sinless Prophets. Many things that Christians expect in the "Second Coming of Jesus" will occur in the twenty-fourth century, with the last incarnation of the Christ-Spirit on this planet.

Doctor Dahesh was the 20th of 24 Sinless Prophets that were, and will be, filled with the Christ-Spirit. Twenty have come and gone. Four are coming in the future. Number One of these 24 Sinless Prophets was Jesus of Nazareth. The Christ-Spirit entered Him at His baptism by John the Baptist, in the Jordan River, when Jesus was 30 years old. The Christ-Spirit left Jesus on the Cross, which is why Jesus cried out: "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Jesus had to die for the Original Sin of Adam, because He was Adam in a previous life. Adam is called "the Son of God" in Luke 3:38. Adam was not the first human being, but the first Man with a God-Breathed Soul.

That same Christ-Spirit that dwelt "in" Jesus, has also overshadowed one Man, one time per century, from the 1st century until the 20th century, when the Christ-Spirit descended from "a cloud of heaven" (a comet) and entered into a one-year-old Assyrian child living in Jerusalem by the name of Salim Moosa Awshee, Who later became known as "Doctor Dahesh".

Doctor Dahesh healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons, caused inanimate objects to become animated, before thousands of witnesses. He taught His disciples the RAAMZ rite, which cures all kinds of diseases, including all cancers. He wrote five books of Revelation.

Doctor Dahesh was not a medical doctor. He had no earned degree of any kind. At the age of 17 He performed an amazing supernatural miracle in Bethlehem, and His friends thereafter called Him "Dahesh" (Assyrian: "Wonderful" or "Amazing"). He became known as "Duktur" (Assyrian: "Teacher/Counselor") Dahesh; translated into English as "Doctor Dahesh". He never claimed any degree of any kind. He had only three months of formal education as a child. The name "Duktur Dahesh" means "Wonderful Counselor" in the Assyrian language.

The name "Doctor Dahesh" is quite famous in Lebanon, and also known in Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. His name is almost completely unknown in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America. In Lebanon He was known either as the greatest worker of supernatural miracles of all time, or the greatest magician and hypnotist of all time, depending upon who you ask.

Doctor Dahesh was, along with being a worker of supernatural miracles, a collector of art. The Dahesh Museum of Art exists to this day, in New York City, just east of the Holland tunnel. Doctor Dahesh also wrote 150 books, including five books of Revelation:

*My Testament
*The Inferno
*The Gospel of Love
*The Book of the Divine Guide

In His book Paradise Doctor Dahesh describes what life is like on a number of Heavenly Planets. In His book The Inferno Doctor Dahesh describes what life is like on a number of lower Hell-worlds. Earth is the highest form of Hell-world. There are much lower Hell-worlds. In His book The Book of the Divine Guide Doctor Dahesh describes "The Way" that a soul may return to the Kingdom of Heaven.

He also wrote books of poetry, prose, social commentary, and book-sized "parables" such as Memoirs of a Dinar. He also wrote Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth in the first person. That book is about Jesus' life between the time He was 12 years old until He started His ministry at the age of 30.

Hundreds of people testified in Lebanese and Egyptian newspapers, from the 1920s to 1975, that they personally witnesses supernatural miracles performed by Doctor Dahesh. These eye-witness newspaper accounts have been gathered into several books in the Arabic language. These books will eventually be translated into English and other major languages. Most of the people who wrote these eye-witness accounts, never become Daheshists. They identified themselves as Christians or Muslims, or Druze.

Excepts from these eye-witness accounts are also published on the internet under the name The Book of Testimonies About Doctor Dahesh. You will be sent a link to that online book upon request. You can read an excerpt from that book, The Testimony of Hilda Nassib, in the link below.

The Noble Spiritual Faith

In 1943, Doctor Dahesh founded The Noble Spiritual Faith of God in Beirut, Lebanon. The Noble Spiritual Faith is commonly called "Daheshism" or "the Daheshist Faith". Who Doctor Dahesh was, and what the Noble Spiritual Faith is, will be explained, in brief, below. The Noble Spiritual Faith is not a "church". It is the latest and fullest Revelation of the One Religion of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. Dr. Dahesh was not sent to establish a Church, but to teach the world the TRUE DOCTRINE about God and the Cosmos, and also to teach humanity THE WAY a fallen soul may return to the Heavenly Planets. Doctor Dahesh taught that all humans are fallen angels. We fell from the Kingdom of Heaven. The 24 Sinless Prophets came to teach us THE WAY to return to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Christ-Spirit is the WORD of God. This WORD is the Creative-Principle of ALLAH: the One Divine Mind of the Cosmos. The 24 Sinless Prophets had power over the elements, because the WORD of God dwelt "in" Them, as water dwells "in" a glass, or an image of a person dwells "in" a mirror.

We shall tell you more about Doctor Dahesh, the miracle-working Prophet of Lebanon, in eight short online Chapters. Don't worry, you will NOT be bored.

Questions for the Reader

+Do you believe that Adam and Eve were the first human beings on this planet?

+Do you believe that Adam was made from clay, Eve from a literal rib, and there was no death anywhere on the planet before Adam and Eve ate a fig or apple?

+Do you believe that the Story of Adam and Eve is literal (Adam was the first man, Eve made from a rib), or that this story is "pure myth" (as Atheists believe), or that the Story of Adam and Eve is based upon real historical people who dwelt in "the Garden of Aten" in ancient Egypt about 1350 B.C.E.?

+Do you believe that the dinosaurs all died in the Flood, and all races of men we have today came from the three sons of Noah and their wives?

+Do you believe that humans evolved on this planet by pure "chance" and that our evolution has not been guided by a higher intelligence or "intelligences"?

+Do you believe that the Galaxy is "empty" of intelligent life except for Earth?

+Do you believe that God would send one Son (Jesus) to "pay" for the sin of a different Son (Adam)?

+Do you believe that God would create billions of men and women only to torture them in eternal Hell fire because they were not Evangelical Christians?

+Do you believe that the Shed Blood of Jesus on the Cross "covers" the sins of a man who murders and rapes children "if" he confesses Jesus as Lord before he dies?

+Do you believe that "Heaven" is an eternal heavenly choir of genderless angels who sing songs of praise to a Slain 7-Eyed Lamb on an Altar while looking down at the Damned burning in Hell fire for all eternity? Is this the "Heaven" that YOU wish to spend eternity?

+Do you believe that Heaven refers to a confederation of Heavenly planets far more advanced than Earth, where there is no hunger, no war, no disease, no deformity, no injustice, no hard labor, no famine, and no ageing and no "death" as we know it? Would YOU like to live on such a planet?

+Do you believe that "getting to Heaven" is as EASY as eating bread and drinking wine consecrated by a Catholic priest, or as EASY as reciting "The Sinner's Prayer" with a sincere heart?

+Do you believe that the ship anchor stones found on the slopes of Mount Cudi in Turkey were just some sort of ancient practical joke?

+Do you believe that Noah's flood killed all life on the planet except for those on the Ark, or do you believe that Noah's flood was "pure myth" that never happened, or do you believe that Noah's flood was based upon a "local" flood in Armenia?

+Do you believe that the ancient peaceful Cathars, who believed that the Christ-Spirit dwelt "in" Jesus and in reincarnation and harmed nobody, are now burning in Hell forever, but the Catholic soldiers who raped their women and girls, and then murdered them are now in Eternal Heaven as genderless angels singing songs of praise to God and the Lamb?

+Do you believe that the Pope decides who is a heretic or not, or your pastor, or the Patriarch of Moscow, or Bible scholars, or does JESUS decide who is a "cultist" or who is not?

+Do you believe that the miracles of Jesus were done by the power of Satan?

+If Jesus of Nazareth was just one false messiah and false prophet among many, who worked His miracles by the power of Satan, why didn't Satan give this evil power to work miracles to "other" false prophets and false christs: why was this "Satanic power" given to ONLY Jesus and not the others?

+Do you believe that the miracles of Dahesh were done by the power of Satan?

+If Doctor Dahesh was just one false Christ and false prophet among many, who worked His miracles by the power of Satan, why didn't Satan give this evil power to work miracles to "other" false prophets and false christs: why ONLY Dahesh and not the other "false christs"?

+Do you believe that all the hundreds of people (many still alive today) who said they saw with their own eyes Doctor Dahesh perform supernatural miracles that no magician could perform, are ALL liars or dupes?

+Do you believe that "Hell" refers to a literal place where souls of people burn for all eternity, crying and screaming, being tortured by demons, but having no mercy from God because they were never Catholic or never Evangelical Christian, or never Fundamentalist Muslim?

+Do you believe that "Hell" refers to the Wheel of Rebirth on the Hell worlds where the Ultraviolent rays of the Sun burns and ages the skin, and where there are "demons" (sociopaths) who torment the good, and where there is pain, suffering, famine, hunger, war, injustice, disease, deformity, ageing, and death?

+Do you believe that in the Milky Way Galaxy there are planets which are 'far' more advanced than Earth, where there is no disease, no deformity, no war, no famine, no injustice, and no ageing?

+Do you believe that these far advanced planets might form a Confederation, which Jesus might have called "The Kingdom of Heaven"?

+Who knows MOST about God and Heaven: the Pope, the Patriarch of Moscow, your Pastor, your Priest, your Minister, Bible scholars, or "The Four and Twenty Elders" mentioned in the Book of Revelation?

+Could Doctor Dahesh be Number 20 of the "Four and Twenty Elders" mentioned in the Apocalyse?

+Would you like to learn how to perform the Raamz Rite, which allows the user to call upon the Holy Spirit to miraculously heal?

+Would you like to know more about Doctor Dahesh and the Noble Spiritual Faith?

If you answered "Yes" to the last question...then keep reading! If not, then thank you for your time, and Go in Peace!

Chapter Two

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