Why I Left the Mormon Church and Became a DAHESHIST
(a follower of Doctor Dahesh, the Miracle-Working Prophet)

by Darrick T. Evenson
Former Mormon Missionary and Apologist (defender of the Faith)
author of "The Gainsayers: A Converted Anti-Mormon Responds to Critics of the LDS Church" and "Black Mormons & the Priesthood-Ban"

PHOTO: Doctor Dahesh (India: 1983). Born Saleem Moosa Awshee (Peaceful Moses Cook) in Jerusalem in 1909. He grew up in Bethlehem Palestine (now Israel) and lived most of His adult life in Beirut Lebanon. In 1975 He moved to New York City. He became the most prolific worker of supernatural miracles of all time. He died in 1984.


Dear Reader,

The following article is in 8 "Parts"; from 4 to 10 pages each part. So, this article is really an online booklet. In all, it takes about 90 minutes to read. If you can't "commit" that time, then please read "The Testimony of Hilda Nassib" which only takes a few minutes to read. You'll be glad you did. A link to her "testimony" is at the bottom of this page. She recounts eleven of the supernatural miracles she witnessed Dr. Dahesh perform.

This article contains "many" accounts of the supernatural: including disincarnate Voice, ghosts, demons, supernatural miracles, visions, visitations, prophetic dreams. All of the happenings that I relate in this online booklet happened....in the real world...exactly as I describe them to you. By the end you will know why they happened to "me" specifically. There is a great "secret" to be revealed at the end. Take 90 minutes and read it all...you won't be disappointed!

MY NAME IS DARRICK EVENSON. I was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1960. I was raised in California; in the cities of Santa Monica (9 years), West Los Angeles (3 years), Palm Springs (3 years), Burlingame (1 year), and Redwood City (2 years). I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on December 31st, 1979, when I was 18 years old. I resigned from the Church in July of 1996. I served a mission to the California San Jose Mission (1983-1985). I was released honorably.

NOTE: If you are already familiar with Mormonism then scroll down until you see "CONTINUED". But, not, then read this:

For those of you who don't know, the Mormon Church (official name: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) was founded by Joseph Smith in 1839, in Palmyra New York State. Today (2015) the "LDS Church" has over 15 million Members worldwide, in most countries. The LDS Church is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah (a predominantly "Mormon" state founded by Mormon pioneers in the late 1840s). Mormons are Christians (that is debated by other Christians), but believe that Joseph Smith was chosen by God to "restore" the original Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Earth; which had been corrupted by uninspired men for centuries. Joseph Smith was killed in June of 1844 by an Anti-Mormon mob at Carthage Jail, in Carthage, Illinois.

Along with the Bible, Mormons revere additional Scriptures:

*The Book of Mormon (about a colony of Jews in ancient America whom Jesus visits for three days after His resurrection)

*The Book of Doctrine and Covenants (Revelations to Joseph Smith)

*The Pearl of Great Price (The Book of Abraham--translated from ancient Egyptian papyri--and some other historical books)

Mormons give 10% of their gross income to the LDS Church, along with serving two year proselyting missions at the age of 18 or 19. They have "Temples" where they perform "works for the dead" such as baptisms, and other rites thought to benefit the dead. Most Christians, especially "Fundamenalist" Christians (called "Evangelicals"), see Joseph Smith as a false prophet, and view "Mormonism" as a "heresy" (false teaching) and the LDS Church as a "cult" (false non-Christian group). Some Evangelicals make it their life's work, and full-time job, as "Cult Fighters" publishing literature, films, and going on lectures, warning people about "cults" (false religions) in general and "Mormonism" in particular. Mormons refer to these men and women as "Anti-Mormons".

Mormons often refer to themselves as "Latter-day Saints" or simply "LDS". Most Mormons are white (although this is rapidly changing), conservative, and (in the U.S.) Republican. Some Mormons are "Liberal" and usually refer to themselves as "Sunstone Mormons"; a reference to the Liberal Mormon magazine Sunstone. They refer to conservative Mormons as "TBMs" (True Believing Mormons). Most "Sunstone" Mormons do not view The Book of Mormon as literal history, but, at best, a "parable" probably written by Joseph Smith. TBMs view The Book of Mormon as literal history of Jews who came to ancient America, and who were visited by Jesus for three days after His resurrection in Jerusalem.

TBMs view Joseph Smith as a true Prophet of God, greater than any man who ever lived "save" (except) for Jesus Christ. Sunstone Mormons have "lesser" views of Joseph Smith: from semi-inspired fallible man to religious charlatan and opportunist. About 85% of active Mormons are TBM, with the rest being "Sunstone" Mormons.

The Church is headed by a "Living Prophet" (President of the Church) and 14 Apostles who serve as his two Counselors and a "Quorum of Twelve" Apostles. These men are paid (their salary and benefits are secret). Below them are "Seventies" who are somewhat like Catholic Bishops (but these men are married and have families). Below the Seventies are "Stake Presidents" and "Bishops" who are not paid, but volunteer their time overseeing "Stakes" (clusters of 4 to 12 congregations) and "Wards" (congregations of about 200 people).

Nobody in the LDS Church received any "training" in Mormon doctrine or history outside of Sunday School, and "Seminary" classes (high school religion classes one hour per day) or "Institute" classes (college religion classes several hours per week). Mormon leaders, from Apostles to Seventies to Stake Presidents to Bishops, receive no theological training outside of what is available to the "Members".

The "goal" of every Mormon is to become a God or Goddess is the "Celestial Kingdom" and create planets and beget spirit-children to dwell on those planets for all eternity. This is called "Exaltation". To be "Exalted" the Mormon man or woman must be completely "active" (attend all meetings and perform all rites) and faithful to Mormon leaders all of their lives. Those who are not faithful Mormons all their lives (or after joining the Church) will get a "lesser kingdom of glory" and become eternal servants (eunuchs) to the Exalted.

Mormons view the LDS Church as "The Only True Church" meaning the only true religion on Earth. All other religions and churches have "some truth" but not the "fullness of truth" that is only found in the LDS Church which Mormons simply call "The Church". TBMs see the President of the LDS Church as "The Living Prophet" who holds all the "keys" to salvation and exaltation, and who is the mouthpiece for the Lord Jesus on Earth. His words spoken in General Conference (twice-yearly meeting) are viewed, for all practical purposes, as infallible; as if the Lord Jesus were speaking Himself. "Sunstone" Mormons take a much lesser view of the "Living Prophet" from semi-inspired to not inspired of God at all.

Some of the most popular Internet "Anti-Mormon websites" are now being written by former Mormon missionaries; such as "Letter to a CES Director" by Jeremy Runnells; who served in the New York New York City Mission. His website to date (Feb. 2016) have over 600,000 "hits".

Since the advent of the World Wide Web in the late 1990s, masses of "Anti-Mormon Information" has been put on the Internet, within easy reach of Mormons, and many Mormons are now going through a "crisis of faith" with hundreds of thousands of Mormons now resigning from the Church each year. This number includes a former Seventy, former Stake and Mission Presidents, and former Bishops. These "Post-Mormons" have formed their own organizations like the Ex-Mormon Foundation, Post-Mormon Community, Ex-Mormons United, Mormon Stories, Mormon Discussions, White Fields Foundation, etc. Yet, the Church is still growing very fast in places where there is little or no Internet access: such as Africa, South-East Asia, and among the poor of Latin America.


I Decide To Write A Book

There was quite a lot of "Anti-Mormonism" on my mission; especially in the greater San Jose area. An anti-Mormon film called "The God Makers" had just been released, and shown at many Evangelical churches. Mormon missionaries were handed anti-Mormon tracts at many doors. Mormon missionaries were getting spit upon, doors slammed in our faces, cars trying to run our bikes off the road, and death threats. The Church did nothing to help us. Not a thing. I decided I had to "do something" about that. After my mission I wrote a book defending the Church against anti-Mormon attacks, called "The Gainsayers" (Horizon, 1989). The book was written in 1985, but not published until 1989. That book became a favorite of Mormon missionaries in many parts of the U.S. during the 1990s. It sold in LDS bookstores for about a decade or so. I am NOT saying the Church distributed this book or encouraged missionaries to use it. The Church did no such thing. But, because the missionaries were constantly bombarded with anti-Mormon questions, usually from sincere investigators, and the Church did not provide them with "any" answers to such questions, the missionaries started buying my book. Many copies were bought, and when a missionary used it on his mission, he usually gave it to a junior companion before he went home. This was done clandestinely, word of mouth, because most Missions had "Mission Rules" which required missionaries only to read "approved books" such as those written by Mormon Apostles. Yet, because the Church wasn't helping its own missionaries deal with Investigators who had "Difficult Gospel Questions", thousands of them turned to my book "The Gainsayers" because they literally had nothing else to help them deal with this issue.

Difficult Gospel Questions

As a Mormon missionary myself in the early eighties in California, I was told to "change the subject" anytime an investigator, a person whom we taught, had a "difficult gospel question". Of course, that never worked. People weren't stupid. They could "see" that we were changing the subject and ignoring their real questions. I'm glad my book helped so many missionaries in the nineties. My book "The Gainsayers" was a direct response to an anti-Mormon book and film titled "The God Makers". While that book and film was 90% true and factual, the 10% which was falsehood and error had "enraged" the more fanatical element among Evangelicals, and it caused Mormon missionaries to face a lot of threats and some violence from that particular element. Many Mormon missionaries were threatened with death or great bodily injury, some were beaten or forced off the road, and even a few were murdered (not in my mission but in Georgia), by men calling themselves "Christians", in large part because of the lies in "The God Makers" films and books. Perhaps the biggest LIE in "The God Makers" was that Mormon missionaries only "pretended" to see Jesus as our Savior, but, secretly, we really saw Joseph Smith as our Lord and Savior who shed his blood for our sins at Carthage Jail. That lie, and other such lies in "The God Makers" books and films, inspired me to write "The Gainsayers".

I also wrote The Gainsayers for another reason; which shall be revealed in Part III.

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

In 1985, after returning home from my Church mission, I wrote to the First Presidency of the LDS Church, outlining a number of recommendations to help Members and Investigators with anti-Mormon questions. In response, I was threatened with excommunication if I didn't "cease trying to steady the Ark" (note: in the Bible several Levites see the Ark of the Covenant tipping over, so they grab it in an attempt to prevent this, and the Lord kills them). One man who worked for the Office of the First Presidency by the name of Roy Doxey (a former BYU religion professor) told me: "The Church only loses a few thousand people a year due to anti-Mormon literature. The Brethren don't care about them. They let them go. Those are acceptable loses!" Today (2015) the Church is losing hundreds of thousands of Members (not counting sincere Investigators) due to anti-Mormon websites Members find on the Internet. I wonder if The Brethren (top 15 Church leaders) still consider these to be "acceptable loses". They seem to be beginning to implement some of the SAME suggestions I gave them in 1985. As the saying goes: "A day late and a dollar short".

This article will tell the story of why I converted to the LDS Church at age 18, my experiences in the Church, why I later resigned from the Church, and why I later become a Daheshist: a follower of Doctor Dahesh, the miracle-working Prophet of Lebanon. It is in eight Parts: ranging from 5 pages to 20 pages each. The accounts of the paranormal/supernatural in this online booklet are many, and TRUE! Yes...they really happened...whether you believe them or not. If I tell you THE TRUTH and you call me a "liar" that doesn't make me a "liar" but makes you a "fool".

None Of The Above

A few Latter-day "Saints" have emailed me saying that I left the Church because I was lazy, or "couldn't keep the Word of Wisdom", or because I was a homosexual, or a pedophile, or an fornicator, or an adulterer, or "never really believed in the Church or Gospel in the first place." Let me say this: I was at one time a very dedicated conservative believing Mormon. I was never a "Sunstone" (Liberal) Mormon. I was a conservative orthodox TBM (True Believing Mormon) who took my religion more "seriously" than just about any other Mormon I knew. I spent tens of thousands of hours doing research in order to produce a book called The Book of Answers to Anti-Mormon Questions so I could defend the Church and help Members, missionaries, and investigators who were having a "Crisis of Faith". Because of my tens of thousands of hours of research into Mormon history, I know more about the history of the LDS Church than most Members do, and more than most Mormon historians do. I say that NOT to "boast" but to simply state a FACT. In additional, I am NOT gay, not bi, and I've never in my life committed fornication or adultery or pedophilia! I have never violated the Word of Wisdom to this day. Why did I leave the Church and resign from it in 1996? Read my story, and you'll find out my reasons. Until you know my "reasons" try not to "judge" me. Making false accusations against me only makes "you" a false accuser.

"You're Gonna Burn In Hell Forever!"

As a Mormon, Evangelicals (Fundamentalist Christians) told me all the time I was "going to burn in Hell for all eternity" because I was a Mormon. Fundamentalist Muslims tell me I'm going to burn in Hell for all eternity for not accepting Fundamentalist Islam. Some Catholics (traditionalists) still believe that I'll burn in Hell for eternity for not accepting the Pope in Rome as the Vicar of Christ and heir of the Throne of St. Peter. Mormons now tell me that because I left the Mormon Church, I am now a "Son of Perdition" and will cry and gnash my teeth for all eternity in "Outer Darkness".

Unfortunately, I don't believe any of you, and I take your threats of "hell-fire" and "outer darkness" upon me with pity...upon you! I can only "pity" your ignorance and spiritual blindness! Doctor Dahesh came to bring "Light" to this dark world, and to enlighten the dark minds of men and women trapped in religious ignorance or atheistic arrogance.

The Eastern Religions

The Abrahamic or "Western" religions all teach one is "saved" by adherence to a particular religion, church, or sect. The Eastern Religions (Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Cao Dai) teach differently. They teach the Law of Karma: a Universal Cosmic Law that says for every hurtful or negative behavior we attract "karma" to our soul, and that "karma" must be burned away by our own suffering or "merit" (acts of kindness, mercy, charity, service to others, etc.). Nobody "goes to Hell" in Buddhism because of "belief" in certain doctrines or partaking of rituals, but because of "karma". We send our own soul to Hell by our own hurtful and negative actions towards other sentient beings. Likewise, the soul that rids itself of karma (dark matter) ascends to higher spiritual realms (the highest being Nirvana) instead of returning to the Wheel of Rebirth on the material worlds where suffering and death exist.

Daheshism is a synthesis of the Abrahamic Revelations and the Eastern Religions. There is truth in both, and error in both. Doctor Dahesh came to teach True Doctrine: what is true and false in the teachings of the Abrahamic religions and the Eastern religions. Daheshism agrees with the Eastern Religion in that the Law of Karma exists, as does the Wheel of Rebirth, and that we are "judged" by our "actions" and not our "beliefs" or what particular "creed" we adhere to or what "church" or sect we belong to.

Judged By Works Not By Beliefs

Daheshism (the religion I now believe in) teaches that we are "judged" solely by how we treat other sentient beings. A "sentient being" is any being that can feel joy or sorrow (i.e. all living beings except fish and insects and reptiles). Therefore, for Daheshists, whether Mormonism is a true Revelation of God or a man-made religion is completely and utterly irrelevant. According to Daheshism, if a Mormon leads a good life, and keeps the Golden Rule, he or she has nothing to fear in the Afterlife. Doctor Dahesh taught that that Atheist who does more good deeds than the Christian or the Muslim, will receive a greater reward than they will on their Day of Judgment; which is their next mortal life. We are not "judged" by what church or religion we belong to, nor by our race, nationality, caste, class, status, accomplishments, nor by what rites or rituals we go through, nor by what creeds or doctrines we believe or do not believe. We are judged solely by our "deeds" toward other sentient beings and by absolutely "nothing" else. Our current mortal life is our "Day of Judgment" for our deeds (good and bad) in our last (previous) mortal life.

Stay in the LDS Church IF...

Therefore, if you are happy in the LDS Church, and keeping the Golden Rule (do unto others as you want them to do unto you), then I say "Stay in the Church!" But if you are a Seeker of Truth, as I was (and still am), and you must have the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, regardless of anything else, then keep reading!

Paranormal Events

The story you are about to read is TRUE! I recount in this article many paranormal events. These events really and truly happened, exactly as I recall them here. Some of you reading this don't believe in, or no longer believe in, the supernatural. I can assure you, the supernatural exists. You'll read many accounts of the supernatural in this online article. And this article only contains recollections of about 20% of the paranormal events that have occurred to me in my life, up to the present time. By the time you finish reading, you'll know the reason why so many paranormal events happened to me.

If you don't have the time now to read all Eight Parts, then remember the URL and come back to it later. Or, if you have only a few minutes to spare, then please read "The Testimonies" (links below) which will only take you a few minutes.

This article is divided into Eight Parts, for ease of reading. Try to read at least one Part per sitting. To read the entire online article takes about 90 minutes. Part I (Who Was Dr. Dahesh?) takes about 15 minutes to read. Whether you agree, or disagree, with my story, one thing is for sure: you will be entertained by what you're going to read! You will NOT be bored! Enjoy your reading...


The Testimony of Hilda Nassib (3 pages)
The Testimony of Haleem Damous (2 pages)