The Testimony of Hilda Nassib Regarding Doctor Dahesh

Hilda Murad Nassib was a 23 year old Palestinian woman from Jerusalem, whose husband had recently died. She went to Saudi Arabia to take a job, and met a cousin of Dr. Dahesh who told her about him. She had heard of the miracles of Dr. Dahesh while living in Jerusalem, but didn't think much of it then. But after meeting Dr. Dahesh's cousin she became intrigued, and she moved to Beirut to see for herself if Dr. Dahesh was a Man of Miracles. She met Dr. Dahesh and saw him almost daily for the next 15 years. She became his secretary whose job it was to help him collect works of art from all over the world. She relates 11 miracles she personally witnessed. She wrote:

"1. I saw several miracles soon after I was introduced to Dr. Dahesh. The one miracle that shocked me most took place as follows: He gave me a staff and told me to write my name on it and to draw the Daheshist insignia (i.e., a pentagram) in different positions. After I wrote my name and drew the insignia, he asked me to throw the staff in the air and when it landed in his hand it had transformed, in a split-second, into a picture frame holding the picture of my late husband—a picture that I had never seen before. Dr. Dahesh, who lived in Beirut, never knew my husband, who lived in Jerusalem. Although my husband heard of Dr. Dahesh, he never met him. Dr. Dahesh told me: “Your husband had reincarnated as an adult on another material world and if you desire, I can have your husband re-materialize here on Earth, where you can talk to him face-to-face.” I refused his offer, because I knew I would lose my mind if he had talked to me from beyond the grave. Dr. Dahesh then said to me: “Keep the picture then.”

2. Once I got to know Dr. Dahesh, I wanted to visit him just about everyday and for the remainder of my stay in Beirut. Every time I entered his house, fellow Daheshists would lead me to a small but cozy room, near the entrance, then either Dr. Dahesh or a fellow Daheshist would lead me through a hallway to the grand living room. That room was so nicely decorated with art masterpieces, water fountains, oriental carpets, figurines, oil paintings, Egyptian curtains, etc.

One day, I was in the grand living room enjoying the décor when certain questions crossed my mind: “ Who cleans his home? Who hangs the paintings so high on the walls of this very high-ceiling room?” These and many other questions were running through my mind silently when suddenly I look around and the entire décor in that room had changed on me from floor to ceiling, with different paintings, carpets, wall colors…I mean everything…I was SO SCARED, so I started to run out of the room when the room décor changed completely again. I stopped at the exit door, trying to rationalize what is happening here, when the décor changed again. I tried to calm myself and to build my courage to see through this. After few more changes in the décor, I saw Dr. Dahesh coming from the adjacent room with a smile on his face. I cannot explain the extent of my happiness to see him. He welcomed me and then I told him what had just happened to me and he answered me saying: “There are many things that take place that I am not aware of their happening, unless I am told by the Holy Spirit, or by the person witnessing them" and that he is very happy that the Holy Spirit had answered my questions.

3. On another day, I visited Dr. Dahesh, who at the time of my arrival was eating in the kitchen. He told me that one of the six birds in the cage I brought had died and asked me to take it out of the cage and toss it out of the window overlooking the backyard. I said to him: “No way Doctor, I cannot do it!” But he asked me whether I wouldn’t prefer to see the bird alive. So, I opened the cage door with my trembling hands, picked up the stiff bird with a napkin, ran to the window in order to toss it out, but as soon as I opened my hand, it had returned to life and flew out of my hand and landed on a branch of a large tree. Dr. Dahesh had insisted that I do it so that I can witness such a heavenly miracle, where the dead is returned to life.

4. On another visit, I had my daughter Suzie with me, who at that time was about three years old. My daughter saw the paintings and art masterpieces of birds, butterflies, lions, leopards, etc… and wondered why he doesn’t have cats! Suddenly, Dr. Dahesh stretched his hand into the thin air and grabbed a tiny plastic yellow-colored cat that whistles when squeezed and gave it to Suzie while telling her: “Here, this cat is for you.”

5. On another occasion, Dr. Dahesh, Suzie, and myself were in the grand living room when Dr. Dahesh said that we should join the others who are seated in the big hallway, where it was set to accommodate many visitors. He was singing to Suzie while walking and she was very happy. Dr. Dahesh was even happier just to see her happy and told her: “Suzie, I want to bring you candy from another world!” So, he placed his two hands on the purple collar of the outfit that I was wearing and collected round-shaped pastel-colored candy, with chocolate filing and delicious flavor. His hands were so full that many pieces of candy dropped on the floor. Others, who were sitting in the hallway, jumped in and assisted in picking up the candy.

6. After I had left my job in Saudi Arabia, I lived in Beirut for a while and then moved to the United States. I then returned back to Beirut and assisted Dr. Dahesh in importing art objects, paintings, masterpieces, jewelry, and many other items to add to his collection. He was curious as to what is available in the world from the East, Far East, Europe, and the United States. We received catalogs from all over the world. One day after the mail had come, he was looking through the catalogs that he had just received from Germany, France, and Italy, while singing to Suzie. I heard him singing with words like “I love you so much, you are a special and pretty girl, and I want to get you something nice.” He then drew a star on a photo in one of the catalogs of a very expensive ring with diamonds and an amethyst stone and immediately the ring had materialized out of the German catalog leaving a hole in its place. I screamed in astonishment and touched it to examine it and to admire its beauty. I asked Dr. Dahesh if we could keep the ring, he looked at Suzie and said: “I cannot give you the ring now, however, I will give it to you in the distant future in another reincarnation.”

7. A similar miracle had happened to me once, but in a different period. While flipping through the pages of a Chinese catalog of beautiful butterflies, a butterfly came to life out of the catalog and then returned back to it. Dr. Dahesh wrote on the picture of the butterfly in Arabic “Hilda the butterfly” and gave it to me. I still have that beautiful butterfly picture with my name written on it with his handwriting.

8. During the period where I was assisting Dr. Dahesh, Ramzi, my son, who was at that time six or seven years old, came to me saying: “Mommy… Mommy,” with a trembling voice, fast heart beat, and scared, “I saw three Dr. Dahesh…I saw three Dr. Dahesh.” I found out later that he saw three of Dr. Dahesh’s Personalities, one next to the other wearing different clothing. This miracle had happened with me on more than one occasion. One day, while Dr. Dahesh, Zeina Haddad, and myself were sitting in the hallway talking, Dr. Dahesh asked Zeina if she had ice cream for me. While having ice cream, I almost choked when I saw five Personalities of Dr. Dahesh appear in a matter of seconds and spread throughout the hallway. I found out later that the one that was sitting next to me, who ordered the ice cream, was Personality #6. Another Personality next to the door leading to the bedrooms; one at the door leading to the kitchen, etc…they were all looking at me and smiling without saying a word—except for Personality #6. I was even more amazed to realize that Personality #6 was with me all the time, while Dr. Dahesh was sleeping in his bedroom and disappeared when he was awakened. Dr. Dahesh had a fever and was not feeling well. You can tell from his eyes and face that he was in a deep sleep. I showed him the spots where the Personalities were standing and was amazed by the place Personality #4 was standing, because It was in a very tight opening by the entrance door and the big refrigerator. After examining the area, it was impossible for anybody—not even a child—to stand were It was standing. It broke through the wall from one side and the refrigerator from the other. It was the One that looked at me from afar and would hide Its head for few seconds and then look at me and smile.

9. As I mentioned earlier, in the early 1970’s, I worked for a while in the United States for an embassy. On a very busy day, I heard a knock on the door of my office, so I said: “come in.” The door opened and Dr. Dahesh entered. I was very surprised to see him and we talked for about an hour. After that, Dr. Dahesh said to me that he had come to visit me and that I shouldn’t bother escorting him out, however, it felt odd that I would let him leave without escorting him out, so I ran after him down the stairs to the reception area, but I couldn’t see him anywhere, so I asked the receptionist if she had seen anyone coming down the stairs and she said no. I was very suspicious of his visit, in particular because no one could see any embassy official without being identified or having prior permission; so I picked up the phone and called the home of Dr. Dahesh in Beirut and to my surprise, Dr. Dahesh was there. I talked to him about what just happened to me and I learned from him that it was Personality #6 that visited me.

10. In 1975, at the beginning of the Lebanese civil war, I left Lebanon to the United States with my children and been here ever since. Between 1976 and 1984, Dr. Dahesh had visited us in Virginia several times and his visits sometimes would last several days. On June 17, 1977, he visited us accompanied by Zeina Hadad. During the late afternoon hours, Dr. Dahesh, Zeina, and I were sitting alone, when Dr. Dahesh said: “Do you wish to know how God’s wrath is administered on Earth?” Zeina answered him with a “yes.” He said, “I see the angel of the Lord descending from Heaven to administer His wrath and holding a sword of fire.” In a matter of seconds, the sunny skies had changed to dark skies, strong winds had gusted and we had a downpour of rain with hale. My apartment was on the 25th floor of a very nice luxury building with big windows and large balconies. Despite the tight structure of the building, the rain was so heavy that water started to seep into my apartment through the balcony door and through the windows in a very scary way. I started to mop the water and couldn’t keep up, so I gave up. The hail was like golf balls and was hitting the glass fiercely. Dr. Dahesh looked at me and said: “Neither heights nor water-tight windows and doors will help when God administers His wrath.” We prayed and pleaded with Dr. Dahesh to stop the storm and he did.

11. On another occasion, while Dr. Dahesh was visiting us for several days, he called a Daheshist sister in the State of Connecticut. During their conversation, he asked her to come down to Virginia, so she accepted his invitation and flew down. After she had arrived, Dr. Dahesh said to me: “I need to make a phone call.” I was surprised from his question, because he knows he is welcome to use anything in my home and it was common for him to pick up the phone whenever he needed to use it. I guess I didn’t understand his question, so I said to him: “Are you asking me to make the call for you.” He said: “No! I need to make a call from the lower lobby of the building by the elevators.” There was a pay phone there and I was puzzled, nonetheless, I said to him, fine, let’s go. So, we went down to the lower lobby, where we had a convenience store, a dental clinic, a hair salon, and other small shops. I asked him to give me the number he wishes to dial so that I’ll dial it for him, however, at that moment, I saw the side door open and a beautiful young blond woman accompanied by a tall and handsome blond gentleman come through. They were looking directly at Dr. Dahesh with a smile on their face and then I saw them nod, they turned left and started to walk towards the garage. I was surprised from their behavior, so I said to Dr. Dahesh: “They seem to know you!”

Dr. Dahesh replied: “Yes, they know me. They have descended from another world to see if I needed help.” I can see them walking through the long hallway, and as soon as I heard what Dr. Dahesh had said, I ran after them, but suddenly, they vanished into thin air in front of my eyes. After that, we went up to my apartment and informed the visiting Daheshist sister with what had happened. Later on, I understood that the purpose of the materialization was the refusal of a Daheshist to help Dr. Dahesh with something. Although the refusal was only in the thoughts of this individual, the materialization took place to show that individual that entities from other worlds can always descend to help him.

These were only a few of the miracles that I had witnessed myself during a period of 15 years with Dr. Dahesh. All I can say that he had a very positive influence on my life and I cannot repay him enough for all that he did for me. Can I repay Christ, my Redeemer?" (Excerpt from THE BOOK OF TESTIMONIES)

There are hundreds, thousands, of similar testimonies from other Daheshists, and even hundreds from Non-daheshists who wrote similar things in newspaper articles in Lebanon starting about 1929 and continuing until Dr. Dahesh left Lebanon in 1975. You can read more testimonies of eye-witness accounts in The Book of Testimonies online. That link will be emailed to you upon request. It is free to read online.

When Jesus was on Earth 2,000 years ago, He said "I came down from heaven". And they said, "Is this not Jesus, the carpenter's son? How then can he say 'I came down from heaven?'" What Jesus meant was, He came down from the Kingdom of Heaven, as a Divine Soul, that overshadowed (possessed) the body of a small child, born of a virgin. Jesus came down from Heaven via the womb of a woman. Dr. Dahesh, Who was Jesus in a previous incarnation, came down from Heaven in the same way.

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