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BE OF GOOD CHEER! You are about to be told the greatest "secret" of the 20th century, and you will also be told the "greatest secret" of the 21st century! Really....! You are among very few human beings who will get this "Good News".

I was raised with no religion, but I studied many. I became a Mormon when I was 18, and served a mission for the Mormon Church. I wrote a book defending that Church against anti-Mormon attacked called "The Gainsayers"; which sold in Mormon bookstores for 10 years. But my research into anti-Mormon claims, among other things, eventually led me out of the LDS Church. I resigned from that Church in 1994. I studied all the religions of the world, until, finally, in 2005, I became a Daheshist: a follower of the Noble Spiritual Faith (Daheshism).

Before I can tell you the reason "why" I left the Mormon Church and became a Daheshist, I have to tell you, very briefly, just Who was Doctor Dahesh.

Doctor Dahesh (1909~1984) was the most prolific worker of supernatural miracles of all time. He was not a medical doctor. The title "Duktur Dahesh" in Arabic means "Wonderful Teacher" or "Wonderful Counselor". The title "Duktur" is honorific; like "Shareef" (Noble) or "Shaykh" (Elder). "Duktur" simply means "Teacher" or "Counselor". Doctor Dahesh taught Himself to read and write, and had no medical training, but He healed many thousands.

In 1908, Moosa Aleshiya, an Assyrian Christian man living in Mosul, Iraq, then part of the Turkish Empire, decides to take his pregnant wife, Shmooneh, and relocate to Palestine; another Turkish province. He settles in Jerusalem, and gets a job as a cook at the Presbyterian Mission Hospital. Both he and his wife join the Presbyterian Mission. Formerly, they had belonged to the Syrian Orthodox Church. Moosa is of the Aleshiyah clan, an ancient Jewish clan in Mosul who had become Christians centuries before. The Aleshiyah clan claim to be the direct descendants of the Prophet Elisha ("Aleshiyah" is Assyrian for "Elisha"). They had immigrated to Assyria (northern Iraq) many centuries before. In Palestine at the time, many Palestinians are resentful of the growing number of Jews immigrating to Palestine, and Jerusalem. Although a Christian, Moosa changes his "Jewish" sounding name ("Aleshiyah") to "Awshee" which is Arabic for "Cook". Although the couple could speak Arabic, their first language is Assyrian.

Shmooneh Awshee bares a son, and they name him Salim Moosa Awshee (Arabic: "Peaceful Moses Cook"). He was a sickly child, so His mother (Shmooneh) took Him, at one year old, to the Presbyterian Hospital on the slopes of the Mount of Olives, during the time that the Halley's Comet was passing very close to the Earth. Some supposed it was the "End of the World"; because the comet was MASSIVE in the sky at that time. The ancient Hebrews referred to comets as "the clouds of heaven". One evening a strange bright orb was seen hovering over the Presbyterian Hospital, on the Mount of Olives, while the young Salim (s'lim) was sleeping inside in a crib. At this time, the Earth was passing through the massive tail of Halley's Comet. In America and Europe, people made and sold "Comet Pills" for people who thought the comet was making them ill. Halley's Comet was so close to the Earth in 1910 that it practically filled the day and night skies, and the Earth was passing through it's massive tail. Shmooneh too probably wondered if the tail of the comet was making her child Salim (s'lim) sick, and speaking words she could not understand.

Every single eye on Earth that could see (i.e. that wasn't blind) could "see" the massive Halley's Comet as it came very close to Earth in 1910: both in the day and at night. Christians believed it was the Second Coming. Atheists and Agnostics held "End of the World" parties.

At the hospital, on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, the child Salim began speaking in strange words Shmooneh could not understand. She asked the American doctor, who could speak Arabic, for help. He came in, and young Salim, one year old at the time, said to the American missionary doctor in unaccented American English: "Give the child such-and-such medicine and He will recover." Both Shmooneh and the American doctor, who could speak Arabic, were shocked, but, the doctor gave the child the requested medicine, and young Salim recovered after a few weeks, and was taken home.

Presbyterian Mission Hospital (center upper right) on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem (c. 1910) when the Earth passed through the tail of Halley's Comet, and the one-year old child Salim Moosa Awshee spoke from a cradle in English "Give the child such-and-such medicine and he will recover!"

Salim (s'lim) was raised in Bethlehem Palestine (during the Summer months) and Beirut, Lebanon, the rest of the year. As an adult, He chose to make Beirut His home. He was the most prolific worker of supernatural miracles of all time. He performed thousands of miracles, many of which were witnessed by journalists and others non-Believers. These witnesses relayed what they saw in Lebanese, and sometimes Egyptian, newspapers. He became quite famous in Lebanon during the 1930s through 1975. Still today (2015) very few in Lebanon have not heard the name "Duktur Dahesh". Some believe He was a Prophet. Others believe He was the greatest magician of all time. Still others believe He was possessed by evil Jinn (evil spirits) which is why He could perform supernatural miracles.

In 1975, the Lebanese civil war began, and Doctor Dahesh and a third of His followers moved to New York City. He made New York City His home from 1975 until His death in 1984.

The Miracles of Doctor Dahesh

Doctor Dahesh healed the sick, raised the dead, caused the blind to see and the deaf to hear. He cured all manners of diseases. He made inanimate objects animate. He did this on a daily basis. There were thousands of eye-witnesses. Hundreds of eye-witnesses were interviewed by various Lebanese newspapers from the the early 1920s until 1975, when Dahesh moved to New York City. Many of these eye-witnesses are still alive today. They include doctors, lawyers, businessmen, politicians, art-collectors, artists, poets, Muslim and Christian clergymen, and ordinary men and women. All will tell you the same thing: they saw with their own eyes Doctor Dahesh performing supernatural miracles that no "magician" could perform. Even Lebanese Maronite Catholic priests, and Sunni and Shi'ie Imaams, testified in Lebanese newspapers that they "saw" with their own eyes Doctor Dahesh performing miracles, but they usually ascribed these miracles to the Devil. When Jesus performed miracles, the scribes and Pharisees said: "He works miracles by the power of the Prince of Demons".

There is absolutely no doubt that Doctor Dahesh could perform supernatural miracles, and He did so on almost a daily basis, and hundreds of people, most of whom never became Daheshists, testified to being eye-witnesses to those supernatural miracles in various Lebanese newspapers from the late 1920s to 1975, when Doctor Dahesh moved from Beirut to New York City.

Doctor Dahesh died in 1984 in New York City, but He came to my house and visited me, to Lakewood, near Tacoma, Washington State, in 2005. More about that later.

Origin of the Name "Dahesh"

When Salim was 17 years old, during one Summer in Bethlehem, a group of Assyrians (Iraqi Christians) came to Bethlehem on pilgrimage, to view the birthplace of Jesus. The Assyrians decided to go have a picnic next to the Pool of Solomon; a small reservoir near the village. A group of teenagers from the village, including Salem, followed them, hoping to get some free food. As the Assyrian and teens ate, one of the Assyrians said to another "You know, if Jesus were here today, He would walk upon this water!" Salim heard the conversation, and jumped up and shouted, "Yes, Yes, I can do that!" Salim then started to walk on the water of the Pool of Solomon; about the size and depth of an Olympic sized swimming pool. The Assyrians were astounded, and a few jumped into the pool to see if Salim was walking upon hidden wall. There was none. Salim returned, and the Assyrians took off His shoes and waved them into the air, yelling to the others: "Look! Look! The lad's shoes aren't even wet!" The Assyrians started to shout "DAHESH! DAHESH!" which in Arabic means "WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL!" An American or British person would have said "O MY GOD! O MY GOD!"

Several of the teens who saw this later reported it in newspapers, many years later, and none of them ever became Daheshists. From that day on, the friends of Salim called Him "Dahesh".

After Dahesh started His own religion, His followers called Him "Duktur Dahesh": the term "Duktur" is Arabic and can mean "physician" or "teacher" or "guide" or "wise counselor".

Doctor Dahesh would go on to perform thousands of similar miracles.

The Pools of Solomon outside of Bethlehem, Palestine

The Raamz Healing Rite

Doctor Dahesh authored a ritual called "The RAAMZ Rite" whereby He taught His disciples how to "heal" others with it. Many people have been healed instantly by the RAAMZ ["rawmzz"], including people with burns, cancer, leprosy, spirit-possession, etc. The RAAMZ rite takes many hours to learn, and involves writing symbols and words in Arabic on a piece of yellow paper, the recital of a special and specific Prayer in Arabic, and folding and burning the piece of paper in a very specific way, and using the ashes of the burnt paper on the afflicted person. Many people have testified to instant healing via the RAAMZ. People who have their faces burned has been healed instantly with the RAAMZ [pronounced "rawmzz"], as testified to by their own relatives and witnesses who "see" the scars and burned tissues "changing" and healing in front of their eyes, within a few seconds or minutes. Not a gradual healing, but almost instant healing.

A full account of the supernatural miracles of Doctor Dahesh can be found in The Daheshist Chronicles; a series of 30 books in Arabic, all about 300 pages. Excerpts of these accounts are found in many Daheshist books such as THE BOOK OF TESTIMONIES online. You'll be sent a link to that book upon request. More extensive excerpts from those volumes will be found in THE BOOK OF DAHESHISM by the late Dr. Ghazi Brax (d. 2014), the Apostle of Dr. Dahesh; a book that will, hopefully, be published in English in the next few years.

The 24 Sinless Prophets

The Twenty Four Elders around the Throne of God

In the Book of Revelations, the Angel of Jesus shows the Apostle John a vision of Four and Twenty Elders sitting on thrones, surrounding the Throne of God, worshipping a Seven-Eyed Slain Lamb. These Four and Twenty Elders are symbolic of Twenty Four Sinless Prophets in Whom the Lamb of God, the Creative WORD of God, dwells. Number One of these Twenty-Four Sinless Prophets is Jesus of Nazareth. The WORD of God dwelt "in" Him from His baptism by John the Baptist until His death on the Cross. On the Cross, the WORD left Jesus, which is why Jesus cried: "My God, My God, why have you abandoned me?"

The WORD of God continued to "incarnate"--which means "become flesh"--one time per century, from the first century to the twentieth century. In the twentieth century, the WORD of God "entered" the body of a young Assyrian boy, about one year old, who was in a Presbyterian Mission hospital on the Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem, in the Palestinian province of the Turkish Ottomon Empire. The WORD of God continued with that boy until manhood, and continued to dwell in that Man until His death, in New York City, in 1984

Christians believe that the WORD of God "became flesh" as Jesus of Nazareth. We also believe. However, Christians are taught that the WORD of God will only become flesh ___one time___ for all eternity. We disagree. We know that the WORD of God will become flesh twenty-four times on this planet alone.

Does the Bible say that the WORD of God will become flesh only one time? No. Nowhere. That is a man-made doctrine. The Book of Revelations, the Apocalyse, shows Four and Twenty Elders around the Throne of God; symbolic of the Twenty-Four Sinless Prophets. Salim Moosa Awshee, otherwise known as "Doctor Dahesh", was Number Twenty of these Twenty-Four Sinless Prophets.

The Christ-Spirit "dwells" in these Sinless Prophets like water in a glass. The water is not the glass, and the glass is not the water. The water cannot say "I am the glass" and the glass cannot say "I am the water". They are two separate things, but become "one" in "a glass of water". So too, the Christ-Spirit dwells "in" and "fills" a Sinless Prophet, like water "fills" a glass. Jesus was Number One, the "Firstborn" of the 24 Sinless Prophets.

The Noble Spiritual Faith

In 1943, Dr. Dahesh founded a new religion He called "The Noble Spiritual Faith"; also known as "the Daheshist Faith" or simply "Daheshism". He wrote 150 books, including five books of Revelation:

*The Gospel of Love
*My Testament
*The Inferno
*The Book of the Divine Guide

His other books were poems, prose, songs, social commentaries, and parabolic stories. Dr. Dahesh also became a prolific collector of art, especially 19th century European Academic art, which He became the most prolific collector of all time. The Dahesh Museum of Art was established in 1985, and still exists in the Soho district of New York City, a few blocks east of the Holland Tunnel.

"Doctor" Is A Title Meaning "Teacher" or "Counselor"

Dr. Dahesh was not a medical doctor. He had no degrees of any kind. "Doctor Dahesh" is an English translation of the Assyrian "Duktur Dahesh" which means "Wonderful Teacher" or "Wonderful Counselor". The term "Duktur" is an honorific title in Arabic and Assyrian like "Shareef" (Noble) or "Shaykh" (Elder). Doctor Dahesh never claimed any college degrees, taught himself to read and write, and had only three months of formal education.

Incarnations of the Christ-Spirit

His followers, known as Daheshists, of which there are about 2,000 in the world, consider Dr. Dahesh to be a "reincarnation" of the Christ-Spirit on Earth. We believe He was the "incarnation" of the Christ-Spirit for the 20th century. More incarnations of the Christ-Spirit will come in the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th centuries.

The final Incarnation of the Christ-Spirit will come in the 24th century (i.e. 2300s). The day, month, and year, we do not know.

The Resurrection of Doctor Dahesh

Daheshism teaches that Jesus had one physical body (born of Mary), and six "heavenly bodies" which are not subject to the death. Like Lazarus (who is now dead and buried), the physical body, made of dust, always returns to dust. Even Lazarus, who was raised from the dead by Jesus, eventually "died" again, and his physical body returned to dust just as "all" physical bodies return to dust.

We believe that Jesus' physical body lived many for many years, but, like Lazarus, eventually "died" and returned to dust, but that His six "heavenly personalities" appeared to many after His death, and that one of these "Heavenly Personalities" ascended into a "cloud" (comet) from the Mount of Olives as is recorded in the Book of Acts chapter One.

Basically, we all have one physical body and one or more "ethereal" bodies. Some people "see" their "ethereal double" which is called a "Doppelganger". The more "spiritual" we are, the more "doppelgangers" we have. Jesus had six doppelgangers; the maximum number. We call these doppelgangers by the term "Heavenly Personalities". I saw my doppelganger before, when I was 28 (and he was wearing the exact same clothing I was), and my parents saw another doppelganger (or perhaps the same one), in Buena Park, California, when I was 21 years old.

Jesus had one physical body, born of Mary, and six "doppelgangers" or "Heavenly Personalities". These doppelgangers were the entities that "appeared" to His disciples after His death.

Why was the tomb of Jesus "empty"? The Gospel of Peter, an ancient Gospel that was once considered inspired, says that two "men in white" removed the physical body of Jesus from the tomb, before the women arrived on Sunday morning to wash His body. These two "men in white" supported Jesus (the one born of Mary) as they came out of the tomb. All bodies made of dust, eventually return to dust. Like Lazarus, this physical body later died and was buried again. However, one of Jesus' "heavenly" bodies ascended into a "cloud", as is recorded in Acts chapter One. Christians are told that Jesus ascended into a white puffy "cloud" of the sky. We know that this Heavenly Personality of Jesus ascended into a "cloud of heaven" (comet).

Dahesh taught that one of the "heavenly personalities" of Jesus ascended into a "cloud" (comet) from the Mount of Olives, but that the physical Jesus, born of Mary, continued to live on Earth "incognito" for many years, and died, and was buried, and that physical body, like the body of Lazarus, returned to dust. Some of us think that Apollonius of Tyana, a Greek miracle worker in the first century, was really Jesus "incognito". Read about Apollonius of Tyana, and you'll see why we believe that Apollonius was really Jesus "incognito".

Dahesh is Shot in Azerbaijan Province, Iran

In 1943, the Maronite Catholic clergy and Sunni and Shi'ite imams of Beirut were getting upset that many of their flocks were calling Doctor Dahesh a "Prophet" or "Man of God". This angered them, and many went to the President of Lebanon (named "al-Khouri") and demanded that he "do something" about Doctor Dahesh. So, the President of Lebanon had Doctor Dahesh arrested, on the charge of Spiritism (i.e. conjuring the dead); a crime in Lebanon at the time. Doctor Dahesh had made the dead relatives of certain people to "appear", in broad daylight, and speak to their loved ones. In Lebanon, Spiritism was illegal; because most "Mediums" were frauds who used clever tricks to con people out of their money. Even though Dahesh never changed money for his "spiritual sessions" and even though the dead relatives "materialized" in broad daylight, with many witnesses, that was beside the point! The "point" was that the clergy and imams were very unhappy with Dahesh and his teachings, and wanted President al-Khouri to "take care" of problem.

None of the clergy or imams in Lebanon doubted that Dahesh could perform miracles. Many of them "saw" his miracles for themselves! They all admitted he could perform them, but they ascribed his miracles to Satan; just as the Scribes and Pharisees ascribed the miracles of Jesus to the "Prince of Demons".

The priests and imams were angry over the fact that Dahesh was considered to be a "Prophet" to the Christians, and a "Sent One" to the Muslims. Some Christians and Muslims were becoming Daheshists. This angered the priests and imams, who spoke with President al-Khouri, asking something to be done. So, Dahesh was arrested, and jailed. The police then took Dahesh to the Syrian border and said: "Walk, and don't come back or we'll kill you". So, Dahesh "walked" for many months, through Syria, into Turkey, and then into Iran. He was stopped by Iranian border guards, who asked for his passport. Dahesh replied he had no papers. The Iranian authorities concluded that Dahesh was a French spy (France ruled Lebanon at that time) sent to stir up the Azerbaijanis (a persecuted minority) in Iran to rebellion. So, the Iranian government decided to that Dahesh was to be killed as a spy, by firing squad, and this was photographed. The Iranian government sent the photos to the Lebanese government; which released the photos to the Lebanese newspapers; because Dahesh was quite famous in Lebanon at that time.

Photo of Dahesh executed (shot in the stomach) by a firing squad near Tabriz, Iran (1943)

Naturally, the Daheshists in Lebanon were quite sad by this news, and gathered at the House of Dahesh for a memorial of their Beloved Guiding Prophet. At the memorial, Dahesh walked through the front door; asking everyone why they were so sad.

Many Daheshists also report seeing "six" or "seven" bodies of Doctor Dahesh at the same time, in the same room together. Hilda Murad Nassib, who had known Doctor Dahesh in Beirut for many years, eventually moved to the U.S. and got a job at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington D.C. She reported that Dr. Dahesh once came to the Saudi Arabian Embassy, where she worked, in the early 1970s to visit her. Right after Dahesh left, in only a few minutes, Hilda then called the House of Dahesh in Beirut, to tell the people there that Dahesh had visited her, and Dahesh answered the telephone! Shocked, she said: "But I just spoke with you here in at the Embassy in Washington just a few moment ago!" Dahesh replied: "Oh, that was one of my Heavenly Personalities visiting you!" Many Daheshists report similar things. All of these people are educated professionals. Many of them were agnostics or even atheists before they met Dr. Dahesh. You can read more about this in The Testimony of Hilda Nassib in the links below.

At the time of this writing (March, 2015) Hilda Nassib is still alive, and living in Alexandria Virginia. Call her up sometime and ask her yourself! She is old, please don't call her after 7pm at night Eastern Time. Ask her yourself, if this happened or not! Many, many other Daheshists have reported similar things. You can read more about that in The Book of Testimonies.

Dahesh Moves to New York City in 1975

In 1975, the bloody Lebanese Civil War breaks out. Palestinian radicals living in Lebanon had convinced many Muslims there that they had the right to rule the country, which had been ruled by the educated Christian minority for decades. Muslims are killing Christians and vice versa. Many "innocents" are being killed. Some saw this as an "opportunity" to commit rape and murder, and Daheshists are targeted because they are seen as "apostates" both by Christians and my Muslims. So, Doctor Dahesh and a number of his followers move from Beirut to New York City. Although he would travel frequently, Dr. Dahesh would spend the last 9 years of his life in New York City. In 1983, Doctor Dahesh was alive and well and living in New York City. He continues to work miracles, write books, and collect artwork; especially 18th and 19th century European "Academic" paintings. In April of 1984, Doctor Dahesh dies of a heart attack in New York City. He is buried in a secret plot, at a cemetery in or near New York City.

Ironically, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovah's Witnesses), headquartered in Brooklyn, New York City, predicted that Jesus would "return" in the year 1975. Of course, after Jesus was a "no show" the Watchtower leaders now deny they ever said that Jesus was returning in 1975 in the first place. Mormon leaders do the exact same thing when their own prophecies fail.

I Go To the Los Angeles Zoo on an "Urge"

In January of 1977, at the age of 16, on an "urge" I go to the the Los Angeles Zoo; which is about 24 miles away form my home in Santa Monica. I go by myself. I'm a loner, so for me, this is "natural". I'm disappointed because the day of overcast, and many of the animals are inside their cages. I take the bus, and it takes me about two hours to get there. I had to transfer buses twice. At the Zoo that day, near the lions, a group of men are mingling around a bald man. They are speaking what I "think" is Arabic, but they are not wearing "Arabic" style clothing (I thought back then that all people who spoke Arabic wore "Saudi" type clothing). The men are wearing dress slacks and polo shirts. So, I conclude they can't be Arabs. I conclude they are Israelis speaking Hebrew, but, again, it "sounds" Arabic. I'm only 16, so I can't really say for sure what language they are speaking, but to my ears is "sounds" like Arabic. The bald man looks at me, we make eye contact, and he says something, loudly, to the other men gathered, while pointing right at me! I can't understand what he is saying. The men look at me strangely. I get scared, and walk away from them as fast as I can. Why was that man shouting and pointing at me? It freaked me out. I get back on a bus, and, several hours later, I'm back home in Santa Monica. Not long after that, some really "strange" things begin to happen.

I never heard the name "Doctor Dahesh" until 2005; when I read it in a book titled The Encyclopdia of American Religions by J. Gordon Melton at a public library in Lakewood, Washington State, near Tacoma.

In 2015 I would learn, for the first time, that Doctor Dahesh and a small group of Daheshists take a jet from New York City and visit California, in January 1977. They spend the first day at Disneyland, and the second day at the Los Angeles Zoo.

In 1979, at the age of 18, in Lakewood (near Tacoma), Washington, I would see this "face" of the man at the Zoo again, in a vision, or hallucination (take your pick) in my room late at night. More about that later.

Did Dahesh Claim to be "Christ"?

No. Doctor Dahesh (Salim Moosa Awshee) never once said "I am Christ". He never once said "I am the Messiah". Never. Neither did Jesus. This is because Daheshism teaches that "Christ" is a Spirit, not a man. The Christ-Spirit is the Word or "Logos" of God, the Creative-Principle of the Cosmos. This Christ-Spirit may "overshadow" certain men. The term "overshadow" means to "possess". The same thing happens when an evil spirit "possesses" a person. However, the Christ-Spirit is not evil, but Divine.

The Christ-Spirit "overshadowed" Jesus at His baptism, and left Jesus on the Cross; which is why Jesus said "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Without the Christ-Spirit "in" Him, Jesus was just a Prophet, a sinless Prophet, but just a Prophet.

This same Christ-Spirit "overshadowed" Doctor Dahesh. Not all the time. Usually not. Dahesh had to call upon the Christ-Spirit to take possession of Him, with a certain prayer called the Raamz.

Dr. Dahesh authored this Prayer for Daheshists in 1942:

To the Redeemer of Mankind [written in December 25, 1942]

O Lord Christ!
O Lord of eternal glory and never-ending Love!
O Messiah of God and His supernal Word!
O Quintessence of Purity and fountain of clarity!
O You who sacrificed His immaculate blood in martyrdom to save us!
O You who suffered so much for our sake and loved us the whole love!
O You whose name the Universe praises, and whose shadow the angels in Heaven sing!
O Lord of the pure souls and Father of the virtuous spirits!
O You who taught us righteousness and implanted in our spirits the seeds of faithfulness!
O You who sacrificed everything to deserve Eternal happiness!
O You whose path was a beacon for us to keep us from stumbling!
O You who was chased by lewd priests and criminal prelates!
O You who called in the Desert of this World and the Universe reverberated His echo!
O You the renown of whose teachings spread through all the Worlds, the known of them and the unknown!
O You whose pure words were acclaimed in the Eastern parts of the earth and its Western!
O You who rescued us from the precipice of crime and sin, and averted from us the darkness of horrible death!
O You whose truthful teachings led us to the Eternal Divine Fountains!
O You whose name the Universes exalt and whose parables the planets repeat!
O You who folded the Old Covenant and spread the New Covenant!
O You who agonized on the Cross for our sake, with a glow on His brow and a smile gilding His mouth!
O You who redeemed us with the fountain of His guiltless ruddy blood!
O You for whom our sores yearn, once we leave our forlorn ephemeral world!
O You whom we implore to send us a sparkle of His Divine lights,
To guide our footsteps toward the road of light, truth, and certainty,
That we may be happy at the end of our life of so short a span,
And evolve to enchanting lofty worlds,
There to live beneath the shadow of Christ the Redeemer,
Singing with the immaculate Angels,
Chanting the chants of rapture and delight upon the lyre,
And from those up-high places overflowing encompassing happiness,
We forget those tears and sadness we left behind
In the world of wickedness all fraught with miseries and sorrows!

This same Christ-Spirit that "overshadowed" Jesus of Nazareth, will also "overshadow" 23 other Sinless Prophets, from the 1st century to the 24th century. Jesus was Number One. Dahesh was Number Twenty. Numbers 21, 22, 23, and 24 will come in the future.

Doctor Dahesh (Salim Moosa Awshee) never once said "I am the return of Jesus". He never once said "I am the reincarnation of Jesus". We believe He was the reincarnation of Jesus based upon things he did say, and upon his writing the book Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth.

Not only does Jesus "return" one time per century, but also the Apostles and Disciples of Jesus also "return" one time per century, since they are bound with strong "karmic ties" to the Soul of Jesus.

Remember, any man who says "I am Christ" is a liar and false messiah, because no man can say "I am Christ" since Christ is not a man, but a Spirit. But the Christ-Spirit can dwell "in" certain men, but these men must be sinless and pure receptacles for that Spirit. If a sinless Prophet sins, they are no longer worthy to be vehicles for the Christ-Spirit.

Since the time of Jesus, many Sinless Prophets have appeared on this planet. All of them worked supernatural miracles. None of them said "I am Christ". That would be like a glass filled with water saying "I am the water". Any man, or woman, who says "I am Christ" is, in fact, a false Christ. Jesus never said "I am Christ".

Only A False Christ Would Say 'I Am Christ'

Many false claimants have appeared over the centuries saying "I am Christ". None of them could perform supernatural miracles. Any man or woman who says "I am Christ" is a false Christ. Not even Jesus said "I am Christ" but when Peter said "Thou art Christ, the Son of God" Jesus said: "Peter, flesh and blood did not reveal that to you, but you Father which is in heaven". Doctor Dahesh (Salim Moosa Awshee) never once said "I am Christ" but when others said "You are Jesus returned" or "You are a Prophet" he did not deny it.

The Christ-Spirit, or WORD of God, is not a man. The WORD of God is "God" in the same way a man's "reason" or "speech" is part of that man. God Outside of Space-Time is called the "Father" and God Inside of Space-Time is called the "Son" or "Word". A man "speaks" and his voice "vibrates" the air, which we call "sound". In like manner, he Speech or "Word" of God is he creative "Vibration" of the Cosmos which causes otherwise dead matter to organize itself.

In the days of Jesus, many claimed they were the Messiah. Many said "I am Christ". Jesus did not. Jesus "proved" He was the Son of God not with words only, but with deeds; supernatural deeds. The other "Christs" could not work supernatural miracles, because only the Christ-Spirit can work supernatural miracles.

Many Christians are told that Satan can work miracles. No, he cannot. In the Book of Revelation (Apocalyse) it says the "Beast" can perform "wonders" such as "bringing down fire from heaven" (Rev. 13:13). Any Bible scholar will tell you that these references do NOT refer to Satan working miracles, but to the Romans (the Second Beast) using giant catapults to rain down large flaming tar-balls upon their enemies. Bible scholars will tell you that "The First Beast" in the Apocalyse (Book of Revelation) refers to Nero. His name in Hebrew (Neron Kesar) equals mathematically to "666". The Second Beast is the Roman Empire. Rome was built upon Seven Hills (Seven Heads), and had 10 Ceasars (ten horns) by the time John wrote the Apocalyse. The reference of the Second Beast "bringing down fire from heaven" (Rev. 13:13) is a reference to Roman catapults which rained down "fire from the sky" upon their enemies in the form of fiery tar-balls.

When Jesus worked miracles, because the Christ-Spirit dwelt "in" Him, the Bible-scholars (scribes) and Pharisees called Him "That Deceiver!" (Matt. 27:63), and ascribed His miracles to Satan!

If Satan could work miracles, then he would be able to appear as Jesus, suspended in a cloudy sky, with angels blowing trumpets, and fool the entire Christian world into following him! But, Satan cannot work miracles, because he has no "power" to do so!

Jesus said:

"All power is given me in heaven and on earth." (Matt. 28:18)
Jesus could work miracles. The Scribes and Pharisees said "He works miracles by the power of the Prince of Demons". The enemies of Dahesh said the exact same thing! Most Evangelicals reading this right now will say: "Ah, if Dahesh preformed miracles, he did so by the power of the Devil!" You have just blasphemed the Holy Spirit!

What did Jesus mean when He said "All power is given me in heaven and on earth?" Did Jesus mean military power? No, He meant "supernatural power". Only the Christ-Spirit has the "power" to work miracles. This is why the hundreds of men, and some women, who have said "I am Christ" over the last 2,000 years have worked no supernatural miracles; because anyone who says "I am Christ" is in fact a false Christ. Jesus never said it. Dahesh never said it. None of the Twenty-Four Sinless Prophets in Whom the Christ-Spirit dwelt, all of whom worked supernatural miracles, ever said "I am Christ".

Christians are not aware that Jesus was only one of "many" Messiah-claimants at the time! Jesus was "different" from the other claimants in that...

*He never said "I am Christ", but all the others did.

*He could work supernatural miracles, but the others could not.

There is a man in Russia, in Siberia, called "Vissarion Christ" who has said "I am Christ". He has several thousand disciples. He works no miracles. None. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church (Moonies) has said "I am that Christ". But, he worked "zero" supernatural miracles. There is a man in Florida (Jose Luis de Miranda) who has said "I am Christ". No miracles. There is another man in Brazil (Inri Christo) who has said "I am Christ". No miracles. The following men, and women, have all said "I am Christ" and gathered disciples, but none of them ever preformed even one supernatural miracles:

Ann Lee (founder of the Shakers) d. 1784)
Jose Luis Jesus de Miracle (Miami, Florida)
Brian Leonard Marshall (Australia)
A.J. Miller (Australia)
Billie Meire (Switzerland)
Ernest Norman (d. 1971)
Francis He. Pencovic (d. 1958)
Inri Christo (Brazil)
John Hugh Smith Pigott (d. 1927)
Meher Baba (India)
Father Divine (d. 1974)
Ahn Sang-Hong (d. 1985)
Mitsuo Matayoshi (Japan)
Shoko Asahara (Japan)
David Koresh (d. 1993)
Lightening Deng (China)
Ariffin Mohammad (Malaysia)
Sergey Torop (Russia)
Apollo Quiboloy (Phillippines)
Alan John Jiller (Australia)
Sun Myung Moon (d. 2013)

All of these men and women have said "I AM CHRIST". Yet none of them. Not even "one" could perform even "one" supernatural miracle.

Doctor Dahesh (Salim Moosa Awshee) never once said "I am Christ". Yet, he performed thousands of supernatural miracles in his lifetime, with thousands of eye-witnesses. You can read some of these eye-witness accounts in The Testimony of Hilda Nassib and also in The Book of Testimonies which I will send you a link to, free of charge, if you read the rest of my story!

Doctor Dahesh was NOT "Christ". He was a Sinless Prophet, in Whom, almost on a daily basis, the Christ-Spirit would "overshadow" during times called "Spiritual Sessions". There are hundreds of people in Lebanon who attended these sessions, and later reported what they saw. Many of these people were Lebanese journalists. They reported what they saw in Lebanese newspapers. Many Daheshists also reported what they saw and heard, in many books. You can find some of these eye-witness accounts in The Book of Testimonies. I'll send you a link to that online book on request.

Jesus never said "I am Christ". Yet, He performed supernatural miracles. Only a false Christ would ever say "I am Christ".

The Sinless Prophets for the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th centuries will never say "I am Christ" yet they will work supernatural miracles; because the Christ-Spirit dwells "in" them like water dwells in a glass. But the glass would never say: "I am the Water!"

The 21st Incarnation of Christ

In the book Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth, Doctor Dahesh wrote that "twenty centuries will pass" then Jesus will return to Nazareth, and the people of Nazareth will again reject Him, and one of His disciples will be martyred and buried in that city. Jesus was born in Bethlehem about six years B.C., and spent the first twelve years of His life in Egypt. His family returned to Nazareth when He was about twelve, stopping by the Jewish Temple on the way back from Egypt, where the boy Jesus astounded the scribes and priests there will His knowledge. He grew up in Nazareth until He made His announcement in a Synagogue in that city that He fulfilled the Messianic expectations. He made His announcement about the age of thirty, which would have been about 24 A.D. Therefore, based upon what Doctor Dahesh wrote in that book, we believe that the next Sinless Prophet, the one for the Twenty-First Century, will arise in Nazareth and begin His Divine Mission about the year 2O24 or a few years after that. At that time, a Worker of Miracles will arise. He will be born of a woman, like Jesus was.

Nazareth is a city in Israel populated by Arab-speaking Muslims and Druze. The Druze, who call themselves "Believers in the Unity of God", believe in reincarnation. If you are alive then, and hear of this Man, go and see Him. See His miracles for yourself. You'll probably hear about Him and His miracles on YouTube at first. He was NOT say "I am Jesus" or "I am Christ". Only false christs say those things. But, if asked "Are you Jesus?" or "Are you a Prophet?" He will not deny it. Jesus never said "I am Christ" or "I am the Messiah" but when asked "Are you the Christ?", He did not deny it either.

Doctor Dahesh was the Greatest Secret of the 20th century. He was famous in Lebanon, but most human beings have never heard of him. The next Sinless Prophet, who shall arise in Nazareth, will be the "Greatest Secret" of the 21st century. Doubt that miracles exist? Then, around the year 2030, look for him, go see him, and "see" for yourself!

Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth

Doctor Dahesh wrote the book Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth in the first-person, because Doctor Dahesh was Jesus of Nazareth in one of His previous lifetimes. The book is Jesus writing about His life as a child and young man, and adult until the age of Thirty. The Gospels are silent on these years.

Written by Doctor Dahesh in the first-person

Dr. Dahesh would preform supernatural miracles almost every day of His life, and He became quite famous in Lebanon from the late 1920s until He left Lebanon, and moved to New York City, in 1975. Hundreds of people testified as "eye-witnesses" to His supernatural miracles in Lebanese newspapers over a period of 40 years. The online book The Book of Testimonies contain some of these accounts. I'll send you a link to that book upon request.

The Testimony of Hilda Nassib

At the end of this article you can read "The Testimony of Hilda Nassib" via a link I'll provide. It is only two pages long. Hilda Nassib was the secretary of Dr. Dahesh was fifteen years. She is still alive, and living in Virginia. You will agree that the miracles she witnessed would NOT have been done by any magician. Dr. Dahesh was either a Prophet of God, or the devil.

In Mormonism, a Mormon has a "testimony" of the Church based upon "feelings"; specifically a "burning in the bosom". A Daheshist "testimony" is different. It isn't based upon "feelings" but upon being an eye-witness to absolutely IMPOSSIBLE things! I will reveal many such supernatural "things" that I witnessed, in my story "Why I Left the Mormon Church and Became a Daheshist" (link below). That true story will BLOW YOUR MIND!

He Cometh With Clouds

Evangelicals who read this will say "Ah, this Dahesh is just a false Christ, one of many, and if he did work miracles, he did so with Satan's power!"

Artistic depiction on how most Christians believe Jesus will return: i.e. suspended in a cloudy sky over the Earth, somewhere, but "every eye will see Him" by means not yet explained.

Christians are taught, by their ministers, that Jesus will return riding a cloud, or suspended in a cloudy sky, and "every eye" will see it! If Jesus came back suspended in the sky, say, over Padukah Kentucky, or over Dallas, Texas, how could Christians in China "see" Him, much less recognize Him? This is never explained.

Some Christians, reading Acts chapter One, believe that Jesus will come down from a cloud, and land upon the Mount of Olives, from the very spot He ascended over 2,000 years ago. They await the Day a "cloud" will appear over the Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem.

But....if Jesus appears in a cloud, or cloudy sky, over Jerusalem, everyone on Earth who lives "over the horizon (more than 20 miles away) will NOT be able to "see" Jesus in the sky! The Earth is curved, and Christians everywhere on the planet would not be able to see Jesus much less recognize Him if He appears in a cloudy sky over Jerusalem!

Yes....everybody on Earth, except the blind, "saw" Halley's Comet in 1910, because it filled the sky in the day time, and during the night time. The "clouds of heaven" referred to in the Bible do NOT refer to the white-puffy clouds of the sky, nor to dark storm clouds, but to the "clouds of heaven" (comets). A "cloud" led Israel out of Egypt as a "pillar of a cloud" by day, and a "pillar of fire" by night; a perfect description of a comet!

Exodus 13:21-22 (KJV):

21. And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:
22. He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people.

A Comet appears as a Pillar of a Cloud by day, and a Pillar of Fire by night.

Daheshists believe that Jesus will not return riding a cloud, or suspended in the sky during a cloudy day, and that the "clouds" that Jesus will return do not refer to the white puffy clouds of the sky, nor even to the dark storm clouds, but to the "clouds of heaven" (comets). A "cloud of heaven" (comet) always heralds the return of the Christ-Spirit, and the Christ-Spirit always "returns" in the same way: via the womb! When Jesus walked the Earth He said "I came down from heaven!" (John 6:38). And He did...via the womb.

Christians who believe that Jesus will come riding a white puffy cloud, or suspended in the air in a cloudy sky have been misled! Even if Jesus "did" do such a thing, a man or woman would have to be within 20 miles of this event to see it, and within hundreds of yards in order to "recognize" it was Jesus. How then could "every eye see" this event?

THE RAPTURE: Will Christians Fly Up to Meet Jesus Suspended In A Cloudy Sky?

Evangelical Christians are taught that one day they will be "raptured" and meet Jesus "in the air" (meaning a cloudy sky), but they have been misled! The Greek word for "sky" is ouranous, and the Greek word for "air" is aer:

*Ouranous (Greek: "sky"). The place where the clouds are and the bird fly.

*Aer (Greek: "air"). The Unseen World that surrounds us, at our level, where the winds dwell.

Paul wrote to the Christians in Thessalonia that the Lord would "meet them in the aer" (i.e. Unseen World) not the "sky" (ouranous) where the clouds hang! Paul was saying that Christians alive then (when Paul was) would "meet" the Lord in the Unseen World (Spirit-World) along with their dead loved ones. Christians who believe that they will one day "rapture" up into a cloudy sky to meet Jesus Who will suspended in the sky, have been misled. The Rapture takes place in the Spirit-World, not in our Physical-World.

Dear Christian, when you were told that Jesus is returning by floating suspended in a cloudy sky, and that you would be "raptured" and fly to meet him in that cloudy sky, you were misled! The "clouds of heaven" are NOT the white and puffy clouds of the sky, nor dark storm clouds, but the "clouds of heaven" (comets) like the one that led Israel out of Egypt. The physical body of Jesus does not "return". All physical bodies which are made of "dust" return to "dust"; as did Lazarus. But the Soul of Jesus "returns"--riding the Clouds of Heaven--every century, and that Divine Soul "comes down from heaven" in the same way Jesus did....through the womb!

Please know this, Dear Christian, that the WORD of God, the Christ-Spirit, knows "more" about the Bible, and God, and salvation, and the Afterlife, than does your pope, or your priest, or your pastor, or your minister, or your patriarch, or your bishop, or any Bible-scholar that has ever lived, or ever will live! The Christ-Spirit knows more than all others in the Cosmos about the Mysteries of God, and He has returned to this planet many times, born of many mothers, with many different names. In 1909, He was born in Jerusalem, with the name Salim Moosa Awshee; the One who spoke from the cradle.

If Jesus ever appears in a cloudy sky over Jerusalem (or any other city) most eyes would not be able to see it because the Earth is curved, and those only 20 miles away or further would be over the horizon and not be able to view this event. Only those within 100 yards would be able to see Jesus at all! But...all eyes on Earth "saw" the Comet of 1910...because it filled the day and night skies!

In 1910 Halley's Comet came so close to Earth, many people thought it was the End of the World, and "every eye" that could see on the planet....saw it (the huge comet) in the day and night skies!

Every eye shall see! And every eye "saw" Halley's Comet in 1910 when the Christ-Spirit descended upon a man-child lying in a crib in a Presbyterian Mission Hospital on the Mount of Olives, named Salim Moosa Awshee; Who became known as "Duktur Dahesh" (Assyrian: "Wonderful Counselor"). This same Jesus Who ascended into a cloud (comet) from the Mount of Olives in 33 A.D., came down from a cloud (comet) in 1910, into the man-child Salim Moosa Awshee, and spoke through the child lying in a cradle!

He who has eyes, let him see!

When Jesus came among the people He said "I came down from Heaven!" but His neighbors said "Is this not the carpenter's son?" They knew He came through the womb as they did. When He worked supernatural miracles, the Scribes and Pharisees said: "He works miracles through the power of the Prince of Demons". When Dahesh said "I came down from Heaven!" they said: "No, you were born of a woman like we were!" And when He worked thousands of supernatural miracles, witnessed by thousands, they said: "Ah...he works miracles by means of Satan's power!"

Evangelicals will continue to trust their pastors to "tell them" what the Bible says. They will continue to await the Day when they will "fly up" into the sky, and meet Jesus, as Jesus hangs there suspended in a cloudy sky. Jehovah's Witnesses will continue to trust their "Governing Body" to lead them. Catholics will continue to trust their Pope and priests. Mormons will continue to trust their "Prophets" who don't prophesy, their "Seers" who don't see, and their "Revelators" who don't revelate. But...I will not put my faith and trust in sinful men who KNOW ___NOT___ the Mind of God. I will put my faith and trust in Doctor Dahesh...the Wonderful Counselor!

Stay tuned...it gets better...believe me!


*Salim Moosa Awshee is born in Jerusalem in 1909 of Assyrian immigrants to Palestine, from Mosul, Iraq.
+In 1910, Halley's Comet comes very close to Earth; some think it is the End of the World.
+Shmooneh Awshee takes Salim to the Presbyterian Mission Hospital, because he is very sick and talking strangely.
+The child Salim speaks English to an American doctor at the Presbyterian Mission Hospital on the Mount of Olives.
+Origin of the name "Dahesh" after Salim walks on water before a group of Assyrians visiting Bethlehem.
+The Twenty-four Sinless Prophets (i.e. the Christ-Spirit "possesses" a sinless Man one time per century from the 1st century to the 24th century)
+Doctor Dahesh is Number 20 among the 24 Sinless Prophets
+Doctor Dahesh establishes "The Noble Spiritual Faith" and writes five books of Revelation as well as over 100 parabolic books.
+Doctor Dahesh is illegally jailed and exiled form Lebanon for practicing "Spiritism".
*Doctor Dahesh is killed in Iran in 1943, but soon "appears" back in Beirut, Lebanon, unharmed.
+Doctor Dahesh works thousands of supernatural miracles from a young boy until His death in 1984, and hundreds of people have testified to what they saw in Lebanese newspapers in in books and magazine articles.
+Doctor Dahesh moves to New York City in 1975, and visits Disneyland and the Los Angeles Zoo in 1976.
+Doctor Dahesh dies of a heart-attack in April of 1984, in New York City.
+The 21st Incarnation of Christ will arise in Nazareth, Israel, about 2030 A.D., working miracles.
+Dahesh wrote "Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth" in the first person.
+Dahesh wrote five books of Revelation as well as over 100 parabolic books.
*Dahesh was the world's greatest collector of 18th and 19th century European "Academic" Art; which is still displayed at the Dahesh Museum of Art in New York City (in Soho just East of the Holland Tunnel)
+Dahesh was Number 20 of the "Four and Twenty Elders" mentioned in the Book of Revelation (Apocalyse)
+Jesus had one physical body born of Mary (which returned to dust as did Lazarus) but six doppelgangers which appeared to His disciples after His death, and one of these ascended into a "cloud" (comet) from the Mount of Olives as recorded in the Book of Acts chapter One.
*According to the Gospel of Peter, two "men in white" remove the body of Jesus from the tomb hours before sunrise.
+Dahesh taught that Jesus son of Mary (physical body) continued to live for many years "incognito" (some of us believe Jesus took the name "Apollonius of Tyana" and worked miracles under the name of that Sage)
+The Christ-Spirit is not a man, but may "overshadow" men and dwell in them like water in a glass.
*Only a false Christ would ever say "I am Christ"; many have, and none of them could work supernatural miracles.
+The First Beast of the Apocalype is Neron Kesar ("666") and the Second Beast is Rome itself (7 hills/10 kings).
*The reference to the Second Beast "bringing down fire from heaven" is NOT about Satan having the ability to perform miracles, but about the Roman legions dropping fire-covered tar balls upon their enemies by using huge catapults
+If Jesus appears in a cloudy sky over Jerusalem, most people on Earth wouldn't be able to see this happen because the Earth is curved: only people within less than a hundred yards away would be able to recognize Jesus suspended in the sky.
*The Rapture occurs in the Spirit-World (Greek: "aer"), and has no reference to flying up into the sky (Greek: "ouranous") to meet Jesus while He is suspended in a cloudy sky.
+This article will include many accounts of the supernatural that I myself witnessed.

My story is "Why I Left the Mormon Church and Became A Daheshist". That story is true, and contains many accounts of the supernatural. It is an online book, and will take you about 90 minutes to read. So, if you don't have the time or motivation to read that online book, then I suggest you read "The Testimony of Hilda Nassib Concerning Doctor Dahesh" in the link below. You can read that in three minutes. Hilda was the secretary of Doctor Dahesh for many years. She is still alive today (2015), and lives in Virginia (near Washington D.C.). If you think that Dahesh was "just a magician" with a few good moves, then read her "testimony" of what she saw, and ask yourself "can any magician in the world do what Dr. Dahesh did?"

Many of you will not believe the supernatural events I relate in my online book. But, all the events I relate happened, exactly as I recall them here. In the end, you will know "the reason why" these supernatural events happened to me, and why they have probably "not" happened to you.

If you don't have the time or motivation to read my story, then please read Hilda's story in the link below. That will only take you 3 minutes to read.

This online book is in eight Parts. You've just read Part I. More to come. You will NOT be bored. I promise you!

PART II (Why I Left the Mormon Church and Became a Daheshist)

The Testimony of Hilda Nassib