A Brief Introduction to Doctor Dahesh and the Noble Spiritual Faith [III]

Montanus: Elder Number 2

A man arose in Asia Minor (now Turkey) about the year 150 A.D. claiming to be the promised Paraclete (Comforter). He had two female followers who claimed to be prophetesses. The name of the man was Montanus. He referred to those who accepted "the New Prophecy" as "Spiritual Christians" and those who rejected "the New Prophecy" as "Carnal Christians". He was killed. The "Spiritual Christians" were persecuted by the Christian emperors who made laws against them, which included the death penalty. Montanus was purported to be a worker of miracles The Bishop of Rome at this time, Pope Victor I, at first believed in the New Prophecy of Montanus. However, a priest named Praxeas convinced the Pope that the New Prophecy was not of God.


Perhaps the New Prophet was from God! Was Montanus a "heretic" or was He the 2nd Sinless Prophet in Whom the Christ-Spirit dwelt?

A Christian in Carthage, in what is now Tunis, Tunisia, named Tertullian, who lived at this time, came up with the name "Trinity" to describe the Christian concept of God. He was a follower of Montanus.

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