A Brief Introduction to Doctor Dahesh and the Noble Spiritual Faith [Chapter Two]

The Four and Twenty Elders

"And round about the Throne were Four and Twenty Seats: and upon the Seats I saw Four and Twenty Elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads Crowns of Gold." (Revelations 4:4)

IN THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS (APOCALYSE) John has a vision, and in this vision he sees the Slain Lamb lying upon a throne, and surrounding the Throne are four beasts filled with eyes, and seven lamps, and surrounding all that are four and twenty elders sitting upon smaller thrones, wearing crowns. They toss their crowns off and fall down and worship the Slain Lamb.

What does this mean?

Bible scholars....have no idea. Christian pastors...have no idea. Catholic Popes...have no idea. Orthodox patriarchs...have no idea. Evangelical televangelists and scholars....have no idea! Mormon "prophets"....have no idea!

Nobody knows!


We shall tell you what it means.

The Christ-Spirit (Slain Lamb) will overshadow (possess) the bodies of twenty-four Men, whom we call the 24 Sinless Prophets. The first of these 24 Sinless Prophets was Jesus of Nazareth; commonly known as "Jesus Christ". He Christ-Spirit entered Him at His baptism in the Jorday, which is why the Voice said: "Behold, my Son, this day I have begotten you!" One Sinless Prophet will appear on this planet, from the 1st century, to the 24th century. All of Them will have the Christ-Spirit in them. All of Them will prophesy. All of Them will perform supernatural miracles. Their teachings will be Divinely Inspired. All of Them will be born of women. All of Them will eat, drink, and sleep. All of Them will age. All of Them will die; some sooner than Others. ALL of Them will say "I am the Way" or some variation of that. In the 2nd Century, the Christ-Spirit overshadowed another sinless Man, Whose name was Montanus. Another Sinless Prophet arose in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Four more Sinless Prophets will arise: in the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th centuries. Many things that Christians expect in "The Second Coming" will occur in the 24th Century, when the "24th Elder" and 24th Sinless Prophet will appear along with the awaited al-Dajjal (Arabic: "The Liar") the Muslim Anti-Christ.

Jesus of Nazareth: Elder Number One

Ab out the year 6 B.C.E. a Jewish virgin in Bethlehem named Miriam gave birth to a man-child she named Yeshua ("Jesus"). Three Zoroastrian Magavan (Magi) from Shushan, Elam, followed a comet to Judea, because they believed that one of the Sayoshants (virgin-born Saviors) mentioned in the Zoroastrian holy books, would be born among the Jews there.

Three Zoroastrian wise men (Magavan) worship Jesus in Bethlehem. Notice the comet above the wooden structure

The child Jesus was taken to Egypt to escape the mad King Herod who killed all the children of Bethlehem, because he feared the Christ was among them, and that Christ would steal his throne. At the age of 12 Jesus came back to Jerusalem and amazed the scribes and Pharisees in the Temple with His wisdom. At the age of thirty He was baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. Jesus performed many supernatural miracles. He taught the common people in parables. He was opposed by the religious scholars and leaders of His day, because He criticized them openly. He was called "that Deceiver" and His miracles were attributed to the Devil. Finally, He was crucified by the Romans, on demand from the Jewish High Priests. After three days and nights He arose from the dead an appeared to some of His followers at different times and in different places. At the end of forty days He appeared to the disciples on the Mount of Olives, and they saw Him ascend into a "cloud" (not a white puffy cloud in the sky, but a comet which the Hebrews called "clouds of heaven"). Comets appear as a pillar of a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night. After seeing Jesus ascend into a "cloud", two men in white stood behind the disciples and told them that this same Jesus would come again in the same manner He went up into heaven (Acts 1:1-9) They meant, that Jesus would return in a "cloud of heaven" (comet). Jesus claimed to be the Son of God. His followers, Whom He called His "Friends", claim that Jesus was the Christ (Messiah) and also the WORD of God in the flesh (John 1:1-2,14). Jesus never called His followers "Christians" nor did He call His religion "Christianity". He said He was sent to preach "the Good News" to the poor. Jesus was a Nazarene, meaning He was from Nazareth; the Place of the Nazareans. The Nazoreans still exist today, as the Keepers of the Secret Doctrines among the Mandaeans of Iraq. There are 24 "Nazoreans" on Earth today. They are the priests of the Mandaean religion.

Today (2014) about 2 billion people on Earth claim to be Christians; meaning followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus promised that the Father would send the Paraclete (Greek: "Comforter") after Him, to teach His followers. In the 2nd century, a man in Asia Minor claimed to be that Paraclete. His name was Montanus.

Jesus was crucified for the sins of the world

Christians are taught that Jesus died for the sins of all who confess Him as Lord, unless they are "cultists" or "heretics". The Roman Catholic Church teaches that Jesus died for sinners, but a sinner can only be "saved" by accepting the Pope in Rome as Vicar of Christ, and partaking of the Sacrament that is blessed by a Roman Catholic priest or a priest who belongs to a church "in communion" with the Papacy. Evangelicals believe that Jesus died for sinners, but only "born again Christians" [i.e. Evangelical Christians] benefit from His shed blood, since only they are truly Christian. Only they are saved. All others, including all others who call themselves "Christians", shall burn in eternal Hell-fire, screaming for mercy, but never receiving any.

True Doctrine teaches that Hell-fire is a "symbol" of the Material Realm, where the ultraviolet rays of the Sun "burns" and ages our skin, and causes disease and deformity. We are "in" the Material Realm now. Any life on a Hell-planet is "Hell". Earth is the highest type of Hell-world. There are many lower Hell-worlds.

Fundamentalist Christians and Fundamentalist Muslims believe that Hell-fire is literal, and they consign all those who disagree with them to eternal Hell-fire. True Doctrine teaches that Hell-fire is not literal but a "symbol" of the Wheel of Rebirth on Hell-worlds like Earth

The True Doctrine teaches that Jesus came to "atone" for Original Sin, meaning the "first sin" of Adam, the first Man with a God-Breathed Soul, on this planet. Adam committed this "sin" while He was incarnated as an Egyptian Pharaoh. He had to return to "atone" for this sin. The Blood of Jesus on the Cross is effectual upon all Adamites, since our souls are "copies" of His God-Breathed Soul. The blood of Jesus saves ALL men and women of Adamic blood, not just Christians, from eternal soul-death in the Spirit-World. Soul-death in the Spirit-World is called "the second death". The Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross "saved" all men and women from the Second Death in the Spirit-World.

Left: The Sin of Adam caused His Soul and all the souls of Adamites to die in the Spirit-World. This is called "soul-death" or "soul-sleep". Right: The atonement of Jesus on the Cross atoned for this, and caused His Soul and all the souls of the dead to "resurrect" in the Spirit-World

True Doctrine teaches that Adam lived on this planet. He was not the first human being. He was not the first "man". He was the first Man with a God-Breathed Soul. His name was Adapa, the Wise Man, and He lived in Eridu, the first city of Sumeria, about six thousand years ago. The Akkadians conquered Sumeria, heard about Adapa, and changed His name to AdaMa; which means "red soil" in Akkadian. His descendants, the Adamites, all inherited a "copy" of His God-Breathed Soul. Whatsoever "affects" the Soul of Adam, also "affects" our souls, since our souls are "copies" of His Soul. The Soul of Adapa/Adama returned to this world numerous times. He returned as Melchizedek, the kind of Salem, a Canaanite king. He also returned as Ahyeh son of Yahyu, the father of Nefertiti, and an Egyptian Pharaoh. As Ahyeh, He dwelt in the Garden of Aten, a real walled Garden, in what is now Tell Amarna, Egypt. As Ahyeh He committed His first 'sin". This "sin" caused His God-Breathed Soul to "die". He had to return to "atone" for this "sin".

The Garden of Aten, south of the City of Aten, about 1350 b.c.e. This walled fruit-tree Garden forms the basis of the Story of the Garden of Eden in the Bible.

The Original Sin of Adam (while He was incarnated as an Egyptian Pharaoh named Ahyeh) caused His God-breathed Soul to "die" in the Spirit-World. This is called "the second death". One may be alive in this Material Realm, yet, have a dead soul in the Spirit-World. Between the Fall of Adam and the Atonement of Christ on the Cross, all the souls of the Adamites were "dead" in the Spirit-World, because our souls are just a "copy" of His Soul. This Second Death was permanent! It mean eternal darkness (forever non-consciousness) for Adam and all the souls which were "copies" of His God-Breathed Soul. Christians believe they are saved by knowing that Jesus shed His blood on the Cross for them, and they must know and "accept" that knowledge as true. We believe that the Blood of Jesus on the Cross saves all Adamites from soul-death in the Spirit-World. This "Sin" of Adam was committed in Egypt, in a place called then "The Garden of Aten" about 1350 B.C. You can still visit that place today. This is explained in full in True Doctrine Concerning Adam and Eve and the Flood of Noah in the links below. We are all saved from the second death by His Shed Blood on the Cross, and not by the knowledge and acceptance of His Shed Blood on the Cross. God does not require that one Son die for the sins of another Son. Why was Jesus sent to "die" for the sins of the world? You will understand that when you read "True Doctrine Concerning Adam and Eve and the Flood of Noah" in the links at the end of this article. You will be very, very, surprised! But, before you read that, please read the rest of the chapters first.

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