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Dear Seeker of Truth,

THIS IS THE TRUE STORY of the greatest worker of supernatural miracles of all time: Doctor Dahesh of Lebanon (1909~1984). He was not a medical doctor, but a Man of Miracles. He performed thousands of supernatural miracles: witnessed by thousands, many of whom are still alive today. He was either a Prophet sent my God, a miracle-working Saint, the greatest magician or all time, or "The Devil" in the flesh. There are no "other" options.

Do Doctor Dahesh was born Salim Mousa Achi ("Slim Moo-saw Aw-shee") in Jerusalem, in the year 1909. He was raised in Bethlehem (Summer months) and Beirut, Lebanon. As an adult He chose Beirut to become His home. In 1975, He moved from Beirut to New York City, spending the last nine years of His life in that city. He traveled around the world extensively in the "clouds" (i.e. via airplanes). He wrote 150 books: prose, poetry, prayers, social commentary, exposés of religious and political charlatans, parabolic stories, and five Books of Revelation (The Gospel of Love, My Testament, Paradise, The Inferno, and The Book of the Divine Guide). He healed thousands, but He was NOT a medical doctor. The term "Duktur Dahesh" means "Teacher of Wonder" or "Wonderful Counselor" in Arabic.

Doctor Dahesh (1909~1984) was the most prolific worker of supernatural miracles of all time. Hundreds of people are still alive today who witnessed some of them, acts which no magician would be able to perform. Here are some of the miracles He performed:

*Walking upon water
*Turning water into wine.
*Causing birds in paintings to become 3-D, alive, and flay away, leaving a white blank space in the painting.
*Causing inanimate objects to become animated.
*Causing living and non-living things to change shape
*Causing a huge rock to descend through a roof and ceiling: leaving no whole in the roof or ceiling.
*Raising the dead
*Arising from the dead.
*Materializing dead prophets and dead loved-ones in from of their living loved ones in broad daylight, with no curtains or props.
*Materializing long lost objects people lost decades before.
*Prophesying of events in minute detail months or years before they occur.
*Speaking fluently languages He never studied, while in trance.
*Having up to six "doppelgangers" of Himself appear, in the same room, at the same time, in front of witnesses.
*Much, much more.

Eye-witness/first-hand testimonies of people (most of them Christians or Muslims or Agnostics) of the miracles of Dr. Dahesh were written in Beirut newspapers, from the 1930s to 1975, when Dr. Dahesh and a number of other Daheshists fled the Lebanese Civil War and resettled in the greater New York City area. These newspaper article accounts have been collected in books.

The fullest, but yet not complete, record of the supernatural miracles of Doctor Dahesh are contained in The Daheshist Chronicles: a series of 13 volumes, about 300 pages each, in the Arabic language.

Doctor Dahesh performed feats that no "magician" could perform.

This is also the true story of how I, Darrick Evenson, discovered Doctor Dahesh, and His religion, in 2005, and the supernatural events that lead up to this discovery. There are many accounts of the supernatural herein. They are all true. The name "Doctor Dahesh" is well-known in Lebanon, but almost totally unknown in the rest of the world. Whether you agree or disagree with what I'm going to reveal to you, one thing is for sure: you will ___NOT___ be bored! But first...

* will NOT be asked to join some organization/cult. Daheshism is a set of beliefs (i.e. the TRUTH) about God and the Cosmos, the only two "things" that exist. Daheshism is not a cult, nor a church. You do not "join" the Noble Spiritual Faith (Daheshism). You either believe it, or you do not.

* will NOT be asked to donate anything to me nor to Daheshism. I don't accept donations, and there is no "Dahesh" organization you can donate to, even if you wanted to. We suggest you donate 1% of your income to the Salvation Army, or to Catholic Charities (who operate many orphanages and schools for poor children in Third World countries), or to St. Jude's Hospital for Children, or the Red Cross: some organization that actually "helps" people who need help. Don't give you money to preachers who spend it on million dollar homes, fur coats and gold earrings for their wives, and vacations to Hawaii. Don't give your money to churches that spend billions on shopping malls and high-rises, but neglect the orphans, widows, and homeless.

* will NOT be asked to buy a book, NOR will "missionaries" to sent to you knocking on your door.

*No...the Noble Spiritual Faith (Daheshism) has "no" Sunday meetings you are required to attend.

*No...the Noble Spiritual Faith has "no" tithing, and no "tithing settlement". Daheshists are asked (not commanded) to spend 2% of their income on an established charity of their own choice: one that actually "helps" people who need help (orphans, widows, sick children, homeless, etc.)

*Yes...the Noble Spiritual Faith will eventually have "Temples" but "no" secret rites will go on in them. Dahesh Temples will be places for the Five Rites (baptism, marriage, divorce, memorial, and spiritual-healing). Daheshists only need to attend a Dahesh Temple five times (baptism, marriage, divorce, memorial, and spiritual-healing) in their entire life. Non-daheshists will be allowed inside Dahesh Temples, and to "observe" Daheshists receiving the Five Rites.

*Yes...the Noble Spiritual Faith will have "Priests" but these will be both men and women, who work in the Temples, and in orphanages, and homes for widows, and who are trained in the RAMZ (rawmzz) rite, which is a healing rite that helps people heal from physical, and emotional/psychological "wounds". Only about 1 in 100 Daheshists will be a Priest, probably less than that. This Holy Order will be similar to Catholic religious orders.

*No...the Noble Spiritual Faith will not have Bishops, nor "Bishop interviews". You are NOT judged by your meeting attendance and by what you wear or how you dress or how much money you give to the organization. Any donation is a Free Will Offering, except the 2% of income which goes to the charity of your choosing. Eventually, the Faith will have its own charities. Only the Holy Order (priesthood) will have rules for dress, tatoos, ear-rings, use of plants and alcohol, etc.

*No....the Noble Spiritual Faith will have no Pope, no "First Presidency" and no "Council of 12". There will be a Council of Seven, elected by the Daheshists for life, that shall oversee the Dahesh Missions worldwide. None of these seven men and women will be considered "Prophets" nor will they offer "talks" that are considered divinely inspired. They are administrators. Each Daheshist is not guided by any "set of men" but by the Book of the Divine Guide (written by Doctor Dahesh before His death in 1984). That book is still in Arabic, and has not yet been published in English.

*NO...this is NOT a "gag" or a "joke". Everything I write in this article is true, Pure Truth, and nothing but the Truth, as God and Jesus are my Two Witnesses.

*NO...I am NOT the only person to report seeing supernatural miracles performed by Dr. Dahesh...many thousands have, over the decades, offered their eye-witness testimonies, in Lebanese newspapers, and in books. Dr. Dahesh performed supernatural miracles without the use of dark rooms, walls, stages, or curtains, or props of any kind! We saw what we saw! Thousands of us. Hundreds of these eye-witnesses are still alive today.

Was Doctor Dahesh the greatest illusionist of ALL TIME, a Man Whose abilities could put Hoodini, David Coperfield, Chriss Angel, and Dynamo to shame? Was He a true Prophet of the End Times, the Messenger of the Covenant? Was He a practitioner of Black Magick? Was He "Lucifer" incarnate? Keep reading...and you'll find out.

If you'd like to read a free online article about Doctor Dahesh, His life, teachings, and miracles, please send an email to me with "Dahesh" anywhere in the email, and I'll send you a link. Thank you.

Darrick Evenson

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