Why I Left the Mormon Church and Became a Daheshist

by Darrick T. Evenson
A former Mormon missionary and apologist (defender of the faith)
In 1909 in a Man-Child was born in Jerusalem. Over the next 70 years He would become the greatest worker of supernatural miracles of all time. He wrote five books of Revelation which described, in detail, the Spirit-World, the Paradise planets, and the Hell planets. He uttered many detailed prophecies, such as the John F. Kennedy assassination (which He published in a Beirut Lebanon newspaper a month before it occurred). He founded His own religion in 1943. His name was Salim Mousa Achi (saw-lim moo-saw aw-shee). He would later became known to His followers as "Duktur Dahesh" (Arabic: "Wonderful Counselor")
Notice: This article contains many accounts of the paranormal and other supernatural events. All events described in this article really happened exactly as I describe them herein. The article is short, and can be read in 5 minutes. The article has a "link" to an online book if you want to know more. Thank you.

Why I Left the Mormon Church and Became a Daheshist (Short Version: 20 Minute Reading Time)

Falling Into The Sun! (Long version: 90 Minute Reading Time)

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